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Echoes of what has come / Linger in time mayb' lost


Eighteen years ago, a small band of adventurers who had joined together to plumb the depths of crypts in Zalpher found themselves inextricably involved in a nefarious plot by the Sky Pharaoh Hakotep, a Kiltian ruler from a bygone age long since dead. As the mad mummy's pyramids - which had somehow found themselves on one of the moons of Adnez - were launched using technology previously thought impossible in those ancient times, they invaded the pharaoh's personal pyramid and put him down, saving the worlds of Trinity from whatever mad schemes he had in mind.

Since that time, however, something else strange has happened: magic has felt a resurgence. Where once all the Forces seemed to dwindle in power equally, now Magic alone stands supreme, a light in the darkness for the future in which all else seems destined to fail. Yet while some mages crow about the superiority of their discipline, others wonder: was the relationship between Hakotep and the decline of magic coincidence? And if not, what was the nature of that relationship? Was this pharaoh from an ancient time somehow siphoning power from the force of Magic itself? - and if so, could there be others like him?...

Meanwhile, on Ganymede, the Coldlands Weaponry corporation and her sister corporations of the Corporate Congress have found traces of an incredible find: evidence of an alien spacecraft having once crashed itself into the depths of the planet, seemingly in a time now long forgotten. Together with knowledge gleaned from the future thanks to the Omega Event, the corporations send their soldiers and their scientists deep within the radioactive planet, hoping to find something to stave off the presumed eventual end of Technology.

Amidst the turmoil of the day, a small band of adventurers comes together in a sleepy town on the outskirts of civilization to find a missing councilman, but find themselves up against the machinations of an artilect capable of channeling divine power. What strangeness could this be, that a soulless machine is able to call upon a divine patron? What other secrets lie lurking beneath the surface of the tormented planet of Ganymede?