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Under-construction.jpg This page is currently under development, and as such is somewhat in limbo regarding playtest viability. It is not recommended that information on this page be used or considered for playtesting until it has reached a more stable revision.


Humans are not necessarily the only race to walk the world. Other beings - some more fantastic than others - live amongst them.

A character's race determines a good deal about him or her. Your race determines your starting abilities, modifies your personality and sets limits on how much it will change, and grants access to other abilities specific to your race.

Note that race is separate from culture. Your race is set in stone, and grants you benefits and disadvantages that no amount of culture can overcome.


Racial Special

Some races have access to unusual abilities, specifically innate their race. These are Specials unique to that race, and are referred to as Racial Specials.


Rolling the maximum possible result on a feature check.

Racial Descriptions

What follow are the descriptions of the various races in Journey.

Note that for the attribute modifiers section, the listed numbers indicate Ranks gained or lost from the baseline due to race.


Humes are capable, driven, equipped with much potential. Their strength lies in the fires of their souls: no other race is as driven as the humes are. However, they are short-sighted and short-lived, which can cause their more sinister emotions to amplify.

Humes are the assumed mechanical baseline, and as such, have no attribute modifiers. Hume personalities are likewise unmodified and suffer from no limitations: humes run the gamut of personality types.

Singular: Hume
Plural: Humes
Adjectival: Human


  • Attribute Modifiers: None.
  • Size: Humes have a default Size trait of Rank 3.
  • Movement: Humes have a default movement trait of Rank 3.
  • Human Spirit: Humes gain the Resolve trait at Rank 1.
  • Innovation: Whenever a Hume makes a Breakthrough, the feature that triggered it automatically earns 1 XP.

Attribute Costs
Str: 10 + 10/rank Int: 10 + 10/rank Cha: 10 + 10/rank
Dex: 10 + 10/rank Per: 10 + 10/rank Luc: 10 + 10/rank
Con: 10 + 10/rank Wis: 10 + 10/rank Spi: 10 + 10/rank


Quiet, refined, mystical, and reclusive: these are the words used to describe the elusive fae. A people small of stature, the fae have unearthly beauty and grace, made even more eerie by the presence of their wings.

The fae are at home in nature, and have a natural affinity for powers that involve natural forces.

Singular: Faerie
Plural: Fae
Adjectival: Faery


  • Attribute Modifiers: Strength (-1), Constitution (-1), Charisma (+1), Spirit (+1).
  • Size: Fae have a default Size trait of Rank 2.
  • Movement: Fae have a default Movement trait of Rank 2.
  • Flight: Fae are capable of flight, thanks to their wings. Fae gain a Racial Special: Fae Flight, at Rank 1.
  • Natural Attunement: Fae have a natural attunement to the natural world; as such, they gain a Racial Special: Natural Attunement, at Rank 1.


Deep within the mountains lie the Aldji, a race the humes have named the “dwarves,” presumably for their short stature.

Gruff but fair, the aldji are built as tough as the stone in which they dwell. They are natural craftsmen, sought out for their skill with unusual metals and alloys.

Singular: Haldji
Plural: Aldji
Adjectival: Haldjin


  • Attribute Modifiers: Strength (+1), Dexterity (-1), Constitution (+1), Charisma (-1).
  • Size: Aldji have a default Size trait of Rank 3.
  • Movement: Aldji have a default Movement trait of Rank 2.
  • Natural Craftsman: Whenever a Haldji gains a TP towards a Technical skill or towards an Artisan discipline, he gains an additional TP.
  • Tough as the Stone: Aldji gain the Health trait at Rank 1.


Some believe that the world seen is not all there is to existence; some of these, then, believe that the world of light has a reflection, a world of shadow. For those who believe that, the isci serve as their evidence.

Children of shadow, the isci seem to be intrinsically tied to the darkness. They possess the ability to see in darkness, and seem particularly disposed to disappearing into the night. Generally quiet and withdrawn, the isci are a grudgingly accepted people.

Singular: Isci
Plural: Isci
Adjectival: Isci


  • Attribute Modifiers: Constitution (-1), Intelligence (+1), Perception (+1), Spirit (-1).
  • Size: Isci have a default Size trait of Rank 3.
  • Movement: Isci have a default Movement trait of Rank 3.
  • Darkvision: Isci are able to see in the dark. They gain a Racial Special: Darkvision, at Rank 3.
  • Shadow Affinity: Isci have a natural affinity for shadow; as such, they gain a Racial Special: Shadow Affinity, at Rank 1.
  • Radiance Weakness: As creatures of shadow, isci have Vulnerability: Radiant at Rank 1.


Short, friendly, and talkative, the lynae are a short race of wandering folk. Called the “halflings” by humes, the lynae are always on the move.

Although friendly, that does not mean the lynae are a foolish people. Smaller than most, they have learned to rely upon themselves and to look after those closest to them. While they are friendly enough, an angry lynae is a very dangerous foe.

Singular: Lynae
Plural: Lynae
Adjectival: Lynaen


  • Attribute Modifiers: Strength (-1), Dexterity (+1), Perception (+1), Luck (+1).
  • Size: Lynae have a default Size trait of Rank 2.
  • Movement: Lynae have a default Movement trait of Rank 2.
  • Free Spirit: Lynae are incredibly strong-willed, able to shake off the effects of fear and other such mental trauma; as such, they gain a Racial Special: Free Spirit, at Rank 1.
  • Quick Wit: Lynae are renowned for being quick with both their feet and their tongues; Lynae gain the Wits trait at Rank 1.

Racial Specials

What follow are the descriptions of the various racial specials outlined above.

Races: Isci
XP Cost/Rank: 2 + 1/rank
Action Cost: None
Range: Varies (see text)
Your sight is tuned to the dark recesses of the world, allowing you to see without light.
You do not need a light source to see; without a light source, you can see 20 feet per rank of this special. If you have a light source, you can see beyond its range up to 20 feet per rank of this special.


Races: Faerie
XP Cost/Rank: 0 + 3/rank
Action Cost: Varies (see text)
Flapping your wings, you take flight.
When moving, you can use this special in place of your Movement trait. If you do, your movement is considered flight.


...the journey of a thousand miles...
...begins beneath your feet...
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