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Phytic is the primary language of the adu'ja, and is used primarily on Arcturas.

What follows is an abbreviated lexicon of the Phytic language.

Phytic - English


ace		year
adu		life
alda		blue
alquo		warm
aoli		beneath
ara		young
are		better
arjo		above
arpi		wood
ars		this
asra		east
aspe		correct
auya		during


cala		land(s), region


dep		grey
dos		yes
dras		out
dros		not
drits		rock, stone
dyoqu		inside
dyote		outside
dyt		shadow, shade


ear		where
eese		meet
elday		sunlight
else		beside
eoste		Nature [Force]
erdee		beach
esoa		green


iaku		when
icre		time, Time [Force]
idry		come
ilji		how
ink		mist


ja		of
jak		more
jete		good
jikys		please
jis		stay
jodo		orange
jou		"hello"


ka		some
kaas		grass
kae		early
kalas		mountain
kes		quick
kiers		there
klila		grow
koi		red
kola		cold
koord		north
kyup		after


laryl		water
leshel		edge
lesse		Blue [Force]
lil		and
list		which
los		forest (General)
loss		forest (Adu'jan)
luda		who


okoli		yellow
ole		less
or		near


pad		black
pia		thanks
po		the
poju		until
poki		behind
pracs		west
prid		rest
pup		with


que		river


re		you
rea		home
reku		swim
reldyr		silt, dust, sand
roca		around
rod		small
rojak		why
rosa		island
rotu		before
rua		flower
rute		far
rys		in


sad		here
sat		far
satu		between
seo		"to be"
serdi		tree
sil		purple
simic		an akashic druid
sisto		"city"
soko		what
speas		south
stays		big
state		bad
stest		old
syl		down


tar		up
tat		that
te		I
teca		never
tisu		always
tra		large, wide
trail		mushroom
trair		near
tras		worse
trals		wrong, incorrect
triac		then
trill		now
trode		leaf
trost		walk
tries		slow
tris		they (singular)
tuk		[negation]
tys		no


uatra		Void [Force]
uara		beyond
usdo		white


je		zero
ert		one
iss		two
upe		three
ess		four
irs		five
aky		six
rea		seven
dea		eight