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The concept of the zora is probably copyright of Nintendo. Oh well!


Beneath the waves and in the deep rivers of the world, a race of people dwell where others cannot. They are the zora, a race of humanoids whose ancestors include not apes, but rather dolphins and other waterborne mammals.


Physical Description: Most zora tend to be slightly taller than humans, averaging between almost six feet to shy of seven feet. They are built sleek and slender, their forms clearly being built for swimming under the waves rather than walking on land. Their feet are webbed, with three slight toe-like protusions. They are generally covered in silver scales, which give them a pale blue sheen from a distance, and they have dark blue spots on their extremities. Where humans sometimes have long hair, average zoras have rear-hanging caudal extensions of their heads shaped like the tails of dolphins, perhaps as a cephalic form of dorsal fin. Zoras have two large ulnar fins located distally on their forearms, and some have smaller fins at their ankles, and they lack ears in the traditional sense, but do have pronounced noses. Zoras had gills on their abdomen, analogous to the placement of lungs on a human.




Language: Zoras speak Zoran, a language that combines various echolocative sounds - clicks and whistles - alongside more traditional humanoid phonemes. Outside of water, Xoran is a much less effective tool for communication (essentially functioning as a Trade language above-water).

Names: Zoras tend towards names that, when spoken underwater, are rather melodic and flowing. Sound travels differently in air than in water, however, meaning that the sounds tend to be distorted, though not quite to the point where a zora would be unable to recognize his/her own name.

Male Names: Japas, Laruto, Mikau, Ralis
Female Names: Lulu, Medli, Rutella, Ruto, Rydea


Zora Racial Traits

  • +2 Constitution, -2 Strength. Zoras are built to handle the pressure of living deep below the waves, but their sleek bodies are not built for heavy lifting.
  • Medium-size.
  • Humanoid (Aquatic): Zoras are humanoids with the aquatic subtype.
  • A zora's base land speed is 20 feet.
  • Swim speed of 40 feet. A creature with a swim speed can move through water at its indicated speed without making Swim checks. It gains a +8 racial bonus on any Swim check to perform a special action or avoid a hazard. The creature always can choose to take 10 on a Swim check, even if distracted or endangered when swimming. Such a creature can use the run action while swimming, provided that it swims in a straight line.
  • Echolocation (Ex): Zoras echolocate, allowing them to locate objects and creatures within a base distance of 60 feet. A silence spell or similar effect negates this effect. This ability is usable only underwater. (For purposes of Perception, treat this ability as darkvision, but halve the benefit or penalty.)
  • Gills (Ex): Zoras are biologically adapated to life underwater, and as such can breathe normally in watery environments. Due to their location, however, a zora wearing more than light armor loses the benefit of this ability. Armor does not impact a zora's ability to breathe air.
  • Amphibious (Ex): Zoras can breathe both air and water.
  • Automatic Languages: Two Trade languages and Zoran. Bonus Languages: Any.
  • Favored Class: Choose one - karateka, ranger.