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The calendar of Trinity is based off of 11 months, each with 32-33 days, and uses a 7-day week. Each calendar month is named for one of the primary constellations.


  • Sellixian
  • Kotritan
  • Lisyllan
  • Zirconian
  • Torian
  • Klanthi
  • Alexi
  • Relofis
  • Harysli
  • Vardithia
  • Quellosian


  • Winter: Quellosian 1st - Kotritan 24th
  • Spring: Kotritan 25th - Torian 14th
  • Summer: Torian 15th - Relofis 7th
  • Autumn: Relofis 8th - Vardithia 30th

Timeline Notes

There are two systems of measure for years: True Year (TY) and Common Year (CY).

True Year (TY)

Something of a misnomer, the term "True Year" is used to indicate the calendar year from the point that a single unified calendar system was used. This calendar was institued by the Woodland League, but was abandoned when the Ronkan Empire was destroyed.

Common Year (CY)

The most common method of tracking years, Common Year begins with the year that the people of Sarteri moved northward. Common Year is sometimes also referred to as Common Reckoning.


This is a timeline for the history of the setting.

-87 CY

The Woodland League is formed.

-77 CY

Konoe Ishikaru unites the clavat people in the nation of Colianth.

-28 CY

The Ronkan Empire is founded.

-1 CY

The Ronkan Empire is dissolved.

2 CY

Kalrios Dilark is born.

12 CY

The Dragon Wars begin.

15 CY

The Empire of Ashk is established.

27 CY

The Dragon Wars end.

88 CY

Kalrios Dilark is appointed as Head Magister to the Empire of Ashk.

97 CY

Kotrit Wayveri is born.

115 CY

The War of the Illusionist begins.

116 CY

Kotrit Wayveri raises the continent of Lotharien.

Kotrit Wayveri turns the northern portion of Ashkar into a barren frozen wasteland, known as the Coldlands.

118 CY

Kotrit Wayveri is defeated and becomes a dracolich.

The War of the Illusionist ends.

121 CY

The continents of Sarteri and Distarin are removed from world memory by Kotrit Wayveri.

174 CY

The Bluebeard clan splits off from the dwarves in Molandum over a religious dispute.

The first analytical engine is built.

190 CY

Thranos Bluebeard is born.

236 CY

Jamison Blackberry is born.

238 CY

The Analytic War begins.

240 CY

The Analytic War ends.

241 CY

The Empire of Ashk purges itself of all technology.

347 CY

The Blackjack sets sail on her maiden voyage.

368 CY

Fortang Diaclo incites a revolution in the Empire of Ashk, leading to the creation of the Coldlands Territory.

378 CY

Tracy Vannieu ascends to Sainthood.

390 CY

Nuclear weapons are invented in the Coldlands Territory.

392 CY

The Coldlands War takes place.

394 CY

The Empire of Ashk falls, splitting into two nations: Adren and Dralin.

397 CY

Admiral X and Friends begin adventuring.

398 CY

Kotrit Wayveri is destroyed.

Admiral X and Friends cease adventuring.

The Arcturas crash-lands on the planet Arcturas.

412 CY

Jamison Blackberry dies.

432 CY

Current year.