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"Fifty years ago, during the Tyranid Invasion, a pirate and his crew saved the world from destruction at the hands of three of the most powerful force-users ever known. Thirty years ago, a young musician and his companions stopped an invasion of Lucavic forces, destroying the avatar of Ajora in the process.
"But there is something very, very wrong with the world. Something ominous is going to happen. The writings of the prophet Zemphitidus have forewarned us of some great cataclysm of the future, and that it has its beginnings in the distant past. He called it... Ragnarok.
"I fear that time may be upon us."


The end is nigh.

Will you be among those to fight against it?

Game Time

Due to scheduling conflicts and all that fun jazz, as well as a possible overabundance of players, the Angelus Errare campaign will be composed of a set of two games run simultaneously.

The precise times of these games will be set once all the schedules of those interested in playing have been assembled and reasonable times can be set up.

Game Hopping

Due to the changing work hours of a few players, some PCs will have the ability to jump between the two games. This ability will be explained in-game and have a functional reasoning behind it.

Game Information

Players may choose their method of character creation: 32 point buy, or standard Trinity rolling method. Once the rolling method is chosen, the player will use those stats each time the player decides to switch to rolling method (by which I mean that you cannot roll stats, switch to point buy, then switch back to rolling method to reroll your stats); a player may redistribute ability scores or switch to the other creation method at any point before the game begins.

Additional Trinity stats include: Perception, Luck, Education, and Faith. Note that this means that, when using the standard Trinity rolling method, you roll eleven sets of 4d6, and drop one.

Rolled stats must be rolled in front of the DM at any time that is convenient. Just make sure that you don't lose the stats!

Race Selection

Any Trinity-sanctioned race is allowed.

Class Selection

Any Trinity-sanctioned class is allowed.


Characters will be created with 15000 XP (sufficient XP for 6th level). If you wish to come in as an LA'd race, or otherwise spend XP by making items, feel free to do so.


Each character will also get to select a "prime attribute." The ability score chosen does not have to be one relevant to your class (ie, you could select Strength as a wizard). You gain additional benefits based on your selected prime.

Time Selection

Due to the nature of the Angelus Errare game, all characters must also have a home time - that is, the time from which your character originates. There are a number of possible selections, which will be made available at some point in the future.

Item Selection

Characters begin with 13,000 gold worth of equipment.

Your Artifact

Each character will also begin play with a specific item given to them by the DM. This item is effectively a major artifact, and will be implementing a modification of the rules found in Weapons of Legacy - that is, it will grow in power with the character (roughly). When you are finished with your character, speak with the DM about your artifact.


Characters with backstories will possibly receive additional benefits, such as increased starting XP, increased starting wealth, or possible other benefits.

Character Logs

Similarly, keeping notes or keeping a character journal of some kind (and posting these in a location that will be identified at a later date) will result in additional XP or other benefits.

About the Game

Time travel, bitches. Need I say more?


What follows is a short summary of each game session.


The dramatis personae.


  • ®ß¥!! as Rarpau Mipmu'e, a Yuan-aga Shaman, from the Distant Past of the Kiltian Empire, carrying the Gravitonne Key
  • Freya as Kitsune, an Educated Vulpine Learner, from the Distant Past of the Draconic Armageddon, carrying the ???
  • Smack as a Fast Human Karateka, from the Distant Past of the Kiltian Empire, carrying the Thirteenth Hour
  • Melty as Mardunit, a Strong Human Harrier/Lancer, from the End of Time, carrying the Chrono Trigger
  • Catface as Kadyn, a Smart Human Psionicist, from the Distant Past of the Ageless Winter, carrying the Green Amnesia
  • Bri as Eden, a Dedicated Clavat Druid, from the <blank>, carrying the Quintessential Falcon
  • House as Blondie, a Perceptive Human Gunslinger, from the Distant Past of the Ronkan Empire, carrying the Laulri Pendant
  • Dave-O as Qron Nos, a Fast Selkie Harrier, from the Present, carrying the Sea Swallow
  • Hamtaro as Zehx, a Fast Changeling Trainer, from the Present, carrying the Millenial Meme
  • Hamtaro as M113-E, a Smart Artilect Medic, from the Distant Future of Lavos' Arrival, carrying the Wings of Fate
  • Garth as Ixtli, a Smart Artilect Assassin, from the Distant Future of Lavos' Arrival, carrying the Improbability Drive
  • Alex as Alex, a Lucky Human Gadgeteer, from the Distant Past of the Ronkan Empire, carrying the Apocryphal Aegis
  • Brandon as Pierce, a Charismatic Elf Warlock, from the Distant Future of Lavos' Arrival, carrying the Mirror of Ages


