Jamison Blackberry

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Born in 236 CY, Jamison was a gnome artificer of some renown. He lived in the city of Mechanicus, where he repaired technological items and ran an item construction shop.

He was married in 292 CY to one Sheryl Bottletop, and they had three children. However, due to an accident in his shop in the spring of 320 CY, his wife and children perished in a fire. Depressed from the loss, Jamison buried his family and rebuilt his shop, but had little ambition to do anything, and his craft suffered for it. Over the course of the next seventy years, Jamison would be reduced to little more than a hermit, selling wares only to those who had known him before the deaths of his family.

In 398 CY, Admiral X came to Jamison and requested that the artificer join him on his quest, promising dragon parts from which to fashion new items. Jamison reluctantly agreed, primarily because X had been bringing him interesting relics of the Ronkan Empire, with which Jamison was surprisingly familiar.

Jamison had been intrigued by the fact that - despite the fact that the Ronkan Empire was mentioned a few times throughout history - it was nowhere to be found. He studied the few theories on "magitech" the Ronkans had left behind, but it was not until X appeared with Ronkan relics that Jamison was able to execute them. Jamison proceeded to construct all sorts of interesting magitech items for X and his crew.

Jamison participated in the felling of Kotrit Wayveri, then returned to Mechanicus. In 401 CY, Jamison took a ship south to the remnants of the Ronkan Empire, where he helped in re-establishing the technological wonders of the Empire's past. Shortly thereafter, in 412 CY, Jamison Blackberry died, and his body was returned to Mechanicus, where it was buried alongside his wife and children.