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Trinity is an absurd setting, and sometimes, absurd statements are made - both in-character and out-of-character.

This is a repository of the more entertaining quotes, as well as "player-isms" regarding the setting.


DM: There are no magic trains!
DM:'s a magic train.
Dave-O (X) and Melty (Tetra): I killed the dragon.
Dave-O and Melty: We killed the dragon.
Dave-O (X): Is this Ronkan land fun money?
Dave-O: Aw, it is Ronkan land fun money!
®ß¥!! (Rauru): ...if the wall was an illusion, then why couldn't he be an illusion!
Brandon (Miggs): Aw, snapdragons!
Eric (Thron): Loot the bodies!
DM: ...and by "horse," I mean "chocobo."
Mitch (Engro): They look like they've been mined...
DM: Mitch... your player needs to make a reading comprehension check.
Mitch: Oh, I mean they don't look like they've been mined.
Mike (Mochos): See, if you were part of a civilized race, you'd lick yourself clean.
Mitch (Engro): I'm big-boned for my age.
Dave-O (Kanis): I pick him up and gently glide him down the shaft.
Hammy (Zzyzx): Just transform into a cat, and we'll go find some catnip.
Hammy (Koilos): I could just put her on the disk.
Kaciey: kupo 
Garth (Grey): Heal my goat too please
Kaciey (Palimono): Yeah, it's like I'm full of bees.
Kaciey: bzzzzzzz kupo
Parker (Tim): What do you need uncommon [healing potions] for?
Carrie (Zakti): 'cause I'm a beefy lady!


Magic Train

A creature, item, or event, which the DM had previously deemed an impossibility in the setting. Coined during a one-shot session.

Spit Acid at the Walls

A phrase used to describe creatures of extreme feebleness; also possibly used to describe the DM's horrible attack rolls for NPCs. Coined during the early sessions of the Crew of the Phoenix game.