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The Trainer
Level Special Cache Memory Libraries Max Grade Memes Known
1 Mementos 2 1 1 Common 3
2 Trainer's Secret 2 1 1 Common 4
3   2 1 2 Common 5
4 Trainer's Secret 3 1 2 Uncommon 6
5   3 2 2 Uncommon 7
6 Trainer's Secret 4 2 2 Uncommon 8
7   4 2 3 Uncommon 9
8 Trainer's Secret 4 2 3 Uncommon 11
9   5 3 3 Rare 12
10 Trainer Talent 5 3 3 Rare 13
11   6 3 4 Rare 14
12 Trainer Talent 6 3 4 Rare 15
13   6 4 4 Rare 16
14 Trainer Talent 7 4 4 Obscure 17
15   7 4 5 Obscure 19
16 Trainer Talent 8 4 5 Obscure 20
17   8 5 5 Obscure 21
18 Trainer Talent 8 5 5 Obscure 22
19   9 5 6 Secret 23
20 Trainer Talent 9 5 6 Secret 24



Locke'mejis and Ashe'cathari, iconic trainers
"Shorts are comfy and easy to wear. Let's fight!"

The world of Trinity is a dangerous place. Some, such as the commonfolk, rely upon their well-trained members of their society to defend them from attackers; others are those defenders themselves. However, some societies lack the comfort of walls or homes, always on the move. Halflings, selkies, and even lunari often find themselves almost always on the move or lacking stable fortifications. While the more aged among their people may be able to fend off an attack, their children are not always so able. Thus: the trainer.

In times past, when the halflings were under attack from prophet moths, they sought a manner of assistance from the gnomes. The gnomes gifted them with knowledge of the blue, of learning to use the abilities of monsters. However, this was ill-suited for the halflings' intentions: they needed a weapon, easily wielded, with which they could arm their children. Taking the lessons taught to them from the gnomes, however, the halflings devised a new idea: rather than learn the abilities of monsters, capture the monsters themselves, and ensure that they could only fight what they were directed to.

The halflings devised a new method of interacting with the blue, which they called meme crystals - small items that were capable of storing a creature or item in the world's memory, such that it could be summoned back at any time. They then began capturing small monsters of Sarteri and training them, then giving the meme crystals in which the creatures were stored to children, instructing them to only use them in dire need. As they grew older, the children were taught the ways of the gun, and passed their meme crystals on to the children that came after them.

Some halflings, however, decided not to become gunslingers, and instead focused on raising the monsters they had been gifted with. Through trial and error, they determined that some creatures were better-suited to some abilities; they devised a basic understanding of genetics, and began breeding creatures to attain desired traits: small, but ferocious, with unalarming appearances so that children would not be frightened to use the creatures.

Centuries have passed since then, and trainers are still relatively rare - but not unheard of. The way of the trainer has spread throughout the world, and though it is often thought of as the path of cowards, it is a welcome relief to those who must fight but have no formal training.

Game Rule Information

Trainers have the following game statistics.

Force Alignment: Blue.

Force Resistances: TO 5 + level, CO 5 + level.

Abilities: Dexterity is important to a trainer, as - in order to capture new creatures - they must be agile enough to accurately throw a meme crystal. Charisma is also important, as a more powerful personality allows them to more successfully exert control over creatures.

Hit Points at 1st Level: 5 + Con score.

Hit Points at Each Additional Level: 5 + Con modifier.

Healing Surges: 6 + Con modifier.

Defenses: Fort +0; Ref +4; Will +0; Det +4.

Skills: Trainers are trained in Informatics (Int), plus any four skills from the trainer class skill list, below.

  • Acrobatics (Dex)
  • Athletics (Str)
  • Chronology (Int)
  • Discordia (Int)
  • Diplomacy (Cha)
  • Dungeoneering (Wis)
  • Thievery (Dex)

Starting Age: Simple.

Class Features

All of the following are class features of the trainer.


Weapons: Any two ranged, any one melee, any one.

Armor: Light, mystic.

Implements: Records, tomes.


Trainers are memeticists, and as such make use of memes, conceptual packets of information that are essentially programs that interact with the data that comprises the world in some fashion.

To use memes, a trainer must first ready it, an arduous process that must be performed on a regular basis, updating the meme to ensure that its various structures are synchronized with the world.


