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Utility items are just that - items that provide utility of some sort. While some have combat uses, many are also useful for making an adventurer's life easier.

Materia and Desynthesis

Utility items cannot have materia slots, and cannot be desynthesized into materia.

Economics of Utility Items

Utility Item Costs
    kp gp dp
Common --- 1000 ---
Uncommon --- (4000) 4
Rare --- --- 8
Mythic --- --- 16
Artifact --- --- (25)
(X) Can only be sold in the listed economy as though it had X value.

Utility items are Force items, and as such typically exist only in the mox economy, due to the requirements involved in crafting permanent Force items of any real strength. While minor items can be had for mere coins, more powerful items require more exotic currencies.

Common utility items can be purchased for the price of 1000 gp, and can be purchased through the gold economy. The imbuing of Force energies into these objects is not as complex or demanding as more powerful items, and the reagents required to permanently bind the powers to such an item do not require powerful components. Common utility items have no place in the mox economy.

Uncommon utility items cannot be purchased in the gold economy, but can be sold in it as though they had a price of 4000 gp. Uncommon utility items are the beginnings of true power, in terms of Forces: these are items whose effects are significant, or are combinations of existing abilities set into one item, making it that much more useful. Uncommon utility items cost 4 dp in the mox economy.

Rare utility items cannot be traded in the gold economy whatsoever. Rare utility items are true power, being imbued with as much energy from their aligned Forces as most mortals can muster: either entire suites of less-powerful abilities, or an effect synonymous with "epic" from its parent Force. Rare utility items cost 8 dp in the mox economy.

Mythic utility items cannot be traded in the gold economy whatsoever. Mythic utility items are extreme expressions of power, often being unique one-of-a-kind items imbued with strange and unusual powers that, while not indestructible, are particularly resilient to deconstruction. Such items are often not traded in the open market, but can sometimes be found in high-brow auctions. Mythic utility items cost 16 dp in the mox economy.

Artifact utility items cannot be purchased in any economy whatsoever; they can be sold in the mox economy as though they had a value of 25 dp to someone who is looking for that particular artifact. There is no particular market for them: to trade an artifact, you must find seek out (or be found by) an individual who wants it. Artifacts are not just unique items, they are also nigh-indestructible fonts of incredible power. Mortals are incapable of intentionally creating artifacts.

Utility Items

This section is for general utility items that do not have a particular sub-category.


There will be a table of these here eventually.

Utility Item Descriptions

Descriptions of items that are considered general utility items.


Holding this lens to your eye allows you to read even the most complex scripts and obscure languages.
Utility Item
Rarity: Common
While you hold this item, you can read all written languages.

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