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This will eventually be home to a complete list of all the PCs that have been in Trinity.

We'll be going in chronological order.

The PCs

What follows is a list of PCs as I can recall or look up. Apologies if I missed you, it was not intentional!

The Legend of Liat'ned


A halfling paladin of Windiar. Liat'ned's adventures in and around Mechanicus in roughly 370 CR set the stage for a number of Trinity conventions, in particular halfling naming structure and various religious structures and conventions.

The Psionicle

Animus Abdicerer

A human soulknife, whose tongue had been removed by a personal nemesis at some point in his background. His sister was a girl by the name of Tori'shel, who had grown up among halflings and been taught the ways of technology.

Jansson Monachorum

A halfling psychic warrior, Jansson had a very paladin-esque approach to life, and also served roughly as the party's leader.


A goblin psion.


A human psion. Notable due to naming his horse "Snack."


A human sorcerer.


A gnome technologist, he joined the party when they were forced to decide between assisting the Coldlands Territory with their upcoming war with the Ashkian Empire, or continuing on their quest to save the Force of Psionics by reassembling the Psionicle.


A human fighter, she joined the party relatively late, towards the time when they left Cara'nor and headed to the Lost Isle.



A dryad paladin.

Urthadar Gragretor

A human bard/fighter.


A human fighter/ranger.

Storm Arrow

A dryad archer.

Padraic Fenn

A human fighter.

Hi'dran Makur

An elf archer.

April Laughingleaf

A dryad sorcerer.

The Coldlands War

Sevryn Girstilr

A gremlin rogue.

Elkus Steeltoe

A halfling gunslinger.

Tyliss the Outcast

A tiefling wizard.


An orc cleric.

Combat 04, "Ursus"

An artilect fighter.


An artilect akashic.

The "Magic Train"


An esper sorcerer.

Crew of the Phoenix


A human ninja/pirate, he took over leadership of the party after his arrival when the party fled from the Tyranids.

Minx Nixis

A halfling greasemonkey, notable for bringing his old childhood nemesis Bruce to the final confrontations at Kotrit's tower.


A changeling gunslinger, Kai was brought aboard after the party finished their work for the Coldlands Territory involving the doppelgangers.


An avoral gambler, he had come to Adnez at the behest of his patron, St. Tracy, and wielded a large assortment of gunblades.


A human psion, he would later come to be involved in a much larger plot...


An artilect fighter/reckoner, who later had his "brain-box" installed on one of the party's ships.

"Second Game"


An elf druid.

Saren Wellwaters

A human knight/epochent.


An esper sorcerer.


An ancelari soulknife.

Kuup de Grace

A moogle lorethief.


A tau mediator.

The Toplanders


An artilect epochent, he was the first seriously-played templar.

Kuro Kaze

A moogle greasemonkey, who piloted a defense-focused mech.

Shiro Kaze

A moogle greasemonkey, who piloted an offense-focused mech.


A human voidchild, who later turned into an nihimental after being brought back from death by a rather powerful Void-aligned memento.


An ancelari metamorph, who met a grisly end at the hands of the kids of Germonik.


A human artificer, who met his end at the hands of the party when William was dominated.


A gremlin technologist, who coined a number of gremlin phrases and became a template for gremlin attitude, behavior, and outlook.

Tiy Lena

A selkie assassin.

Uriah Morodov

A human bard/anarch, who later rose to Sainthood thanks to the group's faithful other bard, Tabby.


A goblin psion, who had a dominated minotaur by the name of "Daisy" accompanying him.

Farlowe, "Petunia"

A minotaur einhander.

Bishop Novel

A human medic/defender, who lost his mind when William turned on the party and Addison's entropic shards got loose, almost resulting in a TPK.

Iron Twilight


A human warlock/priest, he eventually became a chosen of the Old God Tethys, his soul infused with a piece of his divine spark.


A gremlin anarch, notable for being fond of replicating another party member's lightning effects.


An elf wizard, whom the party met in the maze outside of Lea Monde, who had been hurled through time from his native time somewhere between the fall of the Ronkan Empire and the Draconic Armageddon.


A moogle greasemonkey, who piloted a tank with a sonic cannon mounted on it, and also managed to become a half water elemental.

Engro Rockbottom (Engrû Khûznûl)

A dwarf defender, who eventually wound up being the first PC in Trinity to wear power armor.