Blue Libraries
Library Description
Abstract Directly interfacing with the structures that form the very core of existence, this library gives you extremely powerful but limited ways to manipulate reality.
Data You can delve into the caches of information storage hidden "beneath" the world, learning answers to impossible questions.
Instance Through introduction of new pointers and structures, you can create temporary objects and creatures.
Lambda Relatively simple and direct commands, these memes are useful to modify reality quickly and in fashions similar to those wielded by other Forces.
System Manipulating processes, you can take control of the real world in a wide variety of ways.
Virus Rather than attempt to produce particular effects, you can instead corrupt existing data and processes, causing them to decay or behave erratically.


To access his memes, a trainer must ready them into his active meme slots. A trainer can only modify his active meme slots after a long rest, in a process that takes ten minutes.

Meme Grades
Grade Minimum Wisdom
Common 9
Uncommon 10
Rare 11
Obscure 12
Secret 14
Forgotten 16

To use a given meme, the trainer must meet the minimum Wisdom score for that grade, as per the table on the right.

When an trainer readies his memes, he can also choose to put them into his personal memory, using his own informational process to improve the meme in some fashion. You can change which memes you have allocated into memory with a short rest.

When you process a meme, it becomes temporarily scrambled after its interaction with the world, and you cannot use it again until it recharges. At the beginning of each of your turns, if you have any memes that need to recharge, you roll your recharge die, which is 1d6. If the result of the recharge die is equal to or greater than the recharge value for a given meme, that meme recharges, and you can process it again. The recharge value of a meme is dependent upon the highest grade of meme you can access, per the table below.

All of your memes automatically recharge after a short rest.

You gain additional active meme slots based on your Intelligence modifier; at each even level, you gain a bonus active meme slot, until you have a total number of bonus slots equal to your Intelligence modifier.


Memes: Recharge Values
  Meme Grade
Highest Meme Grade Accessible Common Uncommon Rare Obscure Secret Forgotten
Common 5 --- --- --- --- ---
Uncommon 4 6 --- --- --- ---
Rare 3 5 6 --- --- ---
Obscure 2 4 5 6 --- ---
Secret 2 3 4 5 6 ---
Forgotten 2 3 4 5 6 6


The trainer begins with three known memes. He gains knowledge of additional memes each level, as per the class table, above. At fourth level and every four levels after, he can trade out up to two memes for new memes from any library he can access.

If you would gain access to a library, you can choose to instead gain a bonus feat, which must be a feat for which you qualify. If you would gain access to a library and already have access to six libraries, you gain a bonus feat instead.

The trainer's key ability for his memetic attacks is his Charisma.


By exerting his belief on a meme crystal, a trainer can control the creature held within.

On each of his turns, the trainer can expend a move action to direct the actions of a controlled creature. If he does so, the controlled creature behaves like a summoned monster, until the start of his next turn; if he does not, the creature will defend itself but otherwise take no action, and an uncontrolled bloodied creature will retreat if possible. A trainer cannot control a creature whose level is greater than his trainer class level. An uncontrolled creature will act independently once released, until returned to its meme crystal.

Due to this being a memetic effect, the trainer can issue complex commands to a controlled creature without the need for a shared language. However, the trainer cannot actually communicate with the creature.

Base Statistics By Role
  Skirmisher Brute Sentinel Lurker Controller Ravager
HP @ 1st 10 + Con 20 + Con 15 + Con 10 + Con 5 + Con 5 + Con
HP per Add'l Level 7 + Con mod 11 + Con mod 9 + Con mod 7 + Con mod 5 + Con mod 5 + Con mod
Healing Surges 8 + Con mod 12 + Con mod 10 + Con mod 8 + Con mod 6 + Con mod 6 + Con mod
Fort +2 +4 +4 +0 +0 +2
Ref +4 +0 +0 +4 +2 +2
Will +0 +0 +2 +2 +4 +2
Det +0 +2 +4 +0 +2 +2
Technics Known 4 3 3 4 5 4

Releasing a creature from a meme crystal is a standard action, and the creature appears in an unoccupied square adjacent to the trainer. A trainer can return a creature to its meme crystal by touching the meme crystal to the creature: if the creature is within the trainer's reach, this is a move action, otherwise the meme crystal can be thrown at the creature as a standard action (in such an instance, the trainer automatically hits the creature's Reflex if the creature is currently controlled, but may miss due to concealment or other factors; the trainer must roll to hit an uncontrolled creature normally).

You can apply the controlled condition to a single creature in a meme crystal. You can also apply the controlled condition to additional creatures, but each additional creature requires you to expend one memory to do so; treat this memory as though it were allocated to a meme.

