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Here we discuss martial maneuvers.


Rules and fun stuff.

Initiator Level: This is effectively your caster level for purposes of your maneuvers. While in general this number is not important, it is used in a number of maneuvers when opposed rolls or expending additional resources on abilities comes into play. Your initiator level for a given maneuver is equal to your class level in the relevant class, plus any bonuses from other sources.

Reaction: Some martial maneuvers have an activation time of "reaction." This means that you can use the ability as an immediate reaction to another action. This does not count as your immediate action for your turn - reactions are separate. As such, you can theoretically use multiple reaction abilities against the same effect (such as using adamantine shell, followed by soak, against a single attack).

Temporary Hit Points: Temporary hit points gained from martial maneuvers stack.

Stance: You can assume a stance as a swift action. Typically, you can only be in one stance at a time, unless you have class features that specifically allow you to do otherwise.

Active Defense: Some maneuvers require that you make an active defense roll. This is a d20 + your defensive bonuses, such as armor, shield, natural armor, deflection, dodge, and so forth. In effect, your normal AC is equivalent to a take 10 on a defensive roll. If a maneuver requires that you make an active defense roll, you cannot take 10.

[Shield]: Some maneuvers have the [shield] descriptor. You cannot use these maneuvers unless you are carrying a shield.

[Armor]: Some maneuvers have the [armor] descriptor. You cannot use these maneuvers unless you are wearing at least medium armor.

[Strike]: Some maneuvers have the [strike] descriptor. Using this ability is a standard action, and you must make an attack roll with a weapon of some kind, even a shield or improvised weapon.

[Boost]: Some maneuvers have the [boost] descriptor. These abilities are essentially self-buffs, in that they improve your ability in combat or provide other useful benefits. Boosts that have a duration count as "helpful statuses," and can be removed or otherwise interacted with by effects that interact with status effects (such as odd soundwave).

Maneuvers Index

List of maneuvers.

Class Abbreviations
Defender (Def)
Einhander (Ein)
Unfettered (Unf)