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The world in which your journey takes place is not necessarily home to only humans - there are a wide variety of creatures that inhabit such lands, varying greatly in terms of abilities, temperaments, and appearances. Selecting your character's specie defines a good deal about your character, and in conjunction with your culture and ethos, fully defines your character in terms of game mechanics.


A gerudo.
"The desert is a harsh mistress. Be wary, stranger."
Singular: Gerudo
Plural: Gerudo
Adjectival: Gerudo

The gerudo are a race of lizardfolk who typically dwell in deserts and similar desolate areas, where their natural adaptations - a reduced need for water and affinity for the sun - put them well at home. This tends to reduce their access to technology, however, with deserts rarely giving them access to much in the way of natural resources, though many gerudo become adept at glassblowing and simple masonry.

Their general serpentine nature is often off-putting to most other species, and gerudo acknowledge this fact by tending to keep amongst themselves. In larger urban centers, "gerudo ghettos" are not uncommon, though some gerudo manage to put their keen sense of spirituality to use in various churches and temples - most, however, retain their shamanistic roots.

Amongst humes, gerudo are often referred to as "lizardmen."

Vital Statistics
  Adulthood Middle Age Old Venerable Max Age
Age 14 years 30 years 45 years 60 years +2d10
  Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 5' 10" +2d6" 160 lbs. x(2d4) lbs.
Female 5' 8" +2d6" 140 lbs. x(2d4) lbs.

Physical Description: Gerudo often stand larger than humes, often averaging at roughly six feet, though are usually thinner than a hume of the same height would be. Scale coloration amongst gerudo varies wildly, often changing over generations to change to a shade similar to the environment in which a given family has lived, and oftentimes possessing spots or stripes, usually in a unique pattern for a given gerudo and thus providing an easy means of visual identification. Gerudo possess long, forked tongues, reminiscent of other reptiles, and their tails are long and agile. Many gerudo also possess spinal ridges, which are generally of the same size, shape, and formation within a given tribe.

Personality: Gerudo tend to be a stoic people; while not charismatic, they have a deep-seated sense of spirituality, and this - combined with their impressive physical vitality - tends to make them come off as a rather resilient, if distant, species. They are keenly aware of how they are perceived by others, which tends to make them distrustful of strangers at first brush, but those that show they are willing to treat them fairly are generally welcomed as part of the gerudo community.

Racial Abilities

Attribute Costs
  Physical Mental Spiritual
Power 10 + 10/rank 10 + 10/rank 11 + 14/rank
Skill 10 + 10/rank 9 + 8/rank 12 + 13/rank
Endurance 7 + 8/rank 10 + 10/rank 9 + 9/rank
  • Size: Rank 3.
  • Movement: Rank 3.
  • Claws: Gerudo have claws, and as such, they may choose to deal Slicing Bone damage with their unarmed attacks. This choice is made with each unarmed attack.
  • Ice Vulnerability (Talent): Gerudo are particularly weak to the Ice element and related phenomena.
  • Fire Affinity (Talent): Gerudo have a natural affinity for the Fire element and related phenomena.
  • Gerudo Leap (Special): Gerudo are excellent at jumping, and gain the Gerudo Leap special, at Rank 1.
  • Scent (Special): Gerudo have a keen sense of smell, and gain the Scent special, at Rank 1.
  • Default Culture
    • Environment: Desert
    • Society: Tribal
    • Racial: Gerudo


A zora.
"The ocean is my home, but there is more to the world than the ocean."
Singular: Zora
Plural: Zora
Adjectival: Zorai

The zora are an aquatic race related more to dolphins and similar porpoises than they are to humes. They are most often found in their homes deep beneath the waves, but - on occasion - a group of zora will settle in a coastal region, perhaps even dwelling partially on land. Regions in which zora present a heavy portion of the population may give rise to cities with water canals rather than roads, producing a city of two layers: one above water, and one below.

Zora are a people of action, with both physical strength and grace, reflective of their ability to swim through water at incredible speeds. However, they are somewhat slower than humes on average, and their perceptive abilities are not well-adapted to non-aquatic environments. In general, zora are acknowledged as being somewhat gullible, though few are willing to attempt to take advantage of them.

Amongst humes, zora are often referred to as "fishmen."

Vital Statistics
  Adulthood Middle Age Old Venerable Max Age
Age 20 years 50 years 80 years 115 years +3d20
  Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 4' 8" +2d10" 85 lbs. x(2d4) lbs.
Female 4' 5" +2d10" 85 lbs. x(2d4) lbs.

Physical Description: Zora are slightly shorter than humes, and are built sleek and slender, their forms clearly being built for swimming under the waves rather than walking on land. Their feet are webbed, with three slight toe-like protrusions. They are generally covered in silver scales, which give them a pale blue sheen from a distance, and they have dark blue spots on their extremities. Where humes sometimes have long hair, average zora have rear-hanging caudal extensions of their heads shaped like the tails of dolphins, perhaps as a cephalic form of dorsal fin. Zora have two large ulnar fins located distally on their forearms, and some have smaller fins at their ankles, and they lack ears in the traditional sense, but do have pronounced noses. Zora have gills on their abdomen, analogous to the placement of lungs on a hume.

Personality: Zora tend to be of simpler minds than most humes, content with a nomadic lifestyle below the waves or in smaller coastal villages. They tend to be a relatively friendly people, and their nomadic tribes make a habit of engaging in trading with coastal settlements. They are not particularly religious, and tend towards revering the sea itself as a spiritual entity as well as their home. They tend to be fond of physical achievement and their culture tends to hold those capable of great athletic feats in high regard.

Racial Abilities

Attribute Costs
  Physical Mental Spiritual
Power 8 + 7/rank 12 + 13/rank 10 + 10/rank
Skill 7 + 8/rank 13 + 12/rank 10 + 10/rank
Endurance 10 + 10/rank 10 + 10/rank 10 + 10/rank
  • Size: Rank 3.
  • Movement: Rank 3.
  • Amphibious: Zora are amphibious in nature, and thus able to breathe air and water equally well.
  • Swimming (Talent): Zora take naturally to water, and thus gain the Swimming talent.
  • Water Affinity (Talent): Zora have a natural affinity for the Water element and related phenomena.
  • Lightning Resistance (Special): Zora are naturally resistant to the Lightning element, and as such gain the Lightning Resistance special, at Rank 1.
  • Electric Current (Special): Zora possess an organ that allows them to generate bio-electricity. They gain the Electric Current special, at Rank 1.
  • Default Culture
    • Environment: Aquatic
    • Society: Nomadic
    • Racial: Zora
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