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This page will be updated with information for the next campaign when it becomes appropriate to do so.

Game System

Before the beginning of the '08 season, the entirety of the mechanics used in Trinity will be looked at thoroughly and modified as necessary to make the system work within the setting; this includes a revamp of the Forces and the classes that occupy them, as well as a complete rewrite of pretty much every martial class in existence. Available classes will be changed between now (January '08) and the beginning of next season.

At this point in time, August 19, 2008, this game will be run using D&D 3.5, with all the additional applicable Trinity rules for that gamesystem.

Start Date

This game is currently in the planning stages; as such, no start date is set.


At this time, the following people are invited to attend this game. This list is not definitive and may change.

In addition, for my convenience, I will list what characters each player is currently considering playing. This does not mean that you are going to be held to the character you've informed me you're thinking about making - it's just so that I have an idea of what the party composition is.

Game Information

Players may choose their method of character creation: 32 point buy, or standard Trinity rolling method (4d6, reroll 1's, drop 1 die, roll eight - keep seven, arrange in any order). Once the rolling method is chosen, the player will use those stats each time the player decides to switch to rolling method (by which I mean that you cannot roll stats, switch to point buy, then switch back to rolling method to reroll your stats); a player may redistribute ability scores or switch to the other creation method at any point before the game begins.

Rolled stats must be rolled in front of the DM at any time that is convenient. Just make sure that you don't lose the stats!

Ability Scores

Standard Trinity ability scores - standard d20 stats with the addition of Perception - will be used. In addition, players will be required to choose an additional ability score from the Trinity list (Education, Luck, or Faith); each player may choose a different ability score. For those concerned, any ability score that you do not possess is presumed to be 10.

Race Selection

Race selection is unrestricted. Any Trinity-accepted races are allowed.

Class Selection

Class selection is unrestricted. Any Trinity-accepted classes are allowed.


Characters will be created at 4th level. That means that you can choose an LA +1 race, and begin at 3rd level.


Some amount of backstory is appreciated. Preferably, what your character was doing in the timeframe he or she originates in would be fantastic.

Character Knowledge

Each character will have knowledge appropriate to his or her home time.

About the Game

The only sort of information that will be available prior to the game is additional information to cover each of the available time periods. If you have any questions regarding those time periods, those questions are fair game.

Campaign-Specific Mechanics

This game will be making use of Weapons of Legacy, though the mechanics for that subsystem will undoubtedly be at least tweaked to better fit Trinity.