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The Caller
Level Special Flux Die Stress Limit Max Gift Grade Suites Gifts Known
1 Call, Convoke d3 2 Minor 1 3
2 Eikon Power d3 3 Minor 1 4
3   d3 3 Minor 2 5
4 Eikon Power d4 4 Lesser 2 6
5   d4 5 Lesser 2 7
6 Eikon Power d4 5 Lesser 2 8
7   d6 6 Lesser 3 9
8 Eikon Power d6 7 Lesser 3 11
9   d6 7 Moderate 3 12
10 Caller Talent d8 8 Moderate 3 13
11   d8 9 Moderate 4 14
12 Caller Talent d8 9 Moderate 4 15
13   d10 10 Moderate 4 16
14 Caller Talent d10 11 Greater 4 17
15   d10 11 Greater 5 19
16 Caller Talent d12 12 Greater 5 20
17   d12 13 Greater 5 21
18 Caller Talent d12 13 Greater 5 22
19   2d8 14 Major 6 23
20 Caller Talent 2d8 15 Major 6 24



Rydia, iconic caller, calling Leviathan
"The world is not without voice. Let me share it with you."

Woven into the fabric of reality are ten energies that - between them - serve as the basis on which all of existence rests. They flow like rivers and rage like storms, an invisible dance of elemental chaos that the eyes cannot perceive.

However, these energies of Nature are - much like their mother, Gaia, the spirit of the universe itself - not without awareness. This awareness takes on the form of the Primals, twelve entities of awesome Natural might that almost - but not quite - rival the power of the True Gods. Unlike those beings, however, the Primals do not intervene in the world in an active manner: they are part of the elemental tapestry, and act their part, no more and no less.

There are ways to call upon these entities, however, and beseech their aid. Unlike the relationship between petitioners and patrons, however, this relationship becomes intensely personal: for Primals require no faith, but instead are companions to those who would request their assistance. Denizens of the world they represent can, and do, seek out the means of binding their souls to the Primals' cause, and in return, the Primal can manifest physically - if only partially - in the realm of the real, and together mortal and Primal can seek out the enemies of existence and lay waste to them.

Game Rule Information

Callers have the following game statistics.

Force Alignment: Nature.

Force Resistances: DI 5 + level, VI 5 + level.

Abilities: Wisdom and Charisma are the caller's most important attributes. Wisdom improves her ability to manipulate nature through the gifts granted her by her patrons, and Charisma improves her ability to command more powerful aspects of her called creatures.

Hit Points at 1st Level: 5 + Con score.

Hit Points at Each Additional Level: 5 + Con modifier.

Healing Surges: 6 + Con modifier.

Defenses: Fort +0; Ref +0; Will +4; Det +4.

Starting Age: Simple.

Class Features

All of the following are class features of the caller.


Weapons: Any three.

Armor: Cloth, leather.

Implements: Essences, totems.


Callers are benders, which means that they make use of gifts, raw energy channeled from the elemental tapestry that binds all of existence together. As benders, callers tap into this tapestry of elements to acquire flux, which they can turn into gifts. However, nature demands balance, and as callers gather flux, they also accrue stress, inhibiting their ability to draw more flux over time.


Natural Eikons
Suite Eikon Secondary Ability Description Basic Gift Opposes...
Gravity Atomos Con Little more than an enormous maw, Atomos seeks to unify all of creation by consuming it unto himself. Cosmic
Shadow Ark Per Ark is an enormous airship made of ebony, representing the power of the Void distilled, as it influenced reality. Holy
Earth Titan Str An immense being of living stone, Titan is stubbornness and defense incarnate. Wind
Water Leviathan Brv Sometimes also called the "world serpent," Leviathan seeks to purify the world through drowning it in endless waves of pure water. Fire
Ice Shiva Con Her every movement precise and perfect, Shiva demands that the world be logical and consistent and - above all else - perfect. Lightning
Wind Garuda Dex Goals shifting as often as the breeze, Garuda is a double-winged woman, more avian than humanoid, whose moves are impossible to predict. Earth
Lightning Ramuh Per Ramuh is an ancient sage, a brilliant mind who strikes those he deems unworthy with lightning and confusion. Ice
Fire Ifrit Str Pure destruction, and with the appearance of a demon, Ifrit is anger given form. fireburst Water
Holy Maduin Brv An enormous humanoid lion, Maduin represents the power of the Divine distilled, as it influenced reality. Shadow
Cosmic Fenrir Dex A wolf whose spirit is tied to the moons, Fenrir wanders the infinite expanse of space and time. Gravity


