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The game mechanics of the world of Trinity are based upon d20. While it would be theoretically possible to play in the setting in other systems, those systems would undoubtedly require a good deal of overhauling to handle all the mechanics that play an important role in establishing the flavor of the setting.

As a general rule, anything goes. If you can make sense out of why your moogle is an assassin, or how your artilect gained the abilities of a sorcerer, I will tend to allow it. Also, I tend to allow almost any published d20 material; however, it must be mechanically sound, and you must ask before you use it.

However, I am prone to denying requests for awkward things, such as core classes in new books and such. There are some things I simply have no interest in letting into my world. However, if a player can come up with a good explanation of why their character would be or do such-and-such, I may be inclined to allow it. This was previously a relatively unfair request, since none of the information on the world was available - but now that it is slowly all being put up here, I think that that is a fair thing to ask.