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An adu'ja

The adu'ja originally appeared in Dragon #317. Some of the description here is duplicated from that source, while some has been modified to better fit Trinity.


Natives of Arcturas, the coming about of the adu'ja is a mystery, even to their own people. Despite their mastery of the Blue, they are not entirely certain how it was that the first saplings that dared to call themselves "adu'ja" rose above their fellow plants. Regardless of how it happened, however, the adu'ja have since studied the ways of the Blue and of Nature.

They are generally a peaceful people, content to live their lives philosophizing and trying to become closer with nature. Some among them, however, are not content to let some questions unanswered - namely those questions that cannot be answered within their enclaves in the forests of Arcturas. Their understanding of the Trinity of Trinities - and the role their people play in it - is limited, but they are willing and eager to learn.

Personality: Adu'ja are constantly contemplating the world around them, and are often slow to react. They can seem distant and aloof - moreso even than elves - but they lack the arrogance that elves have: adu'ja recognize that all living creatures (and plants) are part of the natural cycle; even artilects and coglings are part of the natural cycle, being thinking beings who can affect their environment. Younger adu'ja tend to be more curious and untamed, but as they grow wiser, they slow down in their thinking, and take things in stride - it takes much effor to irritate even an adult adu'ja.

Physical Description: Asexual and averaging 5 1/2 to 6-feet tall, adu'jas are relatively humanoid in shape. Their androgynous facial features show a hint of a nasal bump with two small vertical slits that resemble nostrils; however, these are not nostrils at all, but pheromone exhausts., which expel various scents, dependent upon the adu'ja's mood. Adu'jan faces are ringed by soft, petal-like scales. These undulating petals are chromatophoric, changing in color and pattern to reflect moods, though elder adu'ja often have autumnal colors (whether due to age or because their mood tends to stay neutral). Their skin ranges from yellowish green through emerald to deep brown, with elder adu'ja gradually becoming darker brown in coloration. Their large, almond eyes are deep gold to rich brown. Adu'jas are typically weak and thin-limbed, yet they carry themselves with grace and dignity.

Relations: Adu'ja tend to get along relatively well with most creatures, as all things have their place in the natural cycle. Their general philosophy towards life is of such sublime scope that they often cannot see the day-to-day world beneath it, which often means that they have difficulty understanding or relating to beings with much shorter lifespans.

Alignment: Younger adu'ja tend to have the same vigor and hopefulness as youths of other races, and so tend to be more good in outlook than their elders. More mature adu'ja, however, become more in-tune with their plant side, leading them to a neutral lifestyle.

Adu'jan Lands: Adu'ja occupy the forests of Tai'lyan, one of the continents of Arcturas.

Religion: Adu'ja almost exclusively revere the Eidolons, though they may know them by different names than those from Adnez or Ganymede. Elder adu'ja tend to have a rather extreme distaste for the Lucavi, and most have never heard of the majority of the Saints.

Language: Adu'ja speak the Phytic language, a language of their own devising. Though it has a written form, this is rarely used.

Names: Adu'jan names are not separated by gender, given that they have none.

Names: Aes'iel. (more to come)

Adventurers: Coming soon.

Adu'ja Racial Traits

These are the racial stats for Adu'ja circa CY 432.

Favored Class: Choose one - akashic, druid.