  • Ashe'mejis, a halfling epochent, sent to accompany the second group to allow them to engage in time-travel without having to request assistance from Dom

Session A-01 - The Adventure Begins

Members: Rarpau, Blondie, Kadyn, Qron Nos, Zehx, Ixtli, Pierce
Initial Time Error: 00y 00m 00d 00h 13m

The group discussed where they could go, and decided upon heading to the time of the Ronkan Empire.

They appeared in the Fovoham Windflats. Using a map that Blondie had in his pack, they made their way south, hoping to come across a road.

During the night of their first day traveling, the group was attacked by a group of four prophet moths. Kadyn suffered some mental backlash from using the mental "ping" ability she had been taught by Tetra, but the group otherwise prevailed, with Zehx managing to capture one of the creatures. Ixtli harvested the poison sacs of the moths, and later brewed up a few batches of prophet moth poison with them.

Two days later, they came across a road, and began traveling west by south-west.

A few days later, they came upon Dorter Trade City. The gate guard pulled out a complicated watch-like device and had the group pass it around; Kadyn sparked purple and silver, while Pierce sparked red and silver. Blondie took the alarmed guard aside and explained that he had an order to escort these individuals to Lesalia. The guard let them through.

They shortly found an inn, the Gremlin's Shack, and acquired lodging for the evening.

Ending Time Error: 00y 00m 04d 12h 28m

Session B-01 - The Adventure Begins (Again)

Members: Mardunit, The Karateka, M113-E
Initial Time Error: 00y 00m 00d 00h 16m

The Karateka needed to go ask permission from his deity to go on this mission, so the group headed to the age of the Kiltian Empire. He informed Kolaita of what was going on, and she gave him her blessing on his new mission.

While doing so, Mardunit returned to the End of Time, due to his issue with deities. He had a terse discussion with Dom, and was sent back to join the others. Dom also sent with him a young halfling epochent, Ashe'mejis, to assist the group in their time traveling endeavors.

After a short discussion of what to do, they decided to head to the ruined future of Lavos' arrival, where M113-E hailed from. Once there, they decided to attempt to head to the epicenter of Lavos' appearance.

While attempting to cross a bridge to the east side of Neo-Mechanicus, their progress was halted by three individuals in power armor. They attempted to cross peacefully, but when one of them demanded Mardunit's weapons, they decided to fight.

After the battle, they crossed the bridge and made for a ruined building. Once there, M113-E treated the wounds of Mardunit and the karateka, and between Ashe'mejis and himself, repaired himself.

Ending Time Error: 00y 00m 00d 05h 11m

Session A-02 - The Hard Way

Members: Rarpau, Blondie, Kadyn, Qron Nos, Ixtli, Alex
Initial Time Error: 00y 00m 04d 12h 28m

Kadyn wakes up to Zehx disappearing from the room in the inn in a flash of bright yellow light, and finds that Zehx has been replaced with an unusual-looking human. Alex - apparently - is yet another addition to the team of time travelers bearing a piece of the Keystones.

Shortly thereafter, the group hears gunfire in the direction of Dorter's east gate; Blondie, Ixtli, and Alex go to investigate, telling the others to stay behind. Upon arriving, Blondie takes relative control of the situation from the gate guards, using his military rank to do so, and finds out what's going on: a small group of individuals from Wayverith are outside the gate, demanding entry.

Blondie hops off the wall, and attempts to talk to them. They show little interest in parley, and Blondie shoots one.

