Nuclear Weapons

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A devastating example of the powers of technology, nuclear weapons were devised in 390 CY in the Coldlands Territory, in anticipation of a war with the Empire of Ashk. Only a single test of these weapons was performed, deep in the Barag mountains; the test was on an extremely small scale, however, and had very few repercussions.

In 392 CY, the Coldlanders were proved right, when the Ashkians invaded in what is now called the Coldlands War.

Given that they were horribly outnumbered, the Coldlanders resorted to using a small number of these weapons, which leveled the Wall, the divider between the Coldlands and the Empire of Ashk. It also triggered a reaction with the residual magic of the spell Kotrit Wayveri had used to change the region's climate, almost instantly turning it into a desert.

Since then, the Coldlands has kept an extremely small number of these weapons in storage, in a bunker deep within Mechanicus; however, they have since been recognized as too horrible to use. Those who made the weapons have been sworn to secrecy, and it is illegal in the Coldlands to teach others how to make these weapons.


Nuclear weapons are one of the few examples of "epic" technology present in Trinity.