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The Metamorph
Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special Grade Accessible Mutation Points Evolution Points
1 +1 +2 +1 +0 Improved Unarmed Strike Minor 2 1
2 +2 +3 +2 +0 Homeostatic Control Minor 3 1
3 +3 +3 +2 +1   Minor 3 2
4 +4 +4 +2 +1 Metabolic Burn Minor 4 2
5 +5 +4 +3 +1   Lesser 5 2
6 +6/+1 +5 +3 +2 Genetic Instability Lesser 5 3
7 +7/+2 +5 +4 +2   Lesser 6 3
8 +8/+3 +6 +4 +2 Bestial Communication Lesser 7 3
9 +9/+4 +6 +4 +3   Improved 7 4
10 +10/+5 +7 +5 +3 Metamorph Talent Improved 8 4
11 +11/+6/+1 +7 +5 +3   Improved 9 4
12 +12/+7/+2 +8 +6 +4 Metamorph Talent Improved 9 5
13 +13/+8/+3 +8 +6 +4   Greater 10 5
14 +14/+9/+4 +9 +6 +4 Metamorph Talent Greater 11 6
15 +15/+10/+5 +9 +7 +5   Greater 11 6
16 +16/+11/+6/+1 +10 +7 +5 Metamorph Talent Greater 12 6
17 +17/+12/+7/+2 +10 +7 +5   Metamorphic 13 6
18 +18/+13/+8/+3 +11 +8 +6 Metamorph Talent Metamorphic 13 7
19 +19/+14/+9/+4 +11 +8 +6   Metamorphic 14 7
20 +20/+15/+10/+5 +12 +9 +6 Metamorph Talent Metamorphic 15 7



Karg, iconic metamorph
"I am the beast that lurks under the bed."

In ancient times, the orcs of the Orcish Heights in southern Sarteri lived dangerous lives amongst the predators of the world, eking out a meager existence. As their population dwindled, their young found that they were able to change themselves into feral beasts - forced evolution, though they were unaware of that concept at the time. And so the orcish population rebounded, with hundreds of orcish hunters - not a one wielding a worked weapon, but all armed with vicious jaws or sharp claws - stalking and killing the very creatures that had been killing them.

Since then, the metamorph is a recognized result of stressful living conditions on a variety of races. When confronted with a life-or-death situation, many of the intelligent races seem capable of reaching deep within and changing their very nature. Sometimes, these abilities can be induced, by training or rigorous mental and physical exercises, though doing so is often only to enable replication of the natural rise of the abilities of the metamorph.

While not terribly common, metamorphs are accepted enough amongst the majority of the intelligent races. With so many different alien appearances, what is yet another creature that appears different?

Game Rule Information

Metamorphs have the following game statistics.

Force Alignment: Nature.

Force Resistances: DI 5 + level, VI 5 + level.

Abilities: Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution are all rather important to the metamorph, as the metamorph often serves as a heavy combatant in an adventuring party. Constitution is slightly more important, as a higher Constitution score grants the metamorph additional MPs.

Hit Die: d8.

Class Skills: The Metamorph’s class skills are Climb (Str), Fly (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Listen (Per), Search (Per), Spot (Per), Survival (Wis), and Swim (Str).

Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int.

Alignment: Any.

Starting Age: Simple.

Starting Gold: 2d4 x 10gp.

Favored By: Orcs, Shifters, Zzithrani.

Class Features

All of the following are class features of the metamorph.

Weapons and Armor Proficiency: Metamorphs are not proficient with any weapons or armor. They are proficient with all natural weapons gained via their class abilities. Note that a metamorph's natural weapons deal damage based upon his size; a convenient table for finding the damage dealt by a given attack type for a given size can be found here.

