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This is the list of classes used in Trinity.


The classes here will eventually have short descriptions, as well as being categorized to make it easier for a beginning player to understand the class's role in a party.

Class Categories

  • Warrior: Warriors are trained in the arts martial, wielding common weaponry and invoking nothing more than training and their own personal skill to win the day. Able to turn the tides of battle, warriors come in a variety of forms, but all can hold their own in a fight and are usually capable of protecting their allies in some form. An einhander is a warrior.
  • Spark: A "spark" is Trinity slang for a Force-user, someone who is able to manipulate the energy of a Force and channel it to their ends. Whether it be tapping into leylines to produce magic, accessing the world memory to discern new things, or invoking the wrath of a Primal, sparks are capable of a wide variety of effects. A mage is a spark.
  • Adept: Between warriors and sparks are the adepts, individuals whose chosen profession is a combination of the arts martial and the training necessary to wield a Force. Adepts specialize in synergizing their two chosen paths, resulting in a skill set that is greater than the sum of its parts. A jedi is an adept.
  • Expert: Experts focus on specific skills and occupational niches. The result is a more tightly-defined party member whose usefulness peaks in select situations and whose forte lies in support. While able to hold their own in a fight, Experts are always at their strongest in conjunction with a well-rounded group. Some experts are Force-aligned, but access their Force in an unusual way. An explorer is an expert.

Adepts and Combat Style

Adepts require some special attention. Every adept class is tied to a specific Force, but then - usually - gets to choose a particular style of combat, in essence gaining some of the abilities of a particular warrior class. Not all adepts can access all warrior classes, however; some Forces are more easily adapted to the fighting styles of certain classes. For each adept class, you will find a table on their page that indicates the nine warrior classes and if the adept can take the class: a Check.png indicates that the adept can choose that style, while a Nah.png indicates that they cannot. A Maybe.png indicates that the adept may be able to choose that style, but is subject to certain restrictions or has other requirements that will be further explained within the class description.

Once selected, an adept cannot change their choice of combat style later.

An adept does not gain all the class features of the class from which they derive their combat style. The adept gains access to that class's maneuver list, as well as the necessary components from the parent class to make it function (e.g., adepts who choose the "archer" combat style gain an aim token pool, and can spend actions aiming), but nothing beyond that.

Example: Troi is a learner, and decides to take the defender combat style. He gains an armor token pool, and it functions in exactly the same manner as it would for a defender - whenever his DR negates at least 5 points of damage, or an attack misses with a result lower than his flat-footed AC, he gains an armor token. However, he does not gain any other defender abilities, even those that improve the armor token pool.

If you are using a racial paragon or prestige class that gives you progression in a Force, such as "+1 caster level," and choose to imitate an adept class, you do not gain access to the class's combat style: you are focusing on the Force-aligned aspect of the class, not the class as a whole. Likewise, if you have a racial paragon or prestige class that gives you an initiator progression, and you choose to imitate an adept class, you only gain access to the martial part of the class, not the Force-using aspects. While it may seem that this is not worth doing, as adept classes often have significantly slower progressions on their two halves, but most adept classes also gain access to unique abilities that other classes cannot gain access to.

