Coldlands Territory

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Political Map of the Coldlands Territory


Official Name: The Coldlands Territory

Capital: Mechanicus

Major Cities: Nitzath, Cwolyn, New Urilaulri

Political Districts: Technolis, The Wastes

Official Language(s): None

Government: Democratic Republic

Date Founded: Relofis 22nd, 368 CY


Founded in 368 CY due to a revolution led by Fortang Diaclo, the Coldlands has had one of the most disastrous histories in the world - and it is not yet been around for a century.

During the War of the Illusionist, Kotrit Wayveri used an epic spell to turn this relatively fertile region into a frozen wasteland. That magic was broken during the Coldlands War, when the Coldlanders used nuclear weapons to avert the invading armies of Adren. Their plan worked, but at a cost - a huge strip along the southern edge of the nation was lost to nuclear fallout, and the magically-created snow vanished, leaving an arid, windy desert.

Rail-lines which had once criss-crossed the nation began to rapidly decay. Transportation broke down, and the populace suffered greatly - they had lived in snow all their lives, and were not ready for the sudden heat. It took two decades, but gradually, the peoples of the Coldlands Territory - now incredibly ill-named - recovered. The center of technology in the world bustles again.

Political Structure

Part of the reason that Fortang Diaclo was so successful in creating a revolution was due to how horribly treated he and other humans were by the ruling elves. Vowing that such a thing would never happen again, Diaclo instituted a democratic government, one in which all of the people chose their rulers, and on a regular basis. While this made for a relatively unstable government, Diaclo felt it was far better than that which the elitist elves had instituted in Adren, which made it impossible for any humans or other similarly-short-lived races to contribute to their country.

The common people of the Coldlands Territory vote every five years on their representatives, which are known collectively as the House of Commons. Each city that is recognized by the government is allowed to send a number of representatives based on their population to the House. Every ten years, the House of Commons votes on a new Chief of State, who then serves for ten years.

Knowing that it was their longevity that allowed them to retain so much power, Diaclo ensured that no person could serve as the Chief of State for more than twenty years, nor on the House of Commons for more than fifty. This would ensure that there was at least some changes in the governing body, rather than almost none, as it was in Adren.


Outright racial prejudice is forbidden in the Coldlands - this was what caused the Revolution in the first place, and the government has no interest in another occuring. So far as the government is concerned, all races are equal.

Fishing for sport is punishable by death. With no arable land, the Coldlands relies completely upon its fishing industry - which is thankfully prosperous, thanks to advances in technology. Fishing is strictly controlled to ensure that fish populations remain optimal.


The Coldlands taxes its residents roughly 10% of their annual income, which must be paid by the second Milliday of Lisyllan each year. These taxes are used to fund the government, upkeep the rails and roads, fund the education system, fund the military, fund scientific research, and fund fishing.


The other aspect of Adren that led to a revolution was their horrid, elf-only education system. When the cities were firmly established, Diaclo instituted a national education system, eerily reminiscent of that found in the Ronkan Empire. All children, of any race, are taught the basics of mathematics, physics, and other sciences; they are also taught minimal history and other social sciences. Those children who excel are allowed to move on to a college, which teaches more advanced concepts. Educators are strictly controlled by the state, which ensures that the children of the Coldlands get the best education that they can.