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Electrum is a lustrous metal, dark brown to dark grey in coloration, mined on Arcturas. Its unusual structure and abnormal magnetic field cause it to produce electricity when exposed to friction - however, the amount of electricity produced reduces over time, unless the metal is given time to "recharge." The time required for a given amount of electrum to recharge is roughly equal to a number of minutes equal to the cube of the volume of metal in question.

Electrum is easily worked, though doing so is dangerous given the amount of electrical energy it gives off during the process. As of 432 CY, proper facilities do not exist on Arcturas to allow for the processing of electrum to be automated; as such, electrum must be worked by hand.

Electrum is used primarily as a power source for artilects and coglings of Arcturas, though it is also used to power vehicles and a primitive power grid; however, these systems must be custom-built, as standard Adnezian and Ganymedian technology is not equipped to extract power from electrum.