Base Damage of a Metamorph's Natural Weapons
Attack		Dmg (S)		Dmg (M)
Bite		1d4		1d6
Claw / Talon	1d4		1d6
Gore		1d6		1d8
Slap / Slam	1d3		1d4
Sting		1d2		1d3
Tentacle	1d3		1d4
Constriction	1d3		1d4
Spine		1d4		1d6
Rake		1d6		1d8
Unarmed		1d2		1d3
Bonus Mutation Points
Con Level
Mod 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
+0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
+1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
+2 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2
+3 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3
+4 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4
+5 0 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5
+6 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 6 6
+7 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 6 7 7
+8 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 6 6 6 7 7 8 8
+9 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9
+10 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 10 10

Mutations (Ex): A metamorph has the extraordinary ability to alter his own form. This may have been something he was born with or something he learned through years of hard living. This is not a studied ability – it is something intrinsic to the metamorph’s nature. It can be learned, but only through physical hardship, not through mental comprehension.

Mutations are physical effects, and while their specific manifestations might vary, they always change the appearance of the metamorph. One metamorph may choose to manifest Predator's Jaws as a heavy set of mandibles, while another might grow a lupine snout, but there is always an easily visible physical change. The higher the level of the Mutation, the more drastic and complete this change is. A metamorph using a Metamorphic Mutation is scarcely recognizable as a member of his own species.

A metamorph begins play with access to only Minor Mutations; these are small changes to his body chemistry and construction that grant him bonuses in certain situations. Every five levels, he gains access to a new level of Mutations, as shown in the metamorph table, and provided he has enough MP to purchase it. In addition, he must have a minimum Constitution score to access any given grade of mutations, as per the table below.

Minor       : 11
Lesser      : 13
Improved    : 15
Greater     : 17
Metamorphic : 19

A metamorph automatically has access to any Mutation, though his level still restricts which Mutations he can use (see above). Bonuses granted by Mutations are considered racial bonuses, and thus stack with bonuses granted by other sources. Mutation bonuses do not stack with bonuses from other Mutations; only use the highest value.

A 1st-level metamorph begins play with 2 MP, which can be used to buy his Mutations. Each Mutation costs a number of MP, based on its level: 1 MP for Minor Mutations, 2 for Lesser Mutations and so on. A metamorph may regain his MP at any time by shedding his skin – this takes one round for every MP spent, and deals 5 points of nonlethal damage. When a metamorph sheds his skin, he loses any Mutations he’d previously purchased. While shedding his skin, a metamorph can move and attack freely, but is at a -2 to all rolls due to the discomfort the process causes.

Mutations have no duration – they last until the metamorph chooses to shed them in favor of another Mutation.

-- Mutation MP Costs --
Minor: 1 MP
Lesser: 2 MP
Improved: 4 MP
Greater: 6 MP
Metamorphic: 8 MP

If a metamorph's mutation allows for a saving throw, the saving throw DC is equal to 10 + one-half metamorph level + your Constitution modifier.

A metamorph gains bonus MPs based upon his Constitution modifier, equal to his Con mod x his metamorph level x 1/20, rounded up.

Evolutions (Ex): During his journeys, a metamorph learns to enhance his grasp on Mutations, taking the time to burn it into his basic bodily structure.

In addition to his MP, a metamorph begins with a number of EP, a separate pool of points he can use to purchase Mutations. Mutations purchased with EP are more deeply ingrained in the metamorph; they no longer count as Mutations, they have become Evolutions. Evolutions are considered an intrinsic part of the metamorph – they are not considered Mutations for the purpose of stacking. This means the benefits from an Evolution may freely stack with those from Mutations.

Evolutions cannot be removed as easily as Mutations – to remove an Evolution and regain his EP, a metamorph must eat a creature with as many HD as he has EP. Once he has finished eating, the metamorph enters a comatose state which he remains in for 24 hours. During this time his body hardens and bloats into a make-shift cocoon. A metamorph may choose to gain new Evolutions during this time, emerging from the cocoon with the new Evolutions already developed, or he may simply choose to remove his old Evolutions. However, if the metamorph doesn’t adopt new Evolutions, he must wait a day and repeat the cocoon process to spend the unspent EP. While in the cocoon, a metamorph is unconscious; he cannot see, hear or speak. He does not require food, and he does not breathe – the cocoon is air-tight, he survives on the air he had in his lungs before he entered the cocoon.

