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The Akashic
Level Special Cache Memory Libraries Max Grade Memes Known
1 Delve Into Blue 2 1 1 Common 4
2 Lore 2 1 1 Common 6
3   3 1 2 Uncommon 7
4 Lore 3 2 2 Uncommon 8
5   4 2 2 Uncommon 10
6 Lore 4 2 2 Uncommon 11
7   5 3 3 Uncommon 12
8 Lore 5 3 3 Rare 14
9   6 3 3 Rare 15
10 Akashic Talent 6 4 3 Rare 16
11   7 4 4 Rare 18
12 Akashic Talent 7 4 4 Rare 19
13   8 5 4 Obscure 20
14 Akashic Talent 8 5 4 Obscure 22
15   9 5 5 Obscure 23
16 Akashic Talent 9 6 5 Obscure 24
17   10 6 5 Obscure 26
18 Akashic Talent 10 6 5 Secret 27
19   11 7 6 Secret 28
20 Akashic Talent 11 7 6 Secret 30



Akira, iconic akashic
"A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever."

In a world where individuals of capable of wholesale destruction of timelines, where individuals can wrest themselves from the march of time and act against the grain of causality, the study of history and memory itself becomes significantly more daunting, but also more important. However, an understanding of causality leads not just to an understanding of how we got to where we are today, but to an understanding of the underpinnings of reality itself. Those who take up the mantle of the akashic are those who have gleaned insights into the mechanisms of reality: not from the view of those who live inside the universe, but from outside it. This almost alien approach to how the world functions is obtuse and abstract in nature, and few in the world are capable of maintaining that mindset for long.

By learning how to study and manipulate information and data, akashics can undo the crimes committed against the timeline, ensuring that their memory - and the memory of everyone in existence - remains tied to events as they occurred. However, they can also reverse the process, manipulating the information that represents the world in order to manipulate existence, giving them unparalleled control over the present and a keen understanding of how the now will lead to a future moment.

It is with this knowledge that all of existence is simply information that akashics perform amazing feats. While they can create objects out of nothing and read the minds of other creatures, these are not direct interactions, nor are they impositions of will upon reality - they are simply modifications and manipulations of data. However, these actions require significant willpower and the ability to read the world memory, as every passing moment the data of the world changes: akashics must therefore be incredibly careful and quite observant in order to ensure that they do not accidentally destroy themselves or disrupt the world in a catastrophic manner.

Game Rule Information

Akashics have the following game statistics.

Force Alignment: Blue.

Force Resistances: CO 5 + level, IO 5 + level.

Abilities: Intelligence is the most important ability for an akashic.

Starting Age: Moderate.


Hit Points at 1st Level: 5 + Con score.
Hit Points at Each Additional Level: 5 + Con modifier.
Healing Surges: 6 + Con modifier.
Defenses: Fort +0; Ref +0; Will +4; Det +2.


Hit Die: d6.
BAB: Poor.
Saving Throws: Fort (Poor); Ref (Poor); Will (Good).
Skill Points: 8 + Int modifier.
Class Skills: All skills are class skills for the akashic.

Class Features

All of the following are class features of the akashic.


Weapons: Any three.

Armor: Light, mystic.

Implements: Records, tomes.


Akashics are memeticists, and as such make use of memes, conceptual packets of information that are essentially programs that interact with the data that comprises the world in some fashion.

To use memes, an akashic must first ready it, an arduous process that must be performed on a regular basis, updating the meme to ensure that its various structures are synchronized with the world.


Blue Libraries
Library Description
Abstract Directly interfacing with the structures that form the very core of existence, this library gives you extremely powerful but limited ways to manipulate reality.
Data You can delve into the caches of information storage hidden "beneath" the world, learning answers to impossible questions.
Instance Through introduction of new pointers and structures, you can create temporary objects and creatures.
Lambda Relatively simple and direct commands, these memes are useful to modify reality quickly and in fashions similar to those wielded by other Forces.
System Manipulating processes, you can take control of the real world in a wide variety of ways.
Virus Rather than attempt to produce particular effects, you can instead corrupt existing data and processes, causing them to decay or behave erratically.


To access her memes, an akashic must ready them into her active meme slots. An akashic can only modify her active meme slots after a long rest, in a process that takes ten minutes.

