New Mechanicus

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Geopolitical Map of New Mechanicus


Official Name: The State of New Mechanicus

Capital: Titanius

Major Cities: Silvershire, Caspian

Political Districts: None

Official Language(s): Assembly

Government: Democracy

  • Head of State: Tella'mejis

Date Founded: Lisyllan 12th, 393 CY


After the Coldlands War, many of the citizens of the Coldlands Territory were tired of the contant political bickering between their nation and the Ashkian Empire; not only that, but the land of the Coldlands had been turned desolate and hostile to life. Learning of a nearby planet, some began researching space travel, and in a short time, the first spacecraft were constructed, taking as many people to Ganymede as wanted to go.

Upon their arrival, the pioneers established a democratic government, relatively similar to that found in the Coldlands Territory, and named their nation New Mechanicus. Though originally closely tied to the Coldlands Territory, after they were cut off from Adnez during the Tyranid invasion, they have become a much more separate entity. Prior to the invasion, the newcomers were treated poorly by the Ganymedian natives, but now they treat the Mechanicans with a certain amount of respect, as a good deal of their people stayed behind to help defend the planet against the Tyranids.

New Mechanicus is the only nation on Ganymede that is controlled by Adnezian natives.

Political Structure

New Mechanicus has a very loose political structure, with a set of laws that govern only the most basic of rights: don't kill others, don't steal, and so on. The government is essentially non-existent: every five years, the people elect a new head of state, who represents them to other nations, but is little more than a figurehead - the real governmental power lies in the residents of the nation.

In order to take part in this political process, a person must be registered as a citizen by a governmental clerk in Titanius; attaining citizenship can either be rather difficult or rather easy, depending upon one's homeland (those who are born in New Mechanicus automatically gain citizenship at the age of majority).


Laws are essentially non-existent at the national level: most laws exist and are enforced at the local, city level. Most laws in New Mechanicus follow the principle of "an eye for an eye," with the punishment being suitable to the crime. Most laws are sensible.

The most well-known national-level law in New Mechanicus, however, is the ban on researching phazon for purposes of constructing a nuclear weapon. Offenders to this law are either killed or banished from New Mechanicus.


Education in New Mechanicus is primarily focused around the sciences, with it being a primarily technological nation. In particular, the College of Titanius is renowned for its aerospace program, and many students who are interested in furthering the field of space technology often apply there.

As of 432 CY, linguists are working on a more universal language, as language barriers are one of the more prevalent problems on Ganymede. Given the wide variety of peoples inhabiting the Philomena system, all with varying means of communication, progress is slow; the current goal is to have a complete language (much like the regional languages of Adnez) that can be quickly and easily learned by any intelligent being.