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Trinity: The Lost

There are many legends of the past, names and deeds passed down to us from before the mists fell upon the land. Their stories whisper of powers unimaginable, of creatures out of nightmare... of dragons, and gods, and magic.

But that is all they are: stories. If there were once gods, they do not heed our prayers; if there were once dragons, they do not bother those left in the world; if there were once magic, there are none now alive who can conjure it.

They say that, long ago, a man tried to destroy the world. The legends say that he was thwarted, that he did not succeed - but all the same, the world unraveled. They say that the threads that held this land to the great beyond were tattered and frayed, and that while those worlds moved on, ours did not. They say that the wonders that once made our world unique among the stars were lost, their secrets scattered, adrift in the spaces between...

Some say that there is yet hope, that we can return to those glory days, if only there were some willing to hunt for the lost knowledge. They claim that some who witnessed the great change wrote what they could of what they knew, and that that knowledge may yet linger in the dark places claimed by the mists. Though why this knowledge would remain when all other texts of the ancient times are lost, they cannot answer... then they venture into the mists, and never return.

But we must ask ourselves... are they the lost, or are we?







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