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Prestige classes as they are in Trinity.


For a long time, prestige classes and Trinity did not mix well. Most published prestige classes are too specific, too vague, have setting-specific flavor, or are already replicated in some fashion by a Trinity base class.

The primary purpose pf prestige classes in Trinity, then, is racial differentiation. Each race generally has at least one racial prestige class, to represent what that race is best at. It should be understood that just because a given Force combination has a race with a prestige class that combines them does not mean that race is best at that: it means that that race's understanding of those Forces is a bit different from most other races', to the point where they can gain access to abilities that others cannot.

Prestige classes can be accessed in one of two ways: either meeting the prerequisites in the normal way, or by completing the relevant race's paragon class. Completing a paragon class gives the character an apotheosis ability, which explicitly states they can enter their racial prestige classes without meeting their normal prerequisites. In addition, paragon levels count as prestige class levels for purposes of level-based abilities gained from the prestige class.

Prestige Classes by Race

  • Dwarf
  • Esper
    • Esper Arcantrix: Unlocking the secrets within their souls, arcantrices are capable of literally becoming magic.
  • Gnome
    • Gnome Sage: Combining the past with the future, sages are able to take the best of both worlds and merge them into a seamless whole.
  • Moogle
    • Moogle Machinist: Capable of literally combining nature and technology, machinists become as one with their technology.
  • Orc
    • Orc Predator: Taking their genetic mutations to the limit, predators are devastating monsters - literally.
  • Zzithrani
    • Zzithrani Zoanthrope: Investigating their Tyranid legacy, the zoanthrope learns to breed new zzith and unleash the power of a mind once backed by the Hive Queen.