Improved Unarmed Strike: A metamorphs gains the improved unarmed strike feat as a bonus feat at 1st level.

Homeostatic Control (Ex): At second level, the metamorph gains a degree of control over his physical form, allowing him to overcome poisons, diseases, and other such effects with greater ease than other creatures. He gains a bonus to all saving throws against poison, disease, and effects that would alter his shape (such as polymorph or stone to flesh) equal to one-half his metamorph level. This counts as a racial bonus, and as such does not stack with other racial abilities that provide similar bonuses.

Metabolic Burn (Ex): At fourth level, the metamorph has increased control over his own metabolism, allowing him to sacrifice one ability for another, or mutations for raw staying power.

As a swift action, you may take two ability damage to any single ability score, and gain a +1 enhancement bonus to another ability score of your choice. You can choose to take more ability damage with a single action; for every two additional ability damage taken, the bonus granted improves by +1. The bonus granted by this effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to the metamorph's Constitution modifier (if Constitution is burned or improved by this effect, this effect's duration is based on his new Constitution score).

As a swift action, you may sacrifice any number of MPs (which incurs all the normal penalties of trading out MPs, except it deals no nonlethal damage), to gain 5 temporary HP for each MP burned. These temporary hit points last for 1 hour or until they are used. MPs burned this way return after a night's rest.

Genetic Instability (Ex): At sixth level, the metamorph is no longer recognizable as a member of his race. He is no longer considered a member of his race for purposes of Force items that can only be operated by a member of his race and similar effects, and effects that depend on a creature's race - such as a ranger's favored enemy ability - no longer work on the metamorph. Creatures with the adaptable genetics racial quality ignore this effect of this ability.

Become the Beast (Ex): At eighth level, the metamorph has become so much more akin to animals, vermin, and other creatures that he can communicate with them with ease. A metamorph gains speak with animals as a permanent, extraordinary effect.

Metamorph Talent: At 10th level, every two levels thereafter, the metamorph's abilities improves even more. Choose one of the abilities below.

  • Control Form (Ex): So long as you are aware, you can take a move action on your turn to assume your natural form. This allows you to remove polymorph and similar conditions that change your shape. You gain the Shapechanger subtype.
  • Rapid Adaptation (Ex): When you change out your mutations, the process takes only one round, regardless of how many mutations you change. You still suffer 5 nonlethal damage for each MP worth of mutations changed.
    • Painless Adaptation (Ex): When you change out your mutations, you no longer suffer nonlethal damage or a penalty to attack rolls. (Prerequisite: Rapid Adaptation)
  • Perfected Homeostasis (Ex): The metamorph becomes immune to poison and disease. His racial bonus on saving throws against effects that would alter his shape improves to equal his metamorph level.
  • Pervasive Mutations (Ex): Gain 2 additional MP. You can take this talent multiple times.
    • Evolution Never Stops (Ex): Gain 1 additional EP. You can take this talent multiple times. (Prerequisite: Pervasive Mutations)
  • Predator (Ex): The metamorph's natural weapons deal damage as though he were one size category larger.
    • Improved Predator (Ex): Your natural weapons deal an additional +1 damage. You can take this talent multiple times. (Prerequisite: Predator)
    • Seize the Prey (Ex): When a creature moves away from a square you threaten, you may make an attack of opportunity against that creature. (Prerequisite: Predator)
      • Chase the Prey (Ex): When a creature within a distance that you could cover with a single move action moves away from you, you may, as an attack of opportunity that also consumes an immediate action, make a charge against that creature. (Prerequisite: Predator, Seize the Prey)
  • Survivor (Ex): The metamorph's natural armor improves by +2.
    • Improved Survivor (Ex): Your natural armor improves by +1. You can take take this talent multiple times. (Prerequisite: Survivor)
    • Perfect Stillness (Ex): When a creature has a miss chance against you, they must roll an additional chance for miss chance; if either misses, the creature misses you. Creatures that gain an additional chance to not miss you instead do not gain their additional miss chance. (Prerequisite: Survivor)
  • Feat: A metamorph may take a bonus feat in place of a metamorph talent.