It turns out that one of the four Wayveri is an esper by the name of Ifrit, who turns into a huge flaming creature with demonic motifs. He proceeds to set the gate and the surrounding wall aflame, killing a number of guards in the process. The other three, meanwhile, exchange magic missiles with the group present, who shoot/stab at them. Eventually, Blondie, Ixtli, and Alex are all taken out by either a giant fire-breathing magic elemental or by magic missiles.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group can see some of this going down (able to see Ifrit's flame over the wall of the city), but have to traverse roughly ten minutes' worth of city between the inn and the gate. Using their ridiculous speed to their advantage, it takes roughly a minute for them to arrive, though the others in the group are dead by the time they show up.

Kadyn vaguely remembers a lesson from Tetra regarding the power of magic, referencing this particular event - the sacking of Dorter - as a lesson on the power of magic, and especially espers. This event stands out because the esper managed to maintain his alternate form for a much longer period of time than normal; Tetra mentioned wanting to look into it later, but never did so. Kadyn informs the group as to the importance of what is going on, and she, Rarpau, and Qron Nos manage to take out the esper, as well as finishing off the remaining Wayverith mages.

EV: Preventing the Sack of Dorter (Key => Alt)

Kadyn notices that the esper dropped something as it died, and picks it up; she sparks a lot, red and purple. She is uncertain what the golden orb the esper carried is, and hands it off to Rarpau, who does not spark when holding it.

Rarpau, unable to bring back the dead, leaves to go visit the lake upon which Dorter sits, in order to attune himself to the element of water. Qron Nos, meanwhile, gathers up the dead, while Kadyn seeks out assistance. She runs into a small group of Ronkan guards, led by the clavat John Miyazaki, who are heading to the disaster site to assist in fighting the fires Ifrit set; Miyazaki informs her that he is a medic, but if her friends are dead, she will require a priest. He sends a guard to fetch one.

Kadyn arrives back at the scene of the combat with the guards in tow, having been joined by a priest on chocobo. There is a short discussion about the deceased, in particular their religious leanings, and the priest mentions he finds it hard to trust them given the presence of a selkie; Kadyn is surprised to find that the Ronkans are steadfastly racist against them. Miyazaki takes her aside and tells her to seek out a gnome by the name of Max, on the other end of town, who may be able to assist her with her friends, while he tries to prevent the Ronkan guards from acting against the group.

The group arrives at the address given to them by Miyazaki, and are introduced to a rather eccentric gnome chemist, Max. He revives Blondie and Alex, and gives Kadyn possession of some chemicals that will assist Alex in overcoming the burns he suffered from the fight. Once back to health, the two repair Ixtli to working order.

Ending Time Error: 00y 00m 04d 14h 18m

Session A-03 - Wanderers of Time and Space

Members: Rarpau, Blondie, Kadyn, Qron Nos, Ixtli, Pierce
Initial Time Error: 00y 00m 04d 14h 18m

As the group stands around outside of Max's shop, Alex disappears in a flash of yellow light, and is replaced by Pierce. Pierce explains that he has no recollection of what happened in the intervening couple of hours, and Kadyn is worried about Alex, given that the gadgeteer disappeared while Kadyn still has the medication he requires to treat his burns.

The group discusses where to go, and Max pops his head out of the shop to yell at them. They decide to head to the End of Time, in an attempt to ascertain whether or not Kadyn's opinion regarding their prevention of the sack of Dorter - and what it means for the timeline - is correct.

They appear in a black void, and after a short discussion, decide to head to the future.

They arrive on the sidewalk of a street in the midst of a futuristic city, which neither Ixtli or Pierce recognize from the skyline. The people they attempt to communicate with speak a strange, unknown dialect of Ronkan (such that the party can't talk to them), and Qron Nos notices that some in the crowd gathering around them are pulling out personal communicators. They decide to high-tail it back to the Ronkan Empire.

Once back in the Ronkan Empire, Kadyn, Rarpau, and Pierce play around with the sphere they took off the fallen esper. They determine the way to activate it, and it generates a shield sphere. They interact with it, throwing psionics and magic at it; at one point, Pierce slings arcane energy at the sphere, and it generates an arcanomental. They decide to put it away after coming to a better understanding of the sphere's capabilities.