As a move action, the caller can tap one of her elemental suites. When she does so, she rolls her flux die, and acquires that much flux, while also accruing the same amount of stress. If you have more stress than your stress limit against an element, you cannot tap it (but see below); likewise, you cannot have more flux for an element than your stress limit. Even if you have multiple actions, you can only tap a given element once on each of your turns.

When you tap an element, if the amount of stress you acquire would put you over your stress limit for that element, you instead only gain enough flux and stress to put you at your stress limit.

If you currently have a called eikon (see below), you can always tap the element associated with that eikon, even if your stress for that element is at or above your stress limit. When you do so, the eikon gains the amount of flux you gained or would have gained if not for your stress. Eikons do not accrue stress and have no stress limit. An eikon's flux dissipates after 5 minutes.

Gift Grades
Grade Minimum Wisdom Minimum Secondary Ability Flux Cost
Minor 11 9 1
Lesser 13 10 2
Moderate 15 11 4
Greater 17 12 8
Major 19 14 16
Ancient 21 16 32

If you tap an element and have access to the suite of it's opposed element, you reduce your stress for the opposed element by the amount of flux you gain for the element you are tapping.

You can never have more flux than your current stress for a given element. If you do, your flux is immediately reduced to equal your stress.

If you are in an environment associated with an element you tap, you gain double the amount of flux. If you are in an environment associated with the element's opposed element, you instead halve the amount of flux you gain.

Flux is a powerful but relatively short-lived energy, and dissipates naturally over time. You lose all flux of an element after 5 minutes.

You can meditate to alleviate the stress you have accrued against the elements. Doing so requires 1 round of concentration, at the end of which you reduce your stress against all elements by half your FRC bonus, rounded down (min 1). You can automatically remove all accrued stress with a short rest.

To use a gift, called bending, you must spend an amount of flux - dependent upon the gift's grade - of the element associated with that gift. If you have access to a suite and are in a terrain associated with that element, you can use that suite's basic gift at will, which costs no flux.

The caller begins with three known gifts. She gains knowledge of additional gifts each level, as per the class table, above. At fourth level and every four levels after, she can trade out up to two gifts for new gifts from any suite she can access, of any grade she can access.

If you would gain access to a suite, you can choose to instead gain a bonus feat, which must be a feat for which you qualify. If you would gain access to a suite and already have access to six suites, you gain a bonus feat instead.

The caller gains a bonus to her stress limit for each of her suites equal to her Charisma modifier.

The caller's key ability for her natural attacks is her Wisdom.


The caller's signature ability is the ability to call upon the presence of a specific entity, usually a Primal or an Eidolon, though it does not necessarily have to be such an entity. In general, a called creature - regardless of its true nature - is referred to as an eikon.

Whenever you gain access to a suite, you also gain the ability to call that suite's associated eikon. Upon that choice, the caller forms a powerful bond with that entity, tying her soul to its existence. Due to the strength of this bond, a called eikon no longer suffers from many of the restrictions normal summoned creatures have: while treated as summoned creatures, they are not sent back to their home plane until reduced to a number of negative hit points equal to or greater than their Constitution score. In addition, due to its tie to its caller, an eikon can touch and attack creatures warded by effects that prevent contact with summoned creatures. In addition, the caller and the eikon can always understand each other, even if they do not share a language: their communication is on a spiritual level, and transcends language.

A caller can call one of her eikons in a ritual that takes 1 minute to perform. When summoned in this way, the eikon's hit points are unchanged from the last time it was dismissed or banished. The only exception to this is if the eikon was slain, in which case it returns with half its normal hit points.