An esper warlock, whose inherent spell was mount.
An orc einhander/metamorph, who was a half-demon servant of Ajora. Was slain by the group's anti-party, who used a tracer to return to the start of a fight with him and utterly destroy him.
Choranth Meklosh 
A draenei paladin/akashic, notable for being a paladin of himself.

Angelus Errare

Rarpau Mipmu'e

A yuanaga shaman.


A human karateka.


A human psionicist.


A human harrier/lancer.


A human gunslinger.


An artilect assassin.


An elf warlock.


A vesuvan trainer.


An artilect medic.

Qron Nos

A selkie harrier.

Echoes (Season 1): Mummy's Mask

Kanis Athantalantis 
An orichalcum gria einhander, who favored the scythe.
Tullamore Blackberry 
A gnome learner/greasemonkey, a close relative of Jameson Blackberry.
A zzithrani psionicist/metamorph.
A moogle archer/epochent.
A vesuvan akashic/jedi.

Echoes (Season 2): Iron Gods

A esper mage.
Grey Baine 
A human trainer.
A thran epochent.
Maiya Crimsontail 
A vulpine caller.
Sister Taliyah 
A human priest.
A moogle incarnate.
Dodiroh Nendo 
A goron shaman.

Echoes (Season 3): Strange Aeons

Raekun Aktinvoluuxis 
A gria hollow.
Cassi Gearbit 
A gnome rigger.


Of the PCs that have been played, 2 of them is are of unique races or races that no longer exist in Trinity (hence the disparity between number of PCs on the race table and class table).

Members of classes that no longer exist have been defined as being a member of the closest class (for instance, "psychic warrior" becomes "jedi" for purposes of demographics, and "fighter" becomes "einhander").

PCs that have multiple classes are treated as being the appropriate fraction of their total classes. Similarly, PCs of the adventurer class are treated as (appropriately fractional) members of their selected classes rather than "adventurer."


PC Demographics: Race
Race # %
Human 21 28.4%
Artilect 6 8.1%
Moogle 6 8.1%
Elf 4 5.4%
Esper 4 5.4%
Halfling 4 5.4%
Gremlin 3 4.1%
Vesuvan 3 4.1%
Viera 3 4.1%
Ancelari 2 2.7%
Gnome 2 2.7%
Orc 2 2.7%
Selkie 2 2.7%
Draenei 1 1.4%
Dwarf 1 1.4%
Goron 1 1.4%
Gria 1 1.4%
Minotaur 1 1.4%
Thran 1 1.4%
Tiefling 1 1.4%
Vulpine 1 1.4%
Yuanaga 1 1.4%
Zzithrani 1 1.4%
Adu'ja 0 0.0%
Burmecian 0 0.0%
Coure 0 0.0%
Deva 0 0.0%
Dromite 0 0.0%
Forsaken 0 0.0%
Gerudo 0 0.0%
Githyanki 0 0.0%
Hobgoblin 0 0.0%
Isci 0 0.0%
Miqo'te 0 0.0%
Murloc 0 0.0%
Rito 0 0.0%
Seeq 0 0.0%
Shardmind 0 0.0%
Thri-kreen 0 0.0%
Troll 0 0.0%
Zora 0 0.0%
Total 74  
PC Demographics: Class
Class # %
Mage 10.5 13.8%
Einhander 7 9.2%
Archer 5.5 7.2%
Psionicist 5.5 7.2%
Greasemonkey 4.5 5.9%
Engineer 3.5 4.6%
Jedi 3.5 4.6%
Shaman 3 3.9%
Akashic 2.5 3.3%
Epochent 2.5 3.3%
Harrier 2.5 3.3%
Paladin 2.5 3.3%
Priest 2.5 3.3%
Anarch 2 2.6%
Metamorph (Deprecated) 2 2.6%
Trainer 2 2.6%
Unfettered 2 2.6%
Defender 1.5 2.0%
Bard 1 1.3%
Caller 1 1.3%
Gambler 1 1.3%
Incarnate 1 1.3%
Karateka 1 1.3%
Mediator 1 1.3%
Ninja 1 1.3%
Ranger 1 1.3%
Thief 1 1.3%
Voidchild 1 1.3%
Lancer 0.5 0.7%
Learner 0.5 0.7%
Ardent 0 0.0%
Berserker 0 0.0%
Discordant 0 0.0%
Falconer 0 0.0%
Hero 0 0.0%
Machinist 0 0.0%
Oracle 0 0.0%
Spellblade 0 0.0%
Vampire 0 0.0%
Warlord 0 0.0%
Zodiac 0 0.0%
Total 76