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Unlike other TTRPGs, Journey makes a distinction between an individual's race - that is, their species - and their culture. The decisions for race and culture are equally important, though they have impacts on different areas.



A character who is multicultural comes from multiple cultures, whether they hail from a culture that is a fusion of two cultures, or underwent a dramatic change in their environment at some point in their life. Mixing cultures is described in a later section on this page.

Cultural Descriptions

Arctic Born: You hail from a land of endless snow and ice.
Artisan: You were raised from birth in a craft.
Child of Faith: You were raised in a strict, religious environment.
City Rat: You grew up in the slums of a great city.
Desert Born: Your homeland is a searing hot desert.
Forest Born: You grew up among the trees of a great forest.
High Born: You are of noble blood, though you lack an official title.
Jungle Born: You grew up in a tropical jungle.
Mountain Born: The great mountains are your native home.
Nomad: Your people are wanderers of the world.
Sea Child: You grew up on the shores of the sea.

Arctic Born

You were born to the ice and snow of the arctic. The bitterest cold has little effect on you, and you excel at traveling in areas similar to your homeland.


You gain the following benefits.

  • Any Avoid attempts you make against Ice effects are made as though you had an additional rank in the relevant trait or skill.
  • You treat heavy snow as normal terrain, rather than difficult terrain.
  • Whenever you use Explorer: Pathfinder specials, you are treated as though you had an additional rank when in arctic terrain.

Multicultural Characters

...the journey of a thousand miles...
...begins beneath your feet...
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