Prestige Class: Orc Predator

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The Orc Predator
Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special Mutation Points
1 +1 +2 +1 +0 Evolved Arsenal  
2 +2 +3 +2 +0 Prepare for the Hunt +1
3 +3 +3 +2 +1 Predatory Cunning  
4 +4 +4 +2 +1   +1
5 +5 +4 +3 +1 Sensory Expansion  
6 +6 +5 +3 +2   +1
7 +7 +5 +4 +2 Inspire Fear  
8 +8 +6 +4 +2   +1
9 +9 +6 +4 +3 Redundant Anatomy  
10 +10 +7 +5 +3 Top of the Food Chain +1


Orc Predator

"I am not just a predator. I am the predator."

Orc society is nasty and brutish, emphasizing physical strength and power over all else. While survival is important, thriving is the end goal: to be able to eat or destroy anything an orc comes across is a driving, instinctual goal.


To qualify for the Orc Predator prestige class, you must fulfill the following requirements.

Race: Orc.

BAB: +5.

Proficiency: You must be proficient with natural weapons.

Skills: Listen - 8 ranks, Spot - 8 ranks.

Special: You must have a mutation that you gained through the survival of the fittest ability.

Game Rule Information

Orc Predators have the following game statistics.

Force Alignment: None.

Force Resistances: None.

Abilities: Physical attributes - strength, dexterity, and constitution - are most important to an orc predator.

Hit Die: d10.

Class Skills: The orc predator's class skills are Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Initiative (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Listen (Per), Search (Per), Spot (Per), Survival (Wis), Swim (Str), and Vitality (Con).

Skill Points at Each Level: 2 + Int.

Alignment: Any.

Class Features

All of the following are class features of the orc predator.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Orc predators gain no new weapon or armor proficiencies. However, if the orc predator gains a new natural weapon due to mutation points gained from this prestige class, he is automatically proficient with them.

Mutation Points: The orc predator gains mutation points as per the table above. He may only select minor mutations from the metamorph mutations table. If the orc predator has levels in metamorph, he may select mutations of any grade that he could access due to his metamorph levels, and levels in orc predator stack with metamorph levels for determining what grade of mutation he can access.

Evolved Arsenal: The orc predator develops natural weapons, or - if he already had them - their destructive power improves. Choose a natural weapon from the metamorph's natural weapons table. You gain that weapon, with its damage die one step higher than listed for your size. All natural weapons you had prior to gaining levels in this prestige class have their damage die improved one step.

Prepare for the Hunt: At second level, the orc predator can voluntarily enter a rage, which lasts for a number of rounds equal to his (newly improved) Constitution modifier + his class level. Voluntarily entering a rage does not trigger his survival of the fittest ability. An orc predator can voluntarily enter a rage a number of times per day equal to the number of evolution points he has. When a voluntary rage has ended, the orc predator is fatigued for the same duration as he raged.

Predatory Cunning: At third level, the orc predator's mutations no longer directly impact his ability to understand his environment. Rather than suffering a penalty to your Intelligence score for mutations, you instead suffer a -1 racial penalty to all Intelligence-based checks.

If you are making an Intelligence check relevant to physically hunting down a creature or finding a location, you instead gain a racial bonus to such a check equal to the penalty you would normally suffer.

Sensory Expansion: At fifth level, the orc predator's senses improve greatly, better allowing him to find prey. You gain the scent ability, and a +2 racial bonus to all Perception-based checks (which stacks with any previously-existing racial bonuses to such checks).

Inspire Fear: At seventh level, the orc predator can make his presence known, causing fear in creatures of lower intelligence. As a full-round action, the orc predator can cause all creatures of the Animal type, as well as any creature with an Intelligence score of 3 or lower, within 60 feet to become panicked for 2d6 rounds. All other creatures in the affected area must make a Will save (DC 10 + orc predator's Strength modifier + 1/2 orc predator's class level) or become shaken for the duration. If a creature makes its save against this effect, it cannot be affected by that orc predator's inspire fear for 24 hours.

Orcs within range of this ability instead rage for the duration, plus an additional 1d6 rounds. An orc that is affected by this ability is immune to that particular orc predator's inspire fear for 24 hours.

Redundant Anatomy: At ninth level, the orc predator's anatomy has gained redundant systems, better allowing him to hunt down prey and survive combat with other powerful predators. The orc predator gains a percentage chance to ignore critical hits, sneak attacks, and other such precision-based attacks equal to double his Constitution score.

In addition, the orc predator becomes immune to fatigue and exhaustion (which includes the fatigue from ending voluntary rages).

Top of the Food Chain: At tenth level, the orc predator becomes a fierce killing machine. While raging, he cannot die, regardless of his hit points. Even death effects cannot kill him while he is in a rage, though they do reduce him to -10 hit points if the effect successfully affects him. Once the rage ends, if the orc predator would be dead due to his current hit point total, he dies.