Eikons do not heal naturally, but an eikon that has not been called for one day has its hit points fully restored when it is next called. If an eikon would be healed for an effect that requires the expenditure of a healing surge, you can spend one of your healing surges on its behalf, and the eikon benefits as though it had spent a healing surge. An eikon uses its own hit point total to calculate the amount of healing it receives.

The eikon remains until dismissed by the caller (a standard action).

If the eikon is dismissed due to death, it cannot be called again until the following day.

The eikon cannot be dismissed by means of dispel magic or similar Force-cancelling effects, but Force effects such as dismissal and banishment work normally.

If the caller is unconscious, asleep, or dead, her eikon is immediately banished.

You cannot call an eikon if your current stress towards that eikon's suite is greater than your stress limit, and if your current stress exceeds an eikon's suite's stress limit while that eikon is called, the eikon cannot make use of its abilities.

The eikon's hit points, defenses, and abilities are tied to the caller’s class level and increase as the caller gains levels.

As a caller gains levels, she gains the ability to choose new eikons (see Bending, above). A caller cannot have more than one eikon called at a time; if she calls a different eikon while she has an eikon called, the original eikon is dismissed as soon as the calling ritual is completed.

To direct an eikon, you must spend a move action on your turn; this gives the eikon a normal set of actions. If you do not spend a move action to direct the eikon, it takes no actions.


While callers often prefer to call upon an eikon and have the creature at their side, they are also limited to only having one eikon manifested at a time; similarly, while manifested, an eikon is subject to the whims of the world, and such manifestations of these entities are often imperiled by the caller's adversaries. In such situations, the caller may find it advantageous to only call upon an eikon for a brief moment, in which the entity uses one of its abilities, then returns to whence it came. Such an action is known as convoking.

A caller can convoke any eikon she can access, except an eikon that is currently called (see Call, above). Convoking an eikon is at least a standard action; if the ability of the eikon being convoked requires more than a standard action, the convoke takes that long instead. When you convoke an eikon, select one of its abilities that you have access to; the eikon appears where you direct, within Close range (30 feet), and then uses the ability in a manner you direct, then disappears. As this is a manifestation of the true form of the eikon, and not the form that is called directly, the eikon is immune to damage or any other effects when it appears to use its convoked ability, and its disappearance cannot be prevented (except, possibly, through Epic means, though such entities tend to be resistant to even such powers). Because eikons are Natural and therefore not extraplanar, the caller can use this ability even in an area in which extraplanar travel is currently being prevented.

However, convocation comes at a price: unlike calling, it takes considerably more effort on the eikon's part to take part in a convocation. To use this ability, you must spend an amount of flux of the eikon's element equal to the your caller level, and - because these abilities are so drastically draining on local elemental energies - you also accrue an amount of stress equal to half that amount, rounded down (min 1). You cannot use convoke to use an action that would cost more flux than you have available, or would increase your stress above your stress limit for that element, nor can you use convoke to use an action from an eikon's avatar menu, or its ultimate ability.

Eikon Power

At second level, and 4th, 6th, and 8th levels, the spiritual bond between the caller and her eikons begins to manifest itself in the caller herself, slowly changing her capabilities based upon the eikons she is bonded with.

Each eikon has a list of abilities associated with it. You can select one such ability from any eikon's list that you are bonded to. Alternatively, you can select a general ability from the list below.

▶ Beckon

As a standard action, a caller can call her eikon to her side. This functions as dimension door. When used, the eikon appears adjacent to the caller (or as close as possible if all adjacent spaces are occupied). If the eikon is out of range, the ability is wasted.

▶ Transposition

Prerequisites: Beckon

The caller can use her beckon ability to swap locations with her eikon. If it is larger than her, she can appear in any square occupied by the eikon. The eikon must occupy the square that was occupied by the caller if able, or as close as possible if it is not able.

▶ Bond Senses

The caller can, as a standard action, share the senses of her eikon, hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and touching everything the eikon does. She can use this ability a number of rounds per day equal to her caller level. There is no range to this effect, but the eikon and the caller must be on the same plane. The caller can end this effect as a free action.