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This campaign has been put on hiatus for the time being.


Session 01

The party started out as a group of individuals on a ride with a fish caravan heading to Teros from the fishing village of Kilas, either guarding it or simply because it was the last caravan headed to the city of Teros. Those who were guarding it had been hired by the Selesnya Guild, based in Teros.

On the way, the caravan was assaulted by a trio of bandits, whom Mitreyu - the caravan's leader - determined were part of the Doriana Mafia.

On arrival in Teros, they were brought to meet with John Tralos, the clavat leader of the Selesnya Guild. He asked if the group would be interested in investigating the Doriana for him; they agreed, and John told them to come back the next day. Saren, however, had broken from the group earlier, and was staying at a local inn. During the night, he was attacked by an assassin sent by the Doriana Mafia. He ran about town looking for help, and ran into a man called Ivyilliam, who gave him shelter for the evening and replaced his lost armor.

The next day, the rest of the party scoped out the Doriana Mafia's front - a lampshade store. Meanwhile, Saren meandered about town, looking for someone who could look into the situation regarding his assault. The rest of the group eventually ran into him, and after some sharing of information, Saren agreed to join the group. Meanwhile, Shiva had found that there was an esper in town by the name of Ark, who runs the local artisan's guild. She also learned of a ball being held at the guild the coming evening.

John indicated that the party was to check out the Doriana's place at six, when the ball took place, as apparently the upper echelons of the mafia were big on art. The party decided to split up: Saren and Shiva went to the ball to mingle with the upper-class and to keep an eye on the mafia members there, while the others went to the lampshade store to find out whatever they could.

After several close encounters with mafia members, the party eventually discovered a letter addressed to the head of the Doriana Mafia, from the Moogle Trading Company, the Selesnya Guild's primary competitor. Z also picked up an intricately-made statue of Sko'Veyux, which had been on the desk on which they found the letter.

They then proceeded to return to the Selesnya Guild, along with chocobos they had stolen from the Doriana Mafia.

Session 02 - A Death in the Family

The party returned to the Selesnya Guild, and rested through the night. Meanwhile, Saren and Shiva were rapidly losing track of time and where they were.

In the morning, the party awoke and spoke with John, informing him of what had gone down while they were at the lampshade store. As they did so, a stately halfling entered and handed John a letter. "Mitreyu is dead." He said quietly, after reading it.

Pained by the loss, John asked the party to look into her death, despite the fact that one Dr. Sherrylian had determined that it was a heart attack that had killed her.

Making a long story short, they wander about town, and figure out that an artist by the name of Kalia Intreyu had killed Mitreyu. They attempted to capture her, but she misled the party with a few cunning illusions, and they lost her trail.

(More later.)

Session 03 - The Plot Thickens

The party found out that the Moogle Trading Company was based in the city of Olaris, the capital of the region of Rafoe, to the northeast. They went there, and had a conversation with Turiau, the head of the MTC, which really didn't go anywhere.

When they left Jovyn Skelex - an assassin they had encountered in Teros, who had killed John Tralos - sought them out and told them to head to the southwest, to a town called Coleville, because something evil was brewing there. Jovyn also informed them that the statues of Sko'Veyux they were finding were communication devices of some sort.

The party went to Coleville, and found out some stuff. They encountered an old halfling by the name of Locke'cathari, who they were then led to believe was a follower of the Lucavi.

They attempted to take him out, but the entire party was slain. Fortunately, residual arcane energies in Shiva allowed her to come back to the world, though she sensed that her return was sensed by something.

Session 04 - The Sinking of Dun Xargat

This is the coming session.