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This is a catchall category, intended to capture various setting elements of Trinity that don't easily fit into other categories - or, for now, don't have a reasonable place to call home.

This is pretty much just going to be a table of an alphabetical listing of pages, with a short description. Better than just redirecting you to the category page, eh?


Lore Description
Analytical Engines An introduction to and discussion of analytical engines, the Trinity technological equivalent to computers, and an overview of their history and use in Trinity.
Arkeyans A discussion of the Arkeyan Empire and the Arkeyan culture in broad strokes, a once-great people that existed in ancient times in Trinity.
Forces, The A very involved overview of the nine Forces that are a unique feature of Trinity, and are a core part of what makes the world what it is. If you read only one lore page, it should be this one.
Elendism An introduction to and overview of the Elendist religion, one of the primary faiths in Trinity.
Jagd A discussion of the jagd, a unique geographical feature in Trinity that acts as a zone in which the Forces do not function, as well as a list of such locations in the worlds triune.
Mox An introduction to and discussion of mox, a material unique to Trinity (with a stolen name, admittedly), as well as myrrh trees and their relationship with vilekin, economics, and Force item construction.
Vilekin An introduction and discussion of the notion of vilekin, a particular classification of creature unique to Trinity, of a sort of creature that is specifically drawn to myrrh trees.
Wandering, The An introduction and brief overview of the Wandering, a so-called "tenth" Force that has some very unusual properties and allows its practitioners access to worlds beyond Trinity.

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