In addition, a trainer can improve a creature's abilities, increasing its level in its role. The creature must be within its meme crystal, and the trainer must meditate for the duration of a short rest, after which the creature gains a level. The trainer cannot grant a level to a creature that would make the creature's level higher than the trainer's class level. Unlike characters, once the trainer begins training a creature in a role, the creature always gains levels in that role.

The trainer can also grant roles to creatures that do not have them, as is the case for many monsters. Once the trainer has captured a creature in a meme crystal (see below), the trainer can spend a short rest to give the creature a role. A creature so trained immediately loses all of its natural statistics, which are replaced as though it had levels in a role equal to its level. The exception to this are all attacks the creature possessed, as well as all racial abilities and traits; in essence, only the statistics on the Roles table are replaced.

Example: Locke captures a 5th-level metroid. Metroids do not have roles, and so he wants to spend a short rest to give it the lurker role. The metroid loses all of its original statistics and becomes a 5th-level lurker, but retains its racial bonuses to ability scores and any abilities it had.

The mementos page has more information on how a trainer's creatures work.

Trainer's Secret

At 2nd level, and every two levels thereafter until 10th, the trainer gains insight into the handling of creatures and the art of training. Choose one of the following abilities; unless otherwise noted, each ability can only be taken once.

▶ Craft Meme Crystal

The trainer becomes capable of crafting his own meme crystals. Constructing a meme crystal requires one hour and supplies worth 100 gp; a meme crystal is considered a Blue item for purposes of force resistance.

A meme crystal is used as a thrown weapon, and is treated as a ranged touch attack, with a range of 20 feet; if it hits, the creature takes potency 1 subdual damage. If this damage is enough to knock the creature unconscious, it is captured by the meme crystal. Once a meme crystal has captured a creature, the meme crystal takes a mental "snapshot" of the creature, before it is sent into the Blue; this is so that, when the meme crystal is activated once more, it is able to retrieve the creature from the world memory. This information becomes imprinted into the meme crystal when it first captures a creature; once a meme crystal is imprinted, it cannot be used to store a different creature. A meme crystal is incapable of capturing creatures that can take class levels - the imprinting process is too complicated to allow for a sentient being to be imprinted. In addition, a meme crystal is also incapable of capturing a creature that has already been imprinted into a meme crystal: the method by which the meme crystal retrieves a creature from world memory makes it impossible for two objects to both refer to the same creature in memory.

▶ Craft Improved Meme Crystal

Prerequisites: Craft Meme Crystal

The trainer can construct an improved meme crystal. Such a meme crystal requires supplies costing 500 gp. When an improved meme crystal strikes a creature, it deals potency 2 subdual damage.

▶ Double Team

You can have up to two controlled creatures out of their meme crystals at once. On your turn, you can expend a standard action to command two creatures; if you only expend a move action, you can only command one creature, not both (you can choose which creature you command when you do so).

▶ Teamwork

Prerequisites: Double Team

Choose a Teamwork feat whose prerequisites you meet. When you have at least one controlled creature out of its meme crystal, you and all of your controlled creatures gain the benefit of that feat. You can take this secret multiple times; each time you do, you can choose a new feat.

▶ Heal Creature

A trainer can use the power of her memories to restore wounded creatures to a significantly healthier state. By spending a full round action, the trainer allows one of his controlled creatures to spend a healing surge. Only a creature stored in a meme crystal can be healed in this fashion.

▶ Revive Creature

Prerequisites: Heal Creature

You can revive a creature that has died. Doing so requires that you return the body to its meme crystal, and you must spend an hour concentrating. Once the revivification is complete, the creature cannot be recalled from its meme crystal for 24 hours.

▶ Soothing Healing

Prerequisites: Heal Creature

When you heal a creature using heal creature, you also remove all negative status effects (except for the dead status) from the creature.

▶ Wild Empathy

The trainer can improve the initial attitude of an animal. This ability functions just like a Diplomacy check to improve the attitude of a person. The trainer rolls 1d20 and adds her trainer level and her Charisma bonus to determine the wild empathy check result. The typical domestic animal has a starting attitude of indifferent, while wild animals are usually unfriendly. To use wild empathy, the trainer and the animal must be within 30 feet of one another under normal visibility conditions. Generally, influencing an animal in this way takes 1 minute, but, as with influencing people, it might take more or less time. The trainer can also use this ability to influence a magical beast with an Intelligence score of 1 or 2, but she takes a –4 penalty on the check.

▶ Monster Talk

Prerequisites: Wild Empathy

The trainer becomes able to communicate directly with animals and plants, as though benefiting from permanent speak with animals and speak with plants effects.


