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Below is a listing of the campaigns that have taken place in Trinity.

Campaign Structure

Each game in Trinity, as of 2005, is set in a "season." Each season beings in the fall and ends in the spring of the following year - for example, the 2006 season began in Autumn of 2006, and ended at the end of Spring 2007.

This allows the DM to have some sense of the Trinity timeline, both in the world and the meta-timeline, as games that take place in the same season are (usually) set in roughly the same timeperiod.


The following games took place before the creation of the Season track.

The Coldlands War Games

As the setting was finally complete enough for gaming purposes, there were a series of at least three games that were played with a vast majority of people, set in Trinity before everything had settled down. These games were theoretically supposed to take place during the Coldlands War, but the players were largely immature and the plotline was greatly lacking.

There were three such games in this series, and - after the first - extensive time travel was used as an attempt to maintain causal history in the world. However, this seemed to only cause more problems, and as such I have begun greatly limiting backwards time travel.

These games were essentially "practice" for my being a DM; as such, the vast majority of their happenings are not canon so far as the setting is concerned. I had wanted players to have an impact on the setting, as the entire timeline prior to this was "set in stone," so to speak; however, given my frustration with four years of attempting to run this game, I eventually abandoned that idea.

The Land Time Forgot

This game took place after the failed attempts to play through the Coldlands War games, and were set on Sarteri during the time of the Woodland League. The plot was, again, largely lacking, though it did establish a good deal of the region.

This campaign was the first to use many Trinity-specific conventions, such as different mounts for continents, and gunblade-wielding halflings.

However, given that this game was also largely a failure (and did not last long), it is also not considered canon.

The Psionicle

This game took place roughly during 387 CY, and took place primarily on the continent of Lotharien.

The characters for this game were constructed using 32 point buy, with Perception.


This game had no specific time-period; however, the single player had access to Thranos and Grakyl as NPCs, along with their aircraft, the Intrepid, and so it was probably sometime during the late Third Age.

The original intent of this campaign was rather vague, and not much was actually accomplished. As such, this campaign is not considered canon, though some of the NPCs involved have since become more developed and used throughout the setting.

Season - 2005

This season ran from Fall of 2005 to the Spring of 2006.

So far as Trinity is concerned, this season dealt with the turn of the century, in 397 to 398 CY.

Admiral X and Friends

This game took place during 397 CY and 398 CY, during which the crew had many adventures and accomplished a good deal.

Characters for this game were constructed using 32 point buy, with Perception.

This campaign is currently on hiatus; it is safe to assume that they accomplished the goals that they will undertake on resumption, hence time has continued passing.

Season - 2006

This season ran from Fall of 2006 to the Spring of 2007.

In Trinity, this season dealt with the early 400's.


This campaign is on permanent hiatus.

This game is set in 432 CY.

Characters for this game are constructed with 32 point buy, or by my rolling method (4d6, reroll 1's, roll 8, keep 7, arrange in any order); if you choose to roll, you cannot choose to use point buy instead. This campaign will be using Perception.

Season - 2007

This season is the current season, and runs from Fall of 2007 to the Spring of 2008.

In Trinity, this season deals with the 430's.

The Toplanders

This campaign has been brought to a successful conclusion.

The page for the campaign has all the relevant character-creation information, as well as the background information that players should be acquainted with before the campaign begins.

Season - 2008

This season will be from Fall of 2008 to the Spring of 2009.

The Next Game

Information for the "primary" game of the 2008 season can be found here.

Iron Twilight, Part I

While this game began in the summer of 2008, it is still considered part of the '08 season for purposes of timeline.