Gaiden: Into the Inferno

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In the winter of 387 by Common Reckoning, the elves had finally devised a plan for the reclamation of the lands they had ceded to Fortang Diaclo and his revolution, and the time had become ripe for its execution.
Meanwhile, the spies and informants for the Coldlands Territory had caught wind of the elves' plan for invasion. A response was formulated - a response that no one in the world had seen before, or would see again...


Into the Inferno is a gaiden focused around the Coldlands War, circa 387 CR. The timeline of the run is expected to be from roughly six months prior to the start of the Coldlands War until its end.

This is an experimental game, in the sense that this would be the first gaiden actually called out as such. While it would be tempting to have this kind of thing going on all the time, it may not pan out.

I will repeat - this is an experimental game, by which we will be testing out the gaiden concept. If it doesn't work out, then the concept doesn't work out, and we won't be doing this kind of thing very often. If it does, then we'll keep it going, probably with a couple months' break in-between each gaiden.

These may also serve as good vehicles for bringing new players into the setting, if that's a thing we're interested in doing later.

Game Information

Players may choose their method of character creation: 32 point buy, or standard Trinity rolling method. Once the rolling method is chosen, the player will use those stats each time the player decides to switch to rolling method (by which I mean that you cannot roll stats, switch to point buy, then switch back to rolling method to reroll your stats); a player may redistribute ability scores or switch to the other creation method at any point before the game begins.

Additional Trinity stats include: Perception, Luck, Education, and Faith. Note that this means that, when using the standard Trinity rolling method, you roll eleven sets of 4d6, and drop one.

Rolled stats must be rolled in front of the DM at any time that is convenient. Just make sure that you don't lose the stats!

Race Selection

This game is set in the Coldlands Territory, circa 387 CR.

As such, the following races are allowed.

Class Selection

Any Trinity-sanctioned class without a Magic or Psionic Force alignment is allowed.


Characters will be created with 1000 XP (sufficient XP for 2nd level). If you wish to come in as an LA'd race, or otherwise spend XP by making items, feel free to do so.


What follows is a short summary of each game session.


The dramatis personae.