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This here is my spot for random notes. Don't screw around with this!

Dymaxion Projection

Diameter of Adnez is 6000 miles.

Hexagon template is 40 hexagons across, so each hexagon is 150 miles.

150 miles divided by 6 (6 miles her hex) is 25.

So each superhex is 25 hexes across.

We'll call Ganymede 3600 miles diameter (this roughly maintains the analogy of Earth:Mars::Adnez:Ganymede; Earth is 1.87 times as big as Mars, Adnez is 1.67 times as big as Ganymede).

So... each superhex is 90 miles, meaning each is 15 hexes across.


This is a hilarious instance of basic maths fail.

If the diameter of Adnez is 6000 miles, then its circumference is 18850 miles.

Actual circumference is going to be 18720 miles (just for the maths). So end diameter is ... 5958 miles. Close enough.

Each superhex is 468 miles across, and is 78 hexes across.


Deityhood - divine rank is determined by total faith of all followers.

The higher the total faith, the better your divine rank.

Follows the following table?

Divine	Total
Rank	Faith
0	   10
1	10000
2	30000
3	60000

Only need one average follower to become demigod. Maybe? Too little? No idea.