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For the Keystone to be / What was averted, is


The face of the world has been changed irrevocably by the Omega Event, when Azalor Maltheridas finally emerged from his millenia-long slumber within his three towers and threatened to undo all of creation. Six adventurers took up arms against him and his minions, and stepped through the rift he opened to an impossible place to do battle with an impossible foe. It is apparent that they succeeded, else the world - and perhaps all of existence - would have ceased to be.

However, in the wake of the Omega, the world faces new challenges. Ancient ruins, once buried beneath the sands and waves, have risen, bearing the promise of treasure for those bold enough to brave their depths - and the monsters that have also awoken with them. A reshaped, scarred landscape causes political turmoil as boundaries are redrawn, and conflict inevitably rises when diplomacy fails. Meanwhile, the nine Forces - the very fabric from which the reality of Trinity is woven - have begun to unravel, losing their strength, and societies reliant upon them begin to sense that, while the end Omega sought has been averted, perhaps it has only been replaced by another.

The echoes of what has come linger in time maybe lost. The future of the shattered reality of Trinity is uncertain. The very nature of existence seems to be changing, and as the old guard slowly passes into memory, new individuals must step forward if the truth is to be found and the future saved. Can the decline of civilization be stopped? Can the Forces be revived? Or is all of existence doomed to become a pale shadow, a mere echo of what it once was?



It is the 25th of Silversun in the year 158 by the After Omega calendar. The tragedy of the Omega Event is now firmly in the past, with almost no one yet alive who recalls those final days of the old order: and yet, some still linger, whether by way of being of a people whom time touches lightly, or having found their way to the present via... other means. The Vanishing is less distant, and yet its effects now mostly overcome: humanity and the remnants of the vast peoples of Yskarithe and her sisters have settled into a new rhythm, and though much of the wilds -- planetary and the spaces between, both -- remain so, commerce and civilization have, by and large, resumed.

One city stands out above the rest, however, as having stood the test of time and trial: Sharlyik Castle City, perhaps the largest and oldest remaining inhabited settlement on Yskarithe. Founded in the Age of Empires, millenia ago, its ancient walls and modern skyscrapers stand testament to the beliefs on which the city was founded: a place for all to gather and work together, no matter their allegiances to a beam or the lands from which they hail.

It is here, in perhaps the grandest city in all of the Philomena System, that you find yourselves. Whether life-long residents or recent immigrants, the thrum of the city and its potentialities have brought you here. Yet despite all the grandeur, you have the sense that something is afoot: a nagging, sideways feeling, as though things are not as they could be...

...and somewhere, in this Time of Echoes, hidden in the dark places of the worlds, nine crystals shed their light silently, as the souls of slain gods stir, restless against the seal that binds them in a space between places, in a time between moments...



This section has all the information regarding the setting: geography, political bodies, lore, and all that of that sort of thing. If there is important mechanical information relevant to a topic, it will typically provide a link to the relevant mechanics page, but note that some mechanics pages have lore in them, as well.
This section is home to all of our Trinity-specific d20 mechanics: a mechanical system that, for the time being, is referred to on this wiki as "t20v4." Everything you need to create and play a character within the context of the worlds of Trinity can be found in this section.


This section is home to the game system we spent several years developing, called Journey. Note that it is... incomplete, and at this time my efforts are more focused on making t20v4 behave, in some ways, like we wanted Journey to behave.
This section is a very rough record of the various metaplots, campaigns, and games played in Trinity, generally using both the setting and mechanics, as outlined above. This section is more for record-keeping, but might also eventually be used to store logs and such for various games.