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This campaign started the third week in December of 2005, and lasted until the end of June, 2006.

In terms of Trinity, this group began adventuring in late 397 CY on Ganymede, and ended in 398 CY when they defeated Kotrit Wayveri.



Sessions A-C

The party started out attempting to leave Ganymede, which failed when the starcraft they had boarded was struck by lightning over one of the numerous metallic plates that cover the surface of the planet. They wandered back into the town they had left, and were almost immediately assaulted by bugs, a form of creature which had not been seen before.

Defeating them, the party then realized they were being attacked by other bugs within a nearby building, which held a RANC. They entered to investigate, and were assaulted by a wide variety of bugs within. After defeating a wide variety of creatures, they found themselves on the roof...

Session D

...looking down, they saw an aged man, Rev Silver, and his companion, X. Rev instructed them to "get th' hell outta there," and to not forget to download a file from the analytical engine in the building. The party escaped, but their cleric was caught inside by the building, and was left for dead. The others joined Rev and X in Rev's vehicle (which would come to be called the "Escalade"), and when they reached the Sprawl, the largest city established by Adnezians on Ganymede, Rev explained the situation to the party.

The Coldlands had established a lockdown on all spaceflight to or off of Ganymede, until the threat of the bugs had been quelled or at least gotten under control. The Sprawl was filled with angry tourists and businesspeople, though they were largely unaware of the threat of the bugs. Once they were comfortably situated in a bar called by Bramstone (owned by a friend of Rev's called Jack), Rev explained why he needed the file.

Apparently, the file they had downloaded onto Pernassus held a list of names of Coldlands residents who had travelled to Ganymede. "They need ta know where all th' guys with th' smarts're goin', so they can keep contact with 'em," Rev explained. The lists were in an encoded written form of Ancelari, though Rev was uncertain how this was accomplished. The files were placed on five seperate analytical engines: one on Adnez, one on Ganymede, and one on each Urilaulri station, which were the link between the two planets.

However, it appeared that the elves of Adren had managed to find out about these lists and, still being irritated over the events of the Coldlands War, sought to gain access to all the lists, and either recruit them in their attempt to reconquer the Coldlands, or to kill them and replace them with doppelgangers. In addition, the elves sought to acquire nuclear weapons, which had been used by the Coldlands in the war, and were planning to use them to destroy the Urilaulri stations. Such a plan would keep vast segments of the Coldlands population stranded on Ganymede, as no ships existed with enough fuel to go directly from Ganymede to Adnez without stopping for refuelling.

Of course, the bugs were a largely unseen factor. Rev suggested they get off the planet, and the party agreed...

Session E

The party settles for well-needed rest, and awakens in the morning. Tetra finds that their elven archer has been turned into a bloody mist in her room; he is uncertain as to what caused it, but Akexea feels an evil presence. As they notice this, however, Pernassus' RANC begins functioning of its own volition (a sign of being hacked). Rev boots up his analytical engine and assesses the situation.

The assailants are a set of three elven reckoners outside the Bramstone. Dealing with the threat, the party finds that they were hired by an Adrenian noble, and were instructed to download a certain file off of the artilect with the party; a wizard had scryed upon the engine while it was accessed, and informed them of who the file was taken by. The elves were supposed to take the file to Urilaulri II.

Rev asks for the file, which Pernassus gives to him. Rev then informs them that he needs the file because they need to keep track of the names, and they need to be kept out of the hands of the Adrenians; it is at this point that Rev reveals that he is a freelancer working for the Coldlands, and that X is also working with him. After telling them his story, Rev informs the party that they may want to consider getting off of the planet, and that he happens to keep a ship in storage at his place.

They leave later that day.

They arrive at Rev's home, a small place he refers to as the Silver Rail. Once there, the party is almost immediately engaged in combat with bugs, which have apparently overtaken Rev's home. As they fight their way to the bunker in which Rev's ship, the Sin or Swim, resides, Rev is struck by one of the strange projectiles the creatures were spewing forth, and falls to his death.

Becoming rapidly outmanned and outgunned, X hurried the others onto the ship, and with the help of Pernassus, they take off into the atmosphere.

Session F

A week later, they arrive at Urilaulri III, which resides in orbit above Ganymede.