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Oftentimes I will write something that I feel requires addressing, though cannot be easily placed on this wiki. Such bits of information can be important; for instance, why do conventional weapons exist in a world where firearms are relatively common? This section is intended as a place for me to place the reasons behind my ideas; this is meta-Trinity, as it were, explaining things in a behind-the-scenes manner. If you are a DM interested in using Trinity as a setting, or if you are simply interested in why I did something the way I did so, then you may find the answers to your questions here.

List of Articles

How Trinity Came to Be

This article gives the real-world history of Trinity. How and where it all began, how it changed and evolved over the years, and what my vision for the setting is.

Conventional Weaponry

This article gives a brief synopsis of why conventional weapons continue to exist in a world alongside firearms, and are oftentimes even used in conjunction with them.

Melee Class Theory

This article outlines a new design theory regarding melee classes, giving a solid framework with which to work, as well as firmly defining and possibly expanding the design space available for melee classes and abilities.

Thoughts on 4e

This article outlines some particular tidbits of knowledge we have regarding 4e, and my thoughts on them and how they will impact Trinity.