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The memento index includes a full index of all mementos, as well as an explanation of some of the terms used in these descriptions. Also of use is the general mementos page.


Blue Mementos
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M-O Memento Descriptions

The following are the mementos from M to O, in alphabetical order.


Small Animal [Metal]  
Ability Scores Technics
Str: +2 1st: Tackle
Con: +0 1st: Harden
Dex: +2 2nd: Rock Tomb
Per: +0 3rd: Bide
Int: -2 3rd: Metal Claw
Wis: -2 4th: Shield Bash
Cha: +2 5th: Iron Defense
Brv: -4 5th: Dig
Luc: +0 6th: Iron Head
Speed: 20 ft. 7th: Wide Guard
Size/Reach: 5 ft. / 5 ft. 8th: Skull Bash
Talent: Battle Armor or Shed Skin 8th: Iron Tail
Evolution: Anvelid 9th: Automatize
Evolution Requirements: 6th level 10th: Metal Burst

Natives of Ganymede, the orett is a creature born deep underground, feeding on ore to keep its metallic shell strong. The composition of its body depends on what kind of ore it feeds on. They are commonly found living amongst gorons, who sometimes keep these creatures as pets, though few go through the effort of training them.

Oretts that are kept particularly well-fed with a steady diet of strong metals can eventually mature into an anvelid, though the transformation is somewhat extreme: the orett spins itself a cocoon of metal plates and hibernates for roughly a day, during which time the cocoon fuses to the orett's body and becomes part of its physiology.

Due to their metallic hides, orett are particularly resilient to radiation.


An orett has one of the two following abilities. Once determined, this choice cannot be changed later.

Battle Armor: The orett is immune to critical hits.
Shed Skin: At the beginning of the orett's turn, if the orett is conscious and able to take actions, it can make a saving throw against one status ailment of its choice; if it succeeds, that ailment immediately ends.

Racial Abilities

The following are the racial abilities of all oretts.

Basic Attack: The orett's basic attack deals bludgeoning damage.
Defenses: The orett gains a +2 racial bonus to a single Defense of its choice (Fortitude, Reflex, Will, or Determination). Once chosen, this choice cannot be changed.
Radiation Resistance: An orett has innate barrier (radiation).