Class List

Class Role Force Description
Adventurer (Adv) Varies Varies Rather than being a unique class of their own, adventurers blend up to three other classes together, either to synergize their powers or to create unique or unusual combinations.
Akashic (Aka) Spark Blue Wielders of the power of the Blue, akashics are memeticists, capable of utilizing the Blue to the fullest extent. This grants them unparalleled access to information, able to manipulate it in all of its forms, as well as memories of others and the world itself.
Anarch (Ana) Spark Chaos Anarchists tapped directly into the force of Chaos itself, anarchs are capable of manipulating luck and causality to their own ends, warping the expectations of others and using events around them to produce strange and fascinating results.
Archer (Arc) Warrior None Wielding bows, slings, guns, or even thrown weapons, archers are the undisputed masters of ranged combat without delving into Force-related powers. Their mastery of bowcraft is through skill and skill alone, and in this, they are unmatched.
Ardent (Ard) Spark Psionics Manifesters who focus specifically on empathy and emotions, ardents are able to directly manipulate the emotional states of both friend and foe.
Bard (Brd) Spark Magic There is magic in music, or so some claim, and the bard proves this true. At their core, magic and music are interwoven, and the bard uncovers mysteries of both the magical and musical varieties, providing support to her allies.
Berserker (Brk) Warrior None Savage warriors, berserkers fight not with skill and craft, but with rage and tenacity, channeling their anger into powerful blows and force their enemies to fight them by challenging them on the field.
Caller (Cal) Spark Nature Binding her soul to the ancient Primals, the caller learns to channel their essences into the real world, allowing the literal manifestations of the elements to take physical form on the field.
Defender (Def) Warrior None Through armor and shield, defenders are living tanks, capable of taking blows that would bring low any mortal. Able to protect not only themselves, but prevent their allies from coming to harm, defenders play a dangerous but necessary role in an adventuring party.
Discordant (Dis) Adept Chaos Rather than rely on aiming or tactical skill, discordants rely on blunt chance via Chaos to enable them to participate in combat, using ranged weapons to wildly inaccurate but incredibly dangerous effect - not just to their enemies, but also to their friends.
Einhander (Ein) Warrior None With blade in hand, the einhander is the pinnacle of physical skill when it comes to hand-held weaponry. No other individual can ever hope to match the einhander's ability to wield a weapon to devastating effect.
Engineer (Eng) Spark Technology Undisputed masters of Technology, engineers are tinkers and inventors who design new devices that stretch the bounds of what is thought possible with machinery and expand the reaches of science.
Epochent (Epo) Spark Time Masters of the powers of Time, epochents have learned to see time not just as an abstract entity, but a resource to be utilized. Epochents can warp time and space, at first manipulating these elements, but eventually able to modify the very fabric of the universe itself.
Explorer (Exp) Expert None Wanderers, travelers, and trailblazers, explorers are individuals who have honed their skills at survival, able to traverse almost any terrain and overcome any obstacle, be it in the wilds, the farthest reaches of space, or the deepest of dungeons.
Falconer (Fal) Warrior None Learning the art of animal handling and teaching their companions the ways of war, falconers bring an added level of versatility to the battlefield by being able to effectively be in two places at once, while their companion also brings their natural skills to the table.
Gambler (Gmb) Spark Chaos An anarchist who makes his own luck, gamblers rely on the whims of fate to hinder their foes and assist their allies.
Harrier (Har) Adept Time Warriors with an innate understanding of how to manipulate time, they rely on speed to give them an edge, moving faster than most combatants can blink.
Hero (Her) Varies Varies A special class, the hero is specifically designed for players new to Trinity or gaming in general, to allow them to gain familiarity with the setting without having to interface with more complex game mechanics.
Incarnate (Inc) Spark Divine Sometimes a soul is born that has been touched by the Divine, giving that individual the tiniest spark of a Divine essence, allowing them to answer prayers to themselves and produce amazing effects.
Jedi (Jed) Adept Psionics Wielding a weapon forged from their own minds, jedi are warrior-psychics, able to bring both physical and mental prowess to bear in combat.
Karateka (Kar) Warrior None Using naught but hands and feet, the karateka is a dangerous opponent, capable of shattering steel with his bare hands.
Lancer (Lnc) Warrior None Armed with a polearm, the lancer learns a unique form of combat, able to leap into the fray from afar and wreaking havoc amongst enemy lines.
Learner (Lrn) Adept Blue A memeticist who specializes in learning the abilities of others, the learner gleans knowledge from observing monsters use their abilities, then turns the tables back upon them.
Machinist (Mch) Adept Technology A student of Technology who combines practical scientific education with a knack for combat, machinists construct small mobile turrets to assist them in combat.
Mage (Mag) Spark Magic While others may use Magic, mages specialize in doing so, learning to tap into the leylines of the world and pull forth raw arcane energy that they can direct in myriad ways.
Mediator (Med) Expert None Focusing on social skills, the mediator specializes in diplomacy and liaison, but can also learn some more clandestine tricks of communicating. While their usefulness on the battlefield is minor, what they bring to the table in other ways more than makes up for that.
Ninja (Nin) Adept Void Disciple of the shadows, the ninja learns to use the Void to his advantage, allowing him to slip through enemy lines unseen.
Oracle (Ora) Spark Time Capable of looking into the future and speaking prophecy, oracles can also manipulate the current timeline in small bursts, giving their allies significant temporal advantages and their foes temporal hindrances.
Paladin (Pal) Adept Divine Defenders of the faith, paladins seek to uphold the ideals of a given Divine patron, emulating them to the best of their ability.
Priest (Pri) Spark Divine Learning the words of power that some say created the world, the priest follows the ethos and beliefs of a patron, who - in exchange for faith - grants him power.
Psionicist (Psi) Spark Psionics Using naught but the power of her mind, the psionicist can manipulate herself and the world around her.
Rigger (Rig) Spark Technology Pilots and engineers, riggers are able to build vehicles and the devices that plug into them.
Shaman (Sha) Spark Nature A disciple of the ways of Nature, the shaman puts her faith in Gaia, the life-force of the universe itself, and learns to manipulate the energy that flows through the world.
Spellblade (Spl) Adept Magic With magical energies flowing through one hand and a sword firmly gripped in the other, spellblades combine the arts arcane and martial into a deadly and seamless whole.
Thief (Thf) Expert None Trained in the clandestine arts, thieves are able to steal objects quickly, break into (and out of) places they don't belong, and perform extreme feats of athleticism and dexterity, though they are not as skilled in combat as others.
Trainer (Trn) Spark Blue Trainers are taught in the art of teaching animals and other creatures to do their bidding, binding them to themselves through the use of the Blue to ensure their loyalty and teach them abilities far greater than normal.
Unfettered (Unf) Warrior None A fighter who focuses on speed above all else, the unfettered wears little armor and uses light weapons, but uses unmatchable mobility to outwit his foes.
Vampire (Vam) Spark Void Driven by a lust for power, the vampire attempts to extract power from the Void by paying as little of a price as possible, learning how to wrest abilities from others in the process by consuming their blood.
Voidchild (Voi) Spark Void Willingly giving up her soul to the Void, the voidchild learns to manipulate one of the most dangerous energies in Trinity, using the Void to manipulate the world and destroy her foes.
Warlord (War) Warrior None Learning the stratagems of war, the warlord applies tactics to combat, supporting her allies with her tactical mind while also engaging the enemy with limited combat skill.
Zodiac (Zod) Adept Nature With reincarnated souls that were bathed in elemental energies, zodiacs are shapeshifters, able to assume animalistic forms, while using the discipline of both elementalists and warriors to keep their primal natures in check.

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