Mutations and Evolutions

Minor Metamorph Mutations
Mutation Name Effect
Predator's Maw The metamorph grows a short snout with powerful jaws and sharp teeth. Gains Bite attack.
Frog's Leap Gain a +8 bonus on Jump checks.
Digitigrade Legs Land speed increases by 10 feet.
Thickened Hide The metamorph's Natural Armor Bonus increases by 2.
Heavy Fur Exist comfortably in cold areas, down to -50 degrees Fahrenheit.
Desert Skin Exist comfortably in warm areas, up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
Durable Form Gain bonus HP equal to your combined MP and EP.
Enhanced Muscles Gain +2 Strength.
Enhanced Synapses Gain +2 Dexterity.
Enhanced Fortitude Gain +2 Constitution.
Enhanced Senses Gain +2 Perception.
Scavenger's Cunning Gain a +8 Bonus on Survival checks.
Slippery Skin Gain a +8 bonus to Escape Artist checks.
Light Tail Gain a +8 bonus to Balance checks.
Webbed Hands Gain a +8 bonus on Swim checks (and 10 foot increase to Swim Speed, if you have one).
Sharp Eyes Gain a +4 bonus on Spot and Search checks.
Sharp Ears Gain a +8 on Listen checks.
Strong Fingers Gain a +8 bonus on Climb checks (and 10 foot increase to Climb Speed, if you have one).
Strengthened Wings Gain a +8 bonus on Fly checks (and 10 foot increase to Fly Speed, if you have one).
Mole's Arms Existing burrow increases by 10 feet.
Crawler's Sight Gain Darkvision, base distance of 60 ft.
Prey's Intuition Gain Uncanny Dodge.
Ape's Hands The metamorph's hands grow disproportionately large. Gain +2 bonus on Grapple checks.
Fox's Gait You can drop to all fours as a swift action, improving your move speed by +30 ft., but you cannot carry items in your hands. Resuming your normal stature is a swift action.
Camel's Hump You can go for twice as long without food or water as a normal member of your race.
Strong Back Your carrying capacity is doubled.
Porpoise's Lungs You can hold your breath for a number of rounds equal to 6 x your Constitution score.
Weasel's Grip If you hit with a bite attack, you use your powerful jaws to latch onto the opponent’s body and automatically deals bite damage each round you remain attached. While attached, you lose your Dexterity bonus to Armor Class. You can be struck with a weapon or grappled. To be removed through grappling, the opponent must achieve a pin against you.
Crab's Shell If you have a natural armor bonus, you gain armor spikes.
Rabbit's Agility When you charge, you may make one turn of up to 90 degrees.
Metabolic Boost Gain a +2 chemical bonus to initiative.
Zergling's Brainstem Gain language-dependent natural telepathy, with a range of Close (25 feet + 5 feet/2 metamorph levels). You can maintain simultaneous telepathic contact with a number of creatures equal to your Intelligence score. If you have this ability as both a mutation and evolution, your telepathy is no longer language-dependent.


