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Molandum (Geographical) (Unfinished map)

One of the two northern-most continents on Adnez, the continent of Molandum is dominated by expansive geographical features. Home to dwarves, gria, isci, and burmecians, as well as numerous other races that have emigrated to the area, Molandum is a beautiful - if unforgiving - place.

Politically, Molandum is significantly less impressive. The Burmecians claim the western subcontinent, while the priesthood of St. Sardon claims the island chains off the western-most coast. Kalrios Dilark founded his magocracy on the western half of the mainland, focused on the Forest of Diarl. The Desert of the Unspoken, meanwhile, is a loose federation of city-states. Meanwhile, in the Caurak Mountains, the dwarves and gria vie against each other for control of the many caverns and tunnels carved into the depths: for the gria, many of these places are believed to have been their peoples' ancestral homes, while for the dwarves, they provide a steady supply of ore and minerals which they require for trade.

It is believed that, in the ancient past, Molandum was the original home of the yuanaga, and many ancient citadels and sites can be found half-buried within the mountains and desert sands, now lost to time. Since the Wrath of the Omega, the resulting shifts in the desert and the mountains have revealed even more locations. It is also known that Molandum was the focal point of the Void's first major incursion into reality, and the landscape is dotted with deceptive temples that, within their depths, hide entrances to the Plane of Shadow, which eventually leads to the Void itself.