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In some instances, in character creation, you may be allowed to select a so-called "prime attribute." The selected ability score does not need to be one that is relevant to your class; you could, for instance, select Strength as a wizard. The prime attribute is meant to reflect upon your character's personality, rather than chosen profession. In essence, think of it as a mechanical reflection of your character's personality onto his level progression.


When you create a character, choose a single ability score, which becomes your prime attribute. Whenever your character level increases, so does your prime attribute level (essentially, simply tack on whatever abilities you gain from your prime attribute at a given level to whatever class level you just gained).

Note that some abilities granted by prime attributes mimic class features of actual classes; this is seen as a feature, not a bug, as there should be some things that can be done in more than one way.

The Prime Attributes

Select one of the following prime attributes. The selected attribute must correspond to an ability score being used in a given game.

  • Strength. The strong.
  • Dexterity. The fast.
  • Constitution. The tough.
  • Intelligence. The smart.
  • Wisdom. The dedicated.
  • Charisma. The charismatic.
  • Perception. The perceptive.
  • Luck. The lucky.
  • Faith. The faithful.
  • Education. The educated.

Prime Attribute Progression

Prime Attribute
Level Special
1 Ability (+2), Bonus Class Skills
2 Bonus Feat
3 Ability Talent
4 Ability (+1)
5 Ability Talent
6 Bonus Feat
7 Ability Talent
8 Ability (+1)
9 Ability Talent
10 Bonus Feat
11 Ability Talent
12 Ability (+1)
13 Ability Talent
14 Bonus Feat
15 Ability Talent
16 Ability (+1)
17 Ability Talent
18 Bonus Feat
19 Ability Talent
20 Ability (+1)

All prime attributes follow the same progression, shown at the right.

Ability: At the listed character level, you gain the listed bonus to the relevant ability score.

Bonus Class Skills: You always treat a given set of skills as class skills, dependent upon your prime attribute.

Bonus Feat: At 2nd and every four character levels after, you gain a bonus feat from a list specific to your prime attribute.

Ability Talent: At 3rd and every odd level thereafter, you gain a talent from a list specific to your prime attribute.


With a powerful arm and personality, the Strong Hero is a naturally gifted athlete, leader, and warrior. Common Strong Hero archetypes include blue-collar laborers, chosen champions, professional athletes, martial artists, soldiers, and wandering swordsmen.



Bonus Class Skills

Bonus Feats


Strong Talents

Brawn, Champion, Pugilism, Savagery, Weapon Specialization, Chiseled, Combat Training, Extreme Effort, Leadership, Methodical.