In the morning, they resume their journey to Lesalia, after purchasing chocobos and a cart to help carry the slower folk. While they do so, Ixtli begins working on a cipher to translate the unknown Ronkan dialect of the current future, which would allow them to communicate if they return there.

They arrive in Lesalia. They find that the capital city is a bit more lax in terms of allowing people in, but Blondie is aware that the guards on the walls of Lesalia are an actual military unit charged with that job, rather than normal guards used elsewhere throughout the Empire. They acquire rooms at the Wild Rose inn, and proceed to go about their days.

Pierce and Kadyn seek out someone to talk to regarding Wayverith; Blondie goes to speak to his superiors about what happened thus far; Ixtli continues work on his cipher; Qron Nos decided to go "shopping;" and Rarpau hung out in the inn, to avoid raising further suspicion (since he had gotten weird looks on their way to the inn).

Pierce and Kadyn eventually found a man by the name of Ted Blackberry, a gnome akashic, who was willing to answer their queries. They didn't have much in the way of useful questions, and so Ted didn't have much in the way of useful answers; he told them to return, should they have questions in the future.

Blondie, meanwhile, received orders to continue following Pierce and to keep an eye on him. His CO told him to stay put in town to await further orders. Blondie also picked up his backpay.

Qron Nos managed to palm a puzzle cube, after attempting to palm a pistol and getting interrupted by the shopkeeper.

They then regathered at the inn, and decided to call it a day.

In the middle of the night, Blondie awoke to the sound of heavy, booted feet outside the door. He attempted to sneak quietly to the door, but was apparently heard by whoever was outside; a loud voice boomed, "Surrender or die." Blondie asked who was speaking, and in response, the door was kicked in. In the hallway stood six individuals in power armor, armed with plasma rifles.

Combat ensued.

During the fight, one of them approached Kadyn, and told the others, "Do not harm the girl."

The six were taken down, after they had taken Ixtli and Blondie down (though neither died). In the course of the combat, Rarpau had created massive fireballs, which had lit the entire hallway on fire. After gathering up the plasma rifles, they escaped through one of the windows, after which the inn collapsed.

They then hung out in the alley behind the inn, and talked to a medic to fix Blondie, as well as an officer, describing what had happened. They turned over two of the six plasma rifles as evidence. Everyone other than Rarpau and Kadyn decided to head with Blondie to his barracks, while Rarpau went to the river outside of town to meditate, with Kadyn in tow.

They regrouped at a small diner, the Whitestone, in the morning.

Ending Time Error: 00y 00m 08d 10h 56m

Session A-08 - Of Ring and Ruin

Just a few notes, for the players.

The following inscription was on the initial door.

From chaos, order; from order, chaos.
From dust men came, and to dust they shall return.
Time and memory march in lockstep
To the drums of existence:
But the heart of the trickster subverts
And what once will be, shall be what was.

The following inscription was on the door to the avaomental the group fought.

Fight fire with fire, fight fire with ice. 
Either way, the fire won't play nice.

The inscription on the floor in the avaomental room were the lyrics to the chorus of Rush's Free Will.

The following is what the statue said.

Free will. Entropy. Luck. Confusion.

These are the components of the Force that men call "Chaos." It is a combination of the disparate pieces
that sets it apart from any other. Where another would approach the world with a unified outlook, the
anarchist approaches the troubles of life from all angles at once. Without a plan, his plans cannot be
foiled, and victory is made his.
At the same time, it is this lack of unity that leads to the failure of Chaos. Without structure, progress
halts; without goals, invention ceases. Reliance upon luck replaces reliance upon the self.
That you stand before this icon is a sign that the time of Ragnarok is upon the world. The Key to Undoom
has shown you the way, and once opened, those floodgates cannot be closed.
He who would be called the Omega embodies the force of Chaos. But there is a difference between becoming a
Force, and understanding it. Know the Chaos, but keep to the center, and in so doing, be as a pattern for
the world.

Session A-12?

The following is a reasonable graphical representation of the timelines the group is currently dealing with.

Timelines (10-05-20) v3.jpg

Random Notes

Here are some random notes.

File Name for Map of Wayverith: Map_of_Wayverith.jpg

Things To Do

This is my to-do list for getting this game going.