Lesser Metamorph Mutations
Mutation Name Effect
Nature's Armament Gain 2 Claw attacks.
Bull's Blades The metamorph grows horns, antlers, or tusks of his choosing. Gains a Gore attack.
Heavy Tail The metamorph sprouts a thick, muscular tail. Gains a Tail Slap attack.
Powerful Build The metamorph's body expands and its muscles strengthen. Gain a Slam attack.
Aboleth's Arms Two tentacles protrude from the metamorph's back, granting two Tentacle attacks.
Wolf's Nose Gain Scent as an extraordinary ability.
Girallon's Grasp A secondary set of arms grows from the metamorph's side. The arms do not grant the metamorph any combat benefits, but they do allow him to carry objects while climbing, or run on all fours while retaining the use of his upper arms.
Verminwalk Gain a Climb speed equal to Land speed.
Fish's Breath Gain Aquatic Subtype and Amphibious special quality.
Sea Legs Gain a Swim speed equal to Land speed.
Dirtwalk Gain a Burrow speed equal to half your Land speed.
Choker's Reach The metamorph's limbs elongate, granting an extra 5 feet of Reach.
Eagle's Flight Gain a 60 ft Fly speed, good maneuverability.
Howler's Hair Gain Quills as a Howler.
Snake Arms Gain Constriction, deal Bite, Claw or Slam damage on successful grapple check.
Griffon's Pelt Gain +6 Natural Armor.
Tiger's Embrace Gain the Rake special attack.
Gorilla's Gait Gain a +30 to Land speed when on all fours.
Hunter's Step Pass Without Trace, as the spell.
Energy Adaptation Gain Resistance 10 to any specified Energy type.
Rapid Reflexes Gain Evasion.
Squid's Ink Gain a squid's ink cloud ability.
Badger's Anger Whenever you take damage, you rage on your next turn until you or the creature that incited the rage is dead.
Cheetah's Legs Once per hour, you can move ten times your normal speed when making a charge. Once you do so, you cannot change out this mutation (as a mutation or evolution) until an hour has passed.
Octopus' Grip Gain Improved Grab.
Thoqqua's Coils You can charge adjacent creatures without the requisite movement.
Silent Steps Gain a +8 bonus to Move Silently checks.
Photosensitive Skin Gain a +8 bonus to Hide checks.
Gecko's Toes If you have a climb speed, you can climb on ceilings as though they were normal walls at no penalty.
Raptor's Razors Your natural weapons cause creatures to bleed, taking 1 damage each round until they make a Fort save; this effect stacks, though a single Fort save ends all bleeding effects.
Turtle's Retreat If you have a natural armor bonus, you can pull your limbs back into your shell as a swift action. Doing so prevents you from attacking, moving, or using Force abilities that have a target other than "personal", and reduces your effective Dexterity score to 0, but grants you DR 10/adamantine. You can come out of your shell as a standard action.
Hydralisk's Spines You gain a Spine attack. This is a ranged attack with a range of 60 feet.


Improved Metamorph Mutations
Mutation Name Effect
Quicken Blood Gain Fast Healing 2.
Troglodyte's Stench Gain Stench as the Troglodyte ability.
Dragon's Hide Gain DR 10/Force.
Metalfoe Gain Rust as the Rust Monster ability.
Umber Hulk's Eyes Gain Tremorsense 60 ft.
Digester's Spit Gain Acid Spray, as a Digester.
Ogre Stature Size increases by one category. Gain +2 Strength, -2 Dexterity.
Halfling's Stature Size decreases by one category. Gain -2 Strength, +2 Dexterity.
Gorgon's Armor Gain +11 Natural Armor.
Lammasu's Charge Gain Pounce as a special attack.
Wyvern's Tail Gain Sting attack and Poison as a Wyvern.
Lizard's Shock Gain use of the Shocker Lizard's Stunning Shock ability.
Minotaur's Strength +6 to Strength.
Harpy's Speed +6 to Dexterity.
Dragon's Heart +6 to Constitution.
Beholder's Sight +6 to Perception.
Ettercap's Weave Gain use of the Ettercap's Web ability.
Bull's Charge Gain Trample special attack.
Krenshar's Mask Gain use of the Krenshar's Scare ability.
Mouther's Organs Become Amorphous, as a Gibbering Mouther.
Tearing Weapons Gain Rend. Deal 2d4 + Strength Bonus on a successful Claw or Bite attack. (One or the other, not both.)
Yrthak's Horn Gain Sonic Lance as the Yrthak ability.
Bat's Keen Gain blindsense out to 40 ft.
Rhino's Build Gain Powerful Charge. Deal double your Gore damage when you charge.
Snake's Jaws Gain Swallow Whole. A swallowed creature must deal damage to you equal to your Constitution score to escape.
Adrenal Glands As a swift action, you can gain the haste status; on your turn, as a non-action, you can end this effect. You can use this ability for a total number of rounds per day equal to your Constitution modifier. Once you use this ability, you cannot change out this mutation (either as a mutation or evolution) until you've had a night's rest.
Naga's Neck During your turn, add +5 feet to your threatening reach.
Shark's Motive Become immune to fatigue and exhaustion.
Cobra's Strike You may make a single attack as a standard action; if you do so, creatures cannot react to your attack (this prevents immediate actions, readied actions, or AoOs from interrupting or otherwise stopping your attack).
Owl's Wakefulness You need only half as much sleep as a normal member of your race.


