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Psionic powers as they are in Trinity, for the psionicist class.

There got to be too many powers, so we had to split them up over several pages.

Power List

The following are the power lists for each discipline, sorted by grade, then alphabetically.


Psychokinesis is the discipline of movement. Exploiting the principle that brain-waves are a force that can be applied to objects, the psionicist wielding psychokinesis learns to manipulate the world around her in many varied and nuanced ways. As she progresses into the deeper mysteries of the discipline, she unlocks the ability to control gravity, molecular structures, and even the flow of time.


Psychometabolism is the study of biology. Equipped with an understanding of the biological effects of meditation, the psychometabolist explores the nuances of the concept of mind-over-body.

  • Devotions
    • Chameleon. You blend in with your surroundings.
    • Cocoon. Grant yourself natural armor.
    • Empathic Transfer. Transfer others' wounds to yourself.
    • Hammer. Imbue your unarmed attacks with extra force.
    • Monitor. Gain knowledge of a creature's physical state.
    • Muscle Control. Overcome paralysis and similar effects.
    • Venom. Secrete poison.
    • Vigor. You gain temporary hit points.
  • Sciences
    • Biofeedback. Allows you to heal yourself at a greatly improved rate.
    • Cognition Control. Rewire your brain to improve your cognitive abilities.
    • Energy Adaptation. Gain energy resist, energy immunity, or energy absorb.
    • Hustle. Gain a move action now.
    • Metabolic Control. Improve your physical abilities, modify your body's systems, grant yourself haste.
    • Suspension. Put yourself into a state of suspended animation.
    • Sustenance. You do not require food or water.
  • Arts
    • Fission. Duplicate yourself.
    • Fusion. Merge with another creature.
    • Genetic Control. Grant yourself metamorph abilities.
    • Living Computer. Modify your mind to function as a computational engine.
    • Revivify. Restore a dead creature to life.


None yet.


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Descriptions Explanations

Duration: ... (S)

This means that the power's duration is such that, if you activate it again on your next turn, the effect is seamless; that is, it is continuous from one use to the next.

Psychic Damage

Psychic is a new energy type. It is used exclusively by psionics.


Telekinetic is a new descriptor. Using a power with this descriptor does not disrupt your concentration of telekinesis; failure to manifest it does not disrupt your concentration.

Design Notes

Where I talk about what the hell I'm doing.


Of all the disciplines I've contemplated up to this point (Sept 22, 09), this one is the most different from the source material.

Unfortunately, it also nearly breaks the psionics system here as written. The problem with psychokinesis is that it all pretty much revolves around one power - telekinesis - and variations thereof. It makes sense, then, that the variations just improve the base power... but that's rather uninteresting, unfortunately, and definitely doesn't fit the feel of the powers system as envisioned.

As of this morning, I think what we're looking at is a series of powers that expand upon telekinesis while it's active. Ballistic telekinesis is, I think, a pretty good preview of what the majority of psychokinesis powers will look like: they allow you to do something more with your telekinesis target, and using them specifically counts as maintaining concentration on telekinesis.