Gaiden: The Mummy's Mask

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In CR 496, it has been over forty years since the calamity in which the world of Trinity was shattered by the hand of the Omega. In the aftermath of massive geographical shifts, ancient cities and ruins once buried by centuries - or even millennia - of time have risen out of the past and been thrust into the light of the present.
Nowhere is this more true than in the Desert of the Unspoken, a land rumored to have been the ancestral home of some of the first sentient races to walk Trinity. An ancient city has been laid bare, and its new ruler is encouraging adventurers, explorers, and sages to come to the ruins to investigate and invigorate the settlement's economy.
But some things should have stayed buried...


The Mummy's Mask is a gaiden focused around a new settlement in Zalpher, built upon the ruins of an ancient city that surfaced during the Wrath of the Omega event, in CR 496.

While this is not the first gaiden concept, it is the first that will actually be run.

Game Information

Everyone has already made their characters, so we're good to go here.


What follows is a short summary of each game session.


The dramatis personae.