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A list of technological devices for all technology-using classes.

The devices index includes a full index of all devices, as well as an explanation of some of the terms used in these descriptions.

Devices Index | A - F | G - L | M - R | S - Z

Device Mechanics

What follows are specific mechanics that are unique to devices.


This descriptor indicates that the device must be "plugged into" a vehicle to function. Consult the Greasemonkey class for more information. A device with this descriptor is useless outside of a vehicle, but is otherwise treated as a device (can be scrapped for parts, dismantled by a gremlin, etc).


A descriptor that is always accompanied by the [Module] descriptor, above.
Such a descriptor denotes a module that is a weapon. Vehicle-mounted weapons use the vehicle's BAB and other modifiers for their attack roll: however, a vehicle requires a crew member to actually fire the weapon. A crew member with a sufficient BAB to have multiple attacks can activate that many turret modules as a full-round action. A given weapon can be fired multiple times in a single round, but only by a single crew member.
The crew member firing the weapon adds their Perception modifier to attack rolls made with that weapon.
Temporary modifiers to attack rolls from effects such as bless or haste on a crew member using a turret module allow that crew member to apply those bonuses to attack rolls made with turret modules, but other bonuses - such as from a high ability score - do not apply.
Individuals can take Weapon Focus and related feats, choosing [Turret] as the weapon type, and this will apply to attacks made with turret modules.
It is also important to note that a turret weapon suffers penalties to attack based on its size, rather than the vehicle size. Thus Huge-size turrets mounted on a Medium-size vehicle still suffer a -4 penalty to attack.
Unless otherwise stated, a vehicle cannot have a turret module fitted to it that is larger than the vehicle.


A descriptor that is always accompanied by the [Module] descriptor, above.
Such a descriptor denotes that the module is a shield-oriented module, interacting with vehicle shield mechanics in some fashion. Not all vehicles have shields, and only vehicles that have available shield slots can fit shield modules.
For more information on shields, consult the Armor vehicle base class.

Duration: ... (R)

This indicator is only used for [module] devices that consume capacitor. Once activated, the device will continue activating itself at the end of its duration, causing it to function again for its duration, until it is specifically turned off, which any crew member of the vehicle can do as a non-action when the module's duration ends. If this non-action is not taken, the module will continue activating at the end of its durations until the vehicle's capacitor is depleted.
If there is insufficient capacitor available for all devices to activate again on a given round, devices that were activated first take priority, with each device activating again in sequence until all power is drained. If there is insufficient power for a given module, but still capacitor remaining, that module is automatically deactivated, and the next module in sequence is checked, until either no capacitor or no more modules remain.

Activation Time: Passive

This indicator is only used for modules. A device with an activation time of "passive" is always on, providing its effect to the device while installed.

Activation Time: ... (T)

A device with this note suffers from stacking penalties with like devices, specifically those listed in the device's variants section.
Stacking penalties are applied as follows. The highest-level device of the family has its effect applied in full to the vehicle. Then, each subsequently lower-level device has its effect halved, then applied. This continues until no more modules remain, or the benefit derived from a given device is reduced to 0, at which point no further devices have effect.
Example: Kaylee has two monophonic stabilization actuator devices and one F-M3 munition inertial suspensor installed on her vehicle. The first two devices provide a +32 bonus to projectile weapon damage, while the second provides a +8. However, these devices suffer from stacking penalties. The first device provides +32; the second, +16 (half of +32); and the third, +2 (+8 initial, halved to +4, halved again to +2).
If you have multiple devices fitted that would normally not stack under normal d20 stacking rules that are not from the same device family, they follow the same rules, but in a different fashion. Determine the highest-grade slot occupied by a device that grants a bonus to a single attribute, then follow the above procedure. Once all fitted devices of that slot grade are calculated, then continue with devices in the next lowest-grade slot, until all devices are accounted for.
Example: If you have two devices in your mids that give bonuses to attack rolls, and three in your lows, you calculate the bonuses granted by your mid-slot devices first, then from your lows, halving each bonus as you proceed.

Device Variations

Some devices have a list of variants, similar devices that exist at multiple device levels. These devices are all essentially identical, except for minor mechanical variations (such as improved attack bonuses, damage, or other effects). This concept is similar to core d20's cure spell line, but is more explicitly spelled out.

Some technological class features, such as a greasemonkey's overclock ability, allow you to treat a device as an improved version of itself, generally in terms of degree. When you use such an ability, you consult the device's variation list, find the device on the list a number of levels higher than the current device equal to the degree in question, then consult that device description.


What follows is an alphabetical list of all devices included on this wiki. It is important to note that a significant number of technological devices can be found in Steamworks, and are not reproduced here: only devices written after Steamworks, or written for classes unique to Trinity, are found here.

Devices are not sorted by field or by class.

Class		Abbreviation
Gadgeteer	Gdg
Greasemonkey	Grm
Medic		Med
Inventor	Inv
Technologist	Tec