The Hunters

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This group is an extension of The Crew of the Phoenix, but is not as inclusive and has a different goal.

This group will probably be playing sporadically, when time and get-togethers permit.



Session 01 - Lilith

The campaign starts two years after Admiral X and Friends had defeated the various remaining evils facing the world. The others in the crew have mostly gone their separate ways. It is roughly the year 400 CY.

Suddenly, X is contacted by Lexicon, and told to go to the plane of the deities. X is whisked away by an unseen power, and finds himself on what would normally be an awesome visual display of salient powers - but is now only a flat, featureless plain.

Among the corpses of gods lying about stands a lone woman, dressed in black and wielding a whip. She turns, putting away her weapon, and approaches X.

As she nears, X charges, and the battle is joined.

After a prolonged combat, X is defeated, and his spirit is banished from the plane. He returns to the Prime, where Lexicon informs him that the woman was a Wanderer, called Lilith, and that she must be dealt with. Lexicon and the few other Wanderers were busy attempting to fill the gap the death of the gods had caused - without them, the Divine force was weakened, and the balance had to be stabilized, and in short order.

Lexicon told X that Lilith very likely went to alternate prime material planes - worlds similar to Trinity that had, for one reason or another, developed differently.

And so, X and his few companions that would be able to survive the onslaught of a Wanderer set out, for worlds and planes unknown.

Session 02 - The Archives and Termina

Recalling their combat with the alhoon Anabstercorian, X and his crew headed for the Penumbral Hub, a neighboring plane that had once served as the seat of the illithid empire aeons ago. Upon arrival, they sought the Planar Archvies, a vast repository of knowledge regarding the many planes in the multiverse.

Confounded by a door that required a powerful psionic artifact to open, the party was assaulted by an ancient ghost, the remnants of an alhoon from times past. With its defeat, the doors swung open, revealing a massive library. In the center was a huge image projected from strange illithid technology, depicting a map of the planes as well as the pathways between them.

X used an akashic stone to store the image, and then the party returned to Trinity.

The Triforce Pieces and their Abilities

Power - X

Gives +6 divine bonus to Strength.
Gives the ability to use Din's Fire 3/day, which allows you to generate a 10-foot radius field of fire, dealing 1d6/level fire damage to all creatures in the burst except the user. A Reflex save against DC 26 + your Charisma modifier halves the damage.

Courage - Akexea

Gives +6 divine bonus to Constitution.
Gives the ability to use Farore's Wind 3/day, which allows you to set a teleportation point, to which you can teleport as per teleport without error (setting a point, then teleporting to it is considered one use of this ability).

Wisdom - Pernassus

Gives a +6 divine bonus to Wisdom.
Gives the ability to use Nayru's Love 3/day, which gives you a damage shield that absorbs damage, up to triple your character level.

Session 03 - Akexea's Attempt at Becoming a Wanderer

At X's insistence, Akexea begins an attempt to become a Wanderer, via X's katana.

Akexea managed to successfully complete the first Rite: the Rite of Reality. He managed to do so with little difficulty.

While attempting to complete the second Rite, that of Remembrance, Akexea failed to become a Wanderer.

Session 04 - Terra, Part I

The group reassembled on the ship, got into low orbit, then shifted to the next alternate prime, indicated on the Penumbral map as "Terra."

The view below was of a mostly blue planet, with two significant landmasses and one smaller, island-like landmass. However, they did not have much time to take in the view, as the shuttle crashed into something with a horrendous sound. Pieces of debris floated past, including something that looked like a solar panel.

Opening the hatch, they discovered they had crashed into some kind of space station, which was clearly not nearly as advanced as the Urilaulri stations had been, given the lack of artificial gravity. After a short stint of exploration, they came across a pair of uniformed humans, speaking in an unintelligible language. Akexea used tongues to communicate with them, and the group set about attempting to assist them in repairing the station.

However, the station was apparently beyond repair, requiring significant parts - which would have to be shipped from facilities planet-side. The group decided to take the crew of the station with them on their shuttle, but found that their ship had also been damaged, limited to low impulse power. They could move and enter atmosphere, but once planet-side, they would be unable to generate sufficient power to get to escape velocity.

The scientists from the station directed them to attempt to land on one particular landmass, but the damage to the ship limited their navigation ability, and they crashed in a large desert. The shuttle was largely unharmed, and so they began skimming the surface towards a military installation the scientists were aware of.

At their approach, two "jets," as the scientists called them, arrived to escort the shuttle to the installation. The jets required a landing strip and had wheeled landing gear, whereas the shuttle simply touched down.

After their arrival and departure from the ship, the scientists were escorted elsewhere on the facility, while the party was taken to a hangar, escorted there by a Captain Farrier. As they approached an office-looking room in the back of the hangar, two sharply-dressed individuals approached the Captain and flashed badges, introducing themselves as Agent Eckel and Agent Alphonse. The Captain left, and the agents escorted the party into the office.

The agents proceeded to question the group, and became agitated when they refused to answer a question regarding what X's story was. Pernassus and X proceeded to quickly overtake the agents, and Akexea used a hold person prayer on the both of them. The group then exited the office, but noted that the door had been flanked by a cadre of armed soldiers, at least one of whom noticed that something was amiss in the room.

The trio then proceeded to fight their way out of the hangar, using their various abilities against a huge wave of riflemen. Pernassus exited the hangar, and found three tanks and anti-aircraft waiting for the party outside; he stepped inside and activated one of his other bodies on-ship, and proceeded to make short work of the tanks while Akexea and X fired up two jets that had been stored in the hangar through trial and error. As Pernassus scared off the individuals operating the anti-aircraft, X and Akexea took to the air in the jets.

Pernassus then returned both his bodies to their shuttle, and the three aircraft fled to the south, where they planned to rest in the desert and attempt to repair the shuttle...