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While the name "rito" is not public domain, the idea of birdmen is.


"We soar the skies, now and forever."

Rito Culture

The following is a rough overview of some of the highlights of rito culture.

  • One:
  • Two:
  • Three:

Rito Are Responsible For...


Rito Racial Prestige Classes

  • None yet.

Rito Racial Traits (t20v4)

  • +2 Dex, +2 Per, -2 Str. Rito have the hollow bones of avians, and so are weaker than their size would suggest, but in exchange they are exceedingly agile, and their way of life of flying high in the skies has sharpened their senses.
  • Size: Medium.
  • Speed: 6 squares (30 feet).
  • Vision: Normal, low-light.
  • Flight: Rito have a Fly speed of 30 feet, but can only fly while carrying up to a light load.
  • Eagle-Eyed: Rito gain a +1 race bonus to exploration potency.
  • Unflappable: Rito have innate barrier (wind).
  • Other Ability: Need a fourth.
  • Last Ability: And an extra, comparable to the "affinities" from other races.

Rito Feats

The following are a selection of feats that are relevant to rito.