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Turas (Geopolitical)

As of 432 CY - or Settlement Year (SY) 34, as the inhabitants of Arcturas refer to it - Turas is the only known continent of Arcturas, though it is believed that there are more. As with much of the continent, Turas is covered in a dense fog.

Turas seems to suffer from a lack of seasons: it is often rather warm, though not quite warm enough to be considered even subtropical. So far as the inhabitants have experienced, there are no meteorological phenomena beyond the fog.

In addition, gravity here is slightly weaker than Adnez-normal gravity; it is presumed that this is due to the continent's state, floating above the planet's core. It is unknown precisely how much higher than sea-level the continent is.

It is also known that the only alien life (from the view of its Adnezian and Ganymedian inhabitants, that is) on the continent consists of plants - large, tall grasses that grow as high as a human, and a variety of other plants. It has been found that these plants are edible, and so the inhabitants of Turas have begun cultivating them, though their lack of general experience with agriculture has made this a rough process.

The inhabitants have also found that the interior of the continent is rich in electrum ore, which is refined into a powersource by artilects and coglings.

Geographical Features

Razor Mounts

Along the northern edge of the continent lie the Razor Mounts. Aptly named, the peaks of these mountains jut into the sky with sharp edges and angles - a fact only known due to a few enterprising explorers who mapped the continent when the inhabitants first arrived in 398 CY.

Scouring Sands

The desert to the west is devoid of all life, an empty wasteland until the end of the continent. Not even plants grow here - it is simply sand, and more sand. Strangely, however, the ground here seems to be unable to absorb the moisture of whatever the fog consists of - the ground is always dry.


The forest to the east is made of springy, loam-like trees - more like shrubs than trees, small and stunted, but grow well enough. The inhabitants have cut away some of the forest to give themselves building materials, and the forest seems to replenish itself rather rapidly.

Rathyn Lake

Though the precise properties of the liquid in this lake are unknown, it is known that it is quite consumable by humanoids. It is presumed that this lake is refilled by whatever condensation the fog is made of, as the inhabitants have not experienced rain in their thirty-four years on the planet.

The Gouge

Situated in roughly the middle of the continent, this gouge is a huge cut into the continent, essentially splitting it in two. At the far north end, the gap reaches its smallest point, at roughly forty feet. A bridge - haphazardly constructed out of a conglomeration of metal and wood - has been built there by the inhabitants.