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Trinity: Echoes


It has been forty years since the Omega ravaged the land.

The face of the world has changed, molded into its new shape by the will of the Omega, the three towers that once were scattered across the world brought to a single point, without care for the geographies that once stood between them. Ancient cities, once buried beneath mountains or desert sands, have come to the fore, and remnants of ancient civilizations tell the tales of their struggles.

Even as the world heals, however, there is a strangeness in the air. Powerful magics dissipate; systems on space stations malfunction; the Blue stutters when returning ancient memories. The Forces themselves, it seems, are fraying. Some believe they were tied to the Omega, and with his death, the Forces have nothing to stand upon; others, that this was his last trick, a gambit to punish the world for destroying him; still others, that the sacrifice of artifacts key to each Force by the Wanderer Thron to gain entry into the Omega's domain was enough to reduce the powers of the Forces.

Of perhaps greater concern is the return of the vilekin, ancient monsters whose nests were roused when the Omega shattered the world. Finding themselves once more with access to the surface, these beasts have returned to their ancient haunts with terrible force, and while most can hold their own against them, they are rapidly becoming a scourge upon the face of the world, threatening trade and communication between lands. Even distant worlds are not safe, as some creatures manage to smuggle themselves aboard starcraft and infest the worlds of Ganymede and Arcturas; while yet others seem capable of existing in the deadly vacuum of space, lying in wait behind moons and asteroids, preying upon the chance vessel that wanders too close to their territory.

Some rumors persist that the sundering of the world and the weakening of the Forces were not the only changes brought on by the Omega's death: others whisper that Wanderers are no longer able to come and go as they please, and that those Wanderers who were present on the worlds of Trinity - including Lilith, the Dark Wanderer - are trapped here, unable to invoke the power of the Wandering. What strange power it is that prevents them from leaving seems, for the time being, unknowable.