The following are akashic memes, ordered by library, then by grade.

Abstract Library

Common Abstract Memes
Meme Name Action Effect
CD Move Teleport a short distance.
CP Swift Temporarily overwrite one of your active meme slots with a meme from one of your other active meme slots.
GREP Standard Search local memory for a particular term, and find out what nearby creatures, objects, or locations are related to it.
LS Standard You gain knowledge of all objects in a small area, including hidden ones.
MAN Standard You can learn basic information about a creature, object, location, or event.
MV Swift Replace one of your active memes with a meme you know but don't currently have active.
PS Standard You gain knowledge of all active effects in a small area, including hidden ones.
WHO Standard You gain knowledge of all creatures in a small area, including hidden ones.


Data Library

One of the most common paths that leads an individual to study memetics is that discovered by a deep curiosity about the world. Those who seek answers to their myriad questions may find themselves studying the world memory, and in so doing discover that nearly any question they could ever ask can, in time, be answered. This library contains memes that give the memeticist more information about the world around them. As such, it is incredibly useful for those who need to do research or discover lost lore, while also providing some amount of indirect combat utility to adventurers.


Common Data Memes
Meme Name Action Effect
Amanuensis Standard Absorb knowledge from a touched book or other data storage.
Anticipate Peril Standard Target gains a +4 power bonus on Initiative checks.
Comprehend Languages Standard You gain the ability to understand, but not speak, other languages.
Identify 1 hand You can identify the functions of Force items.
Libra Standard You gain libra.
Memetic Tracking Standard You can track a creature through its impressions on world memory, rather than its physical tracks.
Query 1 hand Ask a simple question that can be answered with a "yes" or a "no."
Read Memory Standard Read the recent memory of a creature, learning its surface thoughts.


Uncommon Data Memes
Meme Name Action Effect
Destiny Cache Swift Roll a d20, keep the result for later.
Locate Creature Standard Locate a particular creature or type of creatures nearby.
Locate Object Standard Locate a particular object or type of objects nearby.
Locate Weakness Standard Find a weak point in the target's defenses, causing exposed for a short time.
Share Memory Standard Share a memory with the target, either showing one of yours, showing the target one of theirs, or seeing one of the target's memories.
See Invisible Standard Gain the ability to pierce the invisible status for a short time.
Tongues Standard Target can speak and understand all languages for a short time.
Transcribe Knowledge 1 hand Gather disparate information sources into a single place, allowing you to ask multiple questions with greater accuracy.


Rare Data Memes
Meme Name Action Effect
Analyze Dweomer Standard You can see Force effects, and learn things about them.
Detect Scrying Standard You can detect remote viewing and similar nonphysical sensors.
Legend Lore 1 hand Learn the history or stories about a creature, object, area, or event.
Loresight Standard Learn details about a creature, object, area, or event.
Memory Link Standard Link your memories with that of another creature, giving both of you a number of advantages.
Remote Viewing 1 hand View a distant area or creature.
Truesight Standard You gain truesight for a short time.
Truespeak Standard You can communicate with any creature that is not mindless.


Instance Library

Common Instance Memes
Meme Name Action Effect
Abundant Ammunition Standard Create a small amount of specialty ammunition.
Air Bubble Standard Creates a small pocket of air around your head or an object.
Fabricate I 1 minute Create a simple object of wood or cloth.
Glue Standard Cover an area in glue, making it sticky and difficult for creatures to leave the area.
Grease Standard Cover an area in grease, making it slippery and difficult for creatures to move through it and remain upright.
Instantiate Monster I 1 round Create a temporary creature that fights for you.
Repair Standard Restore an object of potency 3 hit points.
Web Standard Create an area of entangling web.


Lambda Library

Within the world memory are data representations of every ability, power, or skill invoked by the peoples and creatures that inhabit it. While it would not be impossible to categorize all of these abilities, there are - essentially - an infinite number of them. Memeticists through the ages have found some of the more useful or unique of these abilities and codified the means to access them, resulting in the lambda library: a library of memes that can be invoked that replicate the abilities of long-dead or powerful creatures, or techniques now lost to the ages. By far the most obvious of libraries, memeticists who use it are significantly more akin to sparks of other Forces, able to bring to bear a variety of primarily combat abilities, with a small amount of narrow utility.


