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Stop.jpeg This page is deprecated, meaning that it is no longer relevant to anything going on whatsoever, and is probably going to be ignored forever. Information on this page is not usable nor viable for playtesting, so kindly ignore it.

Here is where we talk about prayers, huzzah.

Format follows the same general format spells use.

Quick Primer on Prayers

In order to use prayers, you must take the Talent: Priest, which grants you access to a faith token pool. The number of faith tokens you have is equal to your maximum Skill: Religion result, which is based upon Spirit.

Prayers themselves call upon Skill: Litany to provide their dice pool.

Prayer List

Prayers that aren't links don't exist yet.

Consecrate: Cause a place to be a focal point for holy power.
Cure: Heals a creature's wounds.
Death: Overwhelm a creature's soul with shadow energy.
Desecrate: Cause a place to be a focal point for shadow energy.
Esuna: Attempt to remove status ailments.

Pain: Use shadow to sap the life out of a creature.
Protect: Create a shield of faith to protect a creature from physical harm.
Regen: Cause a creature to heal over time.
Resist: Grant a creature resistance to a specific energy type.
Restore: Heals a creature's trauma.

Sanctuary: Protect a creature from harm.
Shell: Create a shield of faith to protect a creature from magical harm.
Smite: Use divine power to smite a creature.

Prayer Descriptions

Here we go!

  XP Cost/Rank: 2 + 2/rank
  Faith Cost: 2 + 2/rank
  Action Cost: Medium
  Action Type: Prayer (Utility)
  Range: 25 ft
  Target: One creature
  Duration: Instant
  Dice Pool: This + Litany
  Take Min/Avg/Max?: Yes / Yes / No

  You attempt to mend a creature's wounds through prayer.

  This prayer can only affect superficial wounds, refreshing the target. This spell is not capable of healing more permanent

  When you invoke this prayer, your target may spend one resilient token. In addition, the target gains additional healing equal
  to a skill check with this skill (this additional healing is gained even if a resilient token is not spent).

  Each time you improve this prayer's rank, you may select one of the following upgrades.  

    Range: The range of this prayer increases by 5 feet. You can take this upgrade multiple times.
    Effect: You gain a +1 power bonus to the skill check for this prayer. You can take this upgrade multiple times; the power
bonus cannot exceed your Potential. (Requires - Rank 3 [1d6])
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