Thranos Bluebeard

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Born in 190 CY, Thranos Bluebeard - a dwarven gunslinger - was brought up in the ways of the Bluebeard clan, who had split with their parent clan in 174 CY over a religious dispute, in the southern Caurak Mountains of southern Molandum.

Due to the relatively chaotic nature of the clan - having just been formed - Thranos had little formal education. However, the Bluebeards recognized the need for defense, as many of the local goblin tribes were unfriendly and barbaric. As such, the Bluebeards ensured that all of their people - even the young, such as Thranos at the time - were trained in the ways of firearms. Thus did Thranos see his future.

In 235 CY, Thranos first witnessed the wonders of airships, and became fascinated; he immediately set out to attain one. In doing so, he was forced to leave his clan, as they had little interest in such wonders. Thranos' wanderings took him to Chaliraz, where he met the gremlin Grakyl. In 238 CY, when the Analytic War began, Thranos and Grakyl joined the side of the Analytics as mercenaries.

During the war, the pair became inseparable. After the war, Thranos purchased an airship, which he named the Intrepid, and Grakyl serves as his mechanic. Their aircraft is known to be one of the more maneuverable available, and Thranos knows this - he tends to demand more pay out of people who seek him out exclusively for his ship's rapidity.

Thranos is somewhat gruff, and has little patience for shorter-lived races. Thranos is a shrewd mercenary, often wary of would-be employers. However, he also has something of an altruistic streak, and has a soft spot for people who are stranded somewhere. He fights well enough, and though he demands fair payment for his work, he is still picky about the jobs he'll pick up.