Greater Metamorph Mutations
Mutation Name Effect
Cloud Giant's Stature Size increases by two categories. Gain +4 Strength, -4 Dexterity.
Pixie's Stature Size decreases by two categories. Gain -4 Strength, +4 Dexterity.
Centaur's Stride Gain the Tauric template.
Destrachan's Gaze Lose eyes, gain Blindsight 100 ft, and Immunities as a Destrachan.
Cockatrice's Beak Gain a Bite attack and Petrification special ability, as Cockatrice.
Trollblood Gain Regeneration 5. Fire and Acid deal damage normally.
Freezing Heart Gain Cold subtype, radiate Cold as a Frost Worm (1d8). Cannot be taken with Burning Body.
Burning Body Gain Fire subtype, radiate Heat as a Salamander (1d8). Cannot be taken with Freezing Heart.
Wormscream Gain use of the Frost Worm's Trill ability.
Roper's Tether Gain use of the Roper's Drag and Strands abilities.
Reflective Carapace Gain Force Resistance to the Force of your choice equal to your HD.
Chameleon's Skin Gain Hide in Plain Sight.
Treant's Roots Gain the Wood Elemental Creature template (you do not become an elemental).
Shadow's Shadow Gain the Shadow Creature template (you do not become a magical beast).
Dragon's Tail Gain a Tail Sweep attack, as per the dragon ability. This attack deals 1d8 damage as a Medium-size creature.
Hydra's Heads Gain four additional heads. Your heads follow the same mechanics as a hydra's heads.
Choker's Speed You gain an additional move action on each of your turns. If you have this mutation twice (once as a mutation, once as an evolution), you instead gain an additional standard action on each of your turns.
Synapse Node If you have telepathy that is not language-dependent, you can attempt to control creatures with the Synaptic template (such as tyranids).


Metamorphic Metamorph Mutations
Mutation Name Effect
Swift Hunter Become quadrupedal, gain +30 feet to all Speeds, gain Bite and Two Claw attacks. Gain +4 Str, +8 Dex. +6 Natural Armor.
Towering Predator Become quadrupedal, grow to Large size, gain Bite and Two Claw attacks. Gain +8 Str, +8 Con.
Armored Beast Become quadrupedal, grow to Large size, gain DR 10/Force. Gain +8 Con, +11 Natural Armor, and 50% Fortification.
Agile Scavenger Shrink to Tiny size, +30 feet to all speeds. Gain +8 Dexterity and Pass Without Trace, as the spell.
Cunning Trapper Gain Hide in Plain Sight, a Burrow speed of 30 ft., Tremorsense with a base distance of 30 ft., Pounce, Improved Grab, and +4 Dex. Your metamorph levels count as rogue levels for purposes of others' uncanny dodge ability.


Design Notes

All dead levels have been removed.

Class is now nature-aligned, and has more skill points.

Choker's Speed now just gives you an additional move or standard, rather than an entire freaking turn.