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Welcome to a world where anything is possible. Magic, psionics, and technology rub shoulders with each other on a daily basis - and fight amongst each other more than they get along. A world where dozens upon dozens of races speak dozens of languages, practice dozens of religions, and pursue careers in vastly different directions.

Imagine a world where one could encounter adventurers as likely to be carrying swords as guns. Where travel by air is as common as travel by sea. Where one can dwell among the trees with elves and other fey, or travel the stars and see the strange new lands of planets nearby. Every person you meet has their own story, and it's almost guaranteed to be unique in some way.

But it is not a world without danger. Reality is ruled by three distinct and seperate forces - those of magic, psionics, and technology - and these three forces constantly vie for supremacy. Equally important but more secretive are the other six forces: those of the blue, chaos, time, divinity, nature, and the void, and these six do battle just as those that govern reality do, but in more subtle ways. Powerful dracoliches, insane alhoons, and aliens intent on devouring all in their path are among the dangers that have been faced in the past, and yet more danger could lurk in arcane relics or beyond the asteroid belt.

Trinity is a setting that defies the concept of a genre. Fantasy, steampunk, and scifi blend to create an interesting and sometimes absurd mix that is still somehow believable. If you've grown tired of the same old "high fantasy" or are simply looking for something different, perhaps Trinity is for you.