Common Lambda Memes
Meme Name Action Effect
Aero Standard Burst of wind deals potency 3 wind damage to a creature, potentially knocking them prone.
Eerie Sound Wave Standard Remove a status boon from the target.
Flash Standard Attempt to blind nearby creatures.
Goblin Punch Standard Make a physical attack that has the potential for significant damage.
Limit Glove Standard When you are critical, you can use this meme to deal potency 8 physical damage.
Magic Hammer Standard Reduce the target's ability to call on Force effects.
Roulette Standard A random creature gains doom.
Self-Destruct Standard Explode, dealing fire damage to yourself and those near you equal to your hit points.


Uncommon Lambda Memes
Meme Name Action Effect
Diamondhide Standard Target gains a potency 4 shield.
Guard-Off Standard Reduce a target's Defenses, armor checks, saving throws.
Hastebreak Standard Gaze attack causes slow, or stops those with haste.
Mind Blast Standard Deal potency 5 psychic damage to a creature, possibly stunning them.
Rippler Standard Exchange status ailments with a creature.
Sandstorm Standard Create a zone that deals potency 3 earth damage, may blind, immobilize.
Thousand Needles Standard Deal an exact amount of penetrating damage.
Zephyr Mantle Standard Target can fly for a short period.


Rare Lambda Memes
Meme Name Action Effect
Big Yawn Standard Cause creatures to go to sleep.
Cocoon Standard Grant the target protect.
Erase Standard Remove a status ailment from the target.
Goo Standard Cause immobilize and lag in an area.
Matra Magic Standard Switch the target's current hit points and class resource pools.
Moon Flute Standard Target gains berserk.
Trine Standard Deal potency 6 lightning damage in an area.
Vanish Standard Target becomes invisible.


Obscure Lambda Memes
Meme Name Action Effect
Aqua Breath Standard Deal potency 7 water/wind damage to creatures in a cone.
Angel's Whisper Swift Target can spend a healing surge and gains reraise.
Bad Breath Standard Cause a variety of status ailments in a cone before you.
Blaster Standard Deal potency 2 arcane damage, has a chance to cause dead.
Discord Standard Give the target negative levels.
Grudge Standard Deal damage equal to the difference between your current and maximum hit points.
Mighty Guard Standard You and allies gain protect, shell, other effects.
White Wind Swift You and allies can spend a healing surge to gain hit points equal to double your healing surge value.


Secret Lambda Memes
Meme Name Action Effect
Actinic Burst Standard Cause blind and malice to creatures near you.
Degenerator Standard Cause the dead and eject statuses on a creature.
Dragon Force Reaction Gain a potency 10 shield against one attack.
Karma Standard Deal psychic damage to a creature, with potency equal to the number of healing surges you and all allies are missing; this meme can break the damage cap.
Magnetic Storm Standard Deal potency 8 lightning/magnetic damage in an area.
Shockwave Pulsar Standard Deal potency 10 cosmic damage to a creature.
Twister Standard Deal potency 6 wind damage in a wide area, draw creatures to the center of the area.
War Dance Swift You and all allies recover class resource pools faster for a short period.


Forgotten Lambda Memes
Meme Name Action Effect
Molting Plumage Standard Deal potency 10 wind damage in a cone in front of you; gain dex up (4) and benefit from the Dual Wield feat until this meme recharges.


System Library

Common System Memes
Meme Name Action Effect
Boost Experience Standard Target gains a positive level for a short time.
Causal Chains Standard Temporarily lock a creature's initiative in place.
Lock Time Standard Prevent creatures from taking actions out of turn.
Normalize Time Standard Remove both beneficial and harmful temporal effects from a creature.
Pattern Recognition Standard Gain a significant bonus on checks made to search areas.
Predict System I Swift At the end of your turn, accept the outcome or decide to change something.
Status Standard Know creatures' status.
Vaccime Swift Remove a mental status ailment from an ally.


Virus Library

Common Virus Memes
Meme Name Action Effect
Amnesia Standard Target gains the amnesia status, or forgets the last few minutes.
Autotoxic Meme Standard Target gains the berserk status.
Cancel Memory Varies Nullify an ongoing memetic effect, or counter one being processed.
Inconsistent Schema Standard Target gains the confusion status.
Language Virus Standard Target gains the babel status.
Memory Bolt Standard Disrupt a creature's memories, dealing potency 4 psychic damage.
Memory Trap Standard Plant a trap in a specific meme, causing those who process it to suffer a negative effect.
Purge Experience Standard Target gains a negative level.


Design Notes

Had to kind of redo this from the ground up, a little bit.

Trainers are alt casters, and so have to also have memes. Sorry Garth, but I had to mess with the concept a bit to make it fit the setting. Don't worry, learners are going to get the same treatment...

t20 v4.

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