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Official Name: The Nation of Beacon

Capital: Arcturas

Major Cities: Edge, Toruc

Political Districts: None

Official Language(s): Eastern Common

Government: Despotism (Benevolent)

Date Founded: Unknown


When the ship Arcturas crashlanded on the planet Arcturas (named after the ship) in 398 CY, the inhabitants of the ship were bewildered and confused. Not to allow the survival of the people onboard to be jeopardized by a lack of control, however, the captain of the ship - Angmar Steeltoe - quickly seized control of the situation, giving orders to those who were able to follow them. In short order, the chaos and confusion died down, but Angmar continued to direct the folk from the ship.

Since then, the people of the nation of Beacon - named as such, as their landing site was a "beacon of hope" for the people of the Arcostes, which had crashed into an asteroid in the asteroid belt - have continued attempting to cultivate a civilization on this strange new world.

Political Structure

The captain of the ship has become something of a benevolent dictator, though he has a small group of advisors, which primarily consists of gnomish akashics, who assist him in making decisions.

There are no elections, no decisions made by the people. The majority of the inhabitants of Beacon are happy to let someone else handle that, while they go on about their business with attempting to survive.


Almost none exist. Basic rudimentary laws - do not kill, do not steal - are in effect, though there is almost no one to enforce them: almost any execution of the laws relies on the people taking out vigilante justice. The population mostly polices itself.

However, Beacon does have an extensive set of laws regarding reproduction. Due to limited population, several races were forced to adopt breeding programs, to ensure the race's survival. These breeding programs are enforced by law, and any who break them are subjet to vigilante justice.


As with many other elements of civilized society, almost none exists. Parents teach their children in the ways of agriculture and language, but beyond that, there is almost no education available. From roughly 420 CY onward, however, the akashics began taking in those children who were less than useful for farming, and began teaching them useful skills, by pulling forth memories of trained skills from the world memories of Adnez and Ganymede. As such, there is minimal education available, but it is generally reserved for those who are unable to participate in farming or other menial labor.


The society of Beacon is a reflection of New Mechanicus, though much more primitive. While many of its older inhabitants retain democratic ideals, the majority of the population has no remembrance of other cultures. Most people of Beacon focus on efficiency; they are incredibly hard-workers, but make the most of each moment of spare time they have. They are not a people for idle chit-chat or sitting about - if there is work to be done, they get it done.

Also, the fact that several races required population control methods has greatly influenced society. A member of a shorter-lived race is not usually allowed to choose who they will be paired with: it is determined by an artilect given the job of determining how to maximize the available gene pool, and ensure that excessive inbreeding does not occur, if at all. The precise ages a member of Beacon society is expected to become paired and begin producing children greatly depends on the person's race and gender. Unusual age pairings (such as a human male of age 14 paired with a human female of age 30) are not uncommon, and are socially acceptable.

In the city of Edge, however, the people are slightly more advanced - the artilects and coglings there have managed to construct a power grid, and its inhabitants do have power, though little they can do with it. Since perhaps 430 CY, there have been some attempts at constructing devices to make life easier on the planet, to little avail: natural resources are rather scant and limited in scope.


Paper currency does exist, though incredibly minimally. Currency is only required in a culture which can support people who perform services, and there is very, very little of that in Beacon. Paper currency consists of what was brought over from Ganymede in peoples' pockets, which originated in the Coldlands Territory. Coinage also exists, in the form of shaved crystals from the trees of Ganymede. The values of these currencies is rather interchangeable, and there is a finite amount of it - it is theoretically possible to possess all the currency wealth in Beacon. However, most people are reluctant to take currency in exchange for goods, as they don't seem to be getting anything out of the deal. This attitude is lightening (to the point where only a few will be completely unwilling to take currency), but still very present.