Meme Grades
Grade Minimum Wisdom
Common 9
Uncommon 10
Rare 11
Obscure 12
Secret 14
Forgotten 16

To use a given meme, the akashic must meet the minimum Wisdom score for that grade, as per the table on the right.

When an akashic readies her memes, she can also choose to put them into her personal memory, using her own informational process to improve the meme in some fashion. You can change which memes you have allocated into memory with a short rest.

When you process a meme, it becomes temporarily scrambled after its interaction with the world, and you cannot use it again until it recharges. At the beginning of each of your turns, if you have any memes that need to recharge, you roll your recharge die, which is 1d6. If the result of the recharge die is equal to or greater than the recharge value for a given meme, that meme recharges, and you can process it again. The recharge value of a meme is dependent upon the highest grade of meme you can access, per the table below.

All of your memes automatically recharge after a short rest.

The akashic begins with four known memes. She gains knowledge of additional memes each level, as per the class table, above. At fourth level and every four levels after, she can trade out up to two memes for new memes from any library she can access.

If you would gain access to a library, you can choose to instead gain a bonus feat, which must be a feat for which you qualify. If you would gain access to a library and already have access to six libraries, you gain a bonus feat instead.


Memes: Recharge Values
  Meme Grade
Highest Meme Grade Accessible Common Uncommon Rare Obscure Secret Forgotten
Common 5 --- --- --- --- ---
Uncommon 4 6 --- --- --- ---
Rare 3 5 6 --- --- ---
Obscure 2 4 5 6 --- ---
Secret 2 3 4 5 6 ---
Forgotten 2 3 4 5 6 6


The akashic's key ability for her memetic attacks is her Intelligence.

Delve Into Blue

At its heart, the akashic tradition is one of learning the answers to questions. As such, all akashics can tap into the akashic record, even if their particular memetic focus lies elsewhere.

When you take a short rest, you spend an action point to ask one simple question; a simple question is one that can be answered with a "yes" or "no."

The GM will answer your question with either a "yes," a "no," or an "unclear:" if the last one, that means your question might be too complex, or that giving a "yes" or "no" answer would be not entirely true. You can't use this ability to ask questions about the future, only the past.

In addition, some information is specifically hidden from abilities like this. If that is the case for your question, the GM will inform you that the information is unavailable, and may also give you some information about why that information is not available.


As an akashic grows in skill, she learns how to better tap into the Blue.

At each of the levels indicated on the class table, you can choose one ability from the following list. Unless otherwise specified, each ability can only be taken once.

▶ Simulation

When you use your delve into blue ability, you can ask questions about the future.

If you do, the answer is dependent upon current circumstances and the GM's understanding of your current goals and potential future activities. You can include conditionals in your question that further modify the potential simulation of the future you are asking about, but significant deviations - or even your own lack of knowledge about how to properly ask the question - may give you an incorrect answer.


The following are akashic memes, ordered by library, then by grade.

Abstract Library

Common Abstract Memes
Meme Name Action Effect
CD Move Teleport a short distance.
CP Swift Temporarily overwrite one of your active meme slots with a meme from one of your other active meme slots.
GREP Standard Search local memory for a particular term, and find out what nearby creatures, objects, or locations are related to it.
LS Standard You gain knowledge of all objects in a small area, including hidden ones.
MAN Standard You can learn basic information about a creature, object, location, or event.
MV Swift Replace one of your active memes with a meme you know but don't currently have active.
PS Standard You gain knowledge of all active effects in a small area, including hidden ones.
WHO Standard You gain knowledge of all creatures in a small area, including hidden ones.


Data Library

Common Data Memes
Meme Name Action Effect
Amanuensis Standard Absorb knowledge from a touched book or other data storage.
Anticipate Peril Standard Target gains a +4 power bonus on Initiative checks.
Comprehend Languages Standard You gain the ability to understand, but not speak, other languages.
Identify 5 minutes You can identify the functions of Force items.
Libra Standard You gain libra.
Memetic Tracking Standard You can track a creature through its impressions on world memory, rather than its physical tracks.
Query Standard Ask a simple question that can be answered with a "yes" or a "no."
Read Memory Standard Read the recent memory of a creature, learning its surface thoughts.


