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Jump to: navigation, search Rávaríma, one of the city-states of Nóringolë, a young elf training to be a mage looks to the west, towards the edge of the Rhyan Sea, his attention drifting from the journeyman wizard teaching a course on the basics of thaumaturgy, the magickal discipline of manipulating energy and harnessing the raw power of the leylines... central Jylland, a githyanki focuses his mind to produce a soulblade in the face of a nest of young chuuls, psionic vilekin that thrive in the presence of myrrh trees, hoping that one day he will find a way to reopen the gate home - but first, he must gather mox to focus his energies and build implements to help him transcend his mortal limits...

...high above, in the space station Urilaulri, a young moogle and seasoned gremlin argue over the proper means to repair a malfunctioning hydraulic valve, despite their specializations being in the atomical and differential sciences, respectively, while a nearby pin panel shifts and morphs to display the status of the various subsystems of their wing of the station... the southern desert of Ordallia, a lone tiefling treks across the sands, spurred on by whispers of an ancient culture, seeking a shrine not used for millenia to pay tribute to a deity once thought dead, returned from her prison and promising a fresh start for all those who supplicate and offer sacrifice...

...out in the far darkness of the outer system, in a cramped privateer craft, an artilect methodically sharpens his sword with a whetstone, his internal gears and pistons whirring quietly, while his gerudo companion checks and rechecks their heading for the distant planet Arcturas, her snake-like tongue tasting only vacuum - as neither her robotic companion, nor herself as a child of the Void, have need for things like air or sustenance...

...on an isolated plateau in Ovis, an ancient yuanaga stirs deep within an ancient citadel, returning to life after her passage through the Ageless Winter, a threat to her people long since past - even while the twisted remains of her kin writhe in the dark, waiting to pounce on one they once called sister... the End of Time, a young halfling sifts through the ruined archives of what was once one of the greatest storehouses of knowledge in existence, shaking her head at the lost possibilities of stolen futures and pondering how history's flow might be maintained, her tarnished badge one of the last vestiges of a once-powerful organization...

...on the planet Ganymede, in the immense city known as the Sprawl, a coure surreptitiously twitches her wings at a roulette table, twisting the odds to her favor - and none the wiser, for she knows that the spinners here are only a reflection of abstract truth, a game in perhaps the truest sense of the word... the oceanic depths below the surface on the planet Adnez, in the coral city of Lushayotho, an elderly zora watches idly as a school of fish pass by, memories of easier times flashing in his eyes, recalling an exuberant youth in a world unscarred by the wrath of the creature called the Tarrasque, when he took to adventure with only his power to touch the world memory at his disposal...

...and somewhere, in this Time of Echoes, hidden in the dark places of the worlds, nine crystals shed their light silently, as the souls of slain gods stir, restless against the seal that binds them in a space between places, in a time between moments...

Welcome, traveler, to the worlds triune.


The worlds of Trinity are several in number, each with their own geographies; this section details not just planetary geography, but stellar, as well.
Many nations, cities, and other types of state exist within the worlds triune.
Trinity is home to countless people, and while not all can play a part in history's flow, there are many who become prominent.
As appropriate to a setting with many peoples and many cultures, languages play an important role in Trinity.
The worlds triune are old, and have seen much in their time. This section attempts to lay out a history of the setting, though it is - intentionally - fragmentary and incomplete.
Religion has an unusual pedigree in Trinity, but this section details the various religions and major figures within them.
This section discusses the planar cosmology of Trinity, focused on the prime and adjacent planes within the setting.
A catchall category, used for descriptions of important concepts or ancient cultures that - while no longer present - still have an impact on the world today.


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