Instance Library

Common Instance Memes
Meme Name Action Effect
Abundant Ammunition Standard Create a small amount of specialty ammunition.
Air Bubble Standard Creates a small pocket of air around your head or an object.
Fabricate I 1 minute Create a simple object of wood or cloth.
Glue Standard Cover an area in glue, making it sticky and difficult for creatures to leave the area.
Grease Standard Cover an area in grease, making it slippery and difficult for creatures to move through it and remain upright.
Instantiate Monster I 1 round Create a temporary creature that fights for you.
Repair Standard Restore an object of potency 3 hit points.
Web Standard Create an area of entangling web.


Lambda Library

Common Lambda Memes
Meme Name Action Effect
Aero Standard Burst of wind deals potency 3 wind damage to a creature, potentially knocking them prone.
Eerie Sound Wave Standard Remove a status boon from the target.
Flash Standard Attempt to blind nearby creatures.
Goblin Punch Standard Make a physical attack that has the potential for significant damage.
Limit Glove Standard When you are critical, you can use this meme to deal potency 8 physical damage.
Magic Hammer Standard Reduce the target's ability to call on Force effects.
Roulette Standard A random creature gains doom.
Self-Destruct Standard Explode, dealing fire damage to yourself and those near you equal to your hit points.


System Library

Common System Memes
Meme Name Action Effect
Boost Experience Standard Target gains a positive level for a short time.
Causal Chains Standard Temporarily lock a creature's initiative in place.
Lock Time Standard Prevent creatures from taking actions out of turn.
Normalize Time Standard Remove both beneficial and harmful temporal effects from a creature.
Pattern Recognition Standard Gain a significant bonus on checks made to search areas.
Predict System I Swift At the end of your turn, accept the outcome or decide to change something.
Status Standard Know creatures' status.
Vaccime Swift Remove a mental status ailment from an ally.


Virus Library

Common Virus Memes
Meme Name Action Effect
Amnesia Standard Target gains the amnesia status, or forgets the last few minutes.
Autotoxic Meme Standard Target gains the berserk status.
Cancel Memory Varies Nullify an ongoing memetic effect, or counter one being processed.
Inconsistent Schema Standard Target gains the confusion status.
Language Virus Standard Target gains the babel status.
Memory Bolt Standard Disrupt a creature's memories, dealing potency 4 psychic damage.
Memory Trap Standard Plant a trap in a specific meme, causing those who process it to suffer a negative effect.
Purge Experience Standard Target gains a negative level.



The following are a selection of feats that are relevant to akashics.


You have plumbed deeper into the depths of information than your peers.
Prerequisites: Memeticist, access to five or fewer libraries.
Benefit: You gain access to another memetic library of your choice. You can take this feat multiple times; its effect stacks.


You can hold more of your memes in your head at once.
Prerequisites: Memeticist.
Benefit: You gain an additional active meme slot. You can take this feat multiple times; its effect stacks.


Your personal memory space is larger than it should be.
Prerequisites: Memeticist.
Benefit: You gain an additional point of memory. You can take this feat multiple times; its effect stacks.


You can sometimes see the code that makes the world work.
Prerequisites: No levels in a memeticist class.
Benefit: You gain access to a single memetic library, and learn two common memes of your choice from that library. You have one active meme slot.
Special: If you take a level in any memeticist class, you must immediately retrain this feat; the new feat cannot be a [Job] feat.


You have found the secrets of more information.
Prerequisites: Memeticist.
Benefit: You gain knowledge of two additional memes of any grade you can access, of any library you can access. You can take this feat multiple times; its effect stacks.


You have unlocked a memetic secret that transcends the traditional scales of power.
Prerequisites: Memeticist, ability to process at least one secret meme, 21st+ level.
Benefit: You can learn one forgotten meme of your choice from a library you can access. You can take this feat multiple times; each time, you can select a new forgotten meme to learn.


Design Notes

We have to redesign this.

Memes now have grades.

The old memory concept is gone. Now you have belief-space - which is rebranded as memory - and the recharge die.

Memes put in memory get beefed up.

Use a meme, it has to recharge.

Get an extra active meme slot every even level up to your Int mod.

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