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Under-construction.jpg This page is currently under development, and as such is somewhat in limbo regarding playtest viability. It is not recommended that information on this page be used or considered for playtesting until it has reached a more stable revision.

Going to do up some quick stuff on alchemy items, just so we have a baseline.



Alchemy items you imbibe.
Base TN is 3.
WT 0, ST 1.


Alchemy items you apply to other items.
Base TN is 4.
WT 0, ST 1.


Alchemy items you throw at people or things.
WT 0, ST 1.

Bomb Stats

Base TN is 4.

Base range increment is equal to your Strength rank, with a Max Range of x3.

At base TN, the bomb affects a single creature hit by the bomb. So... like a flask of acid, it's only good enough to hit the thing you're throwing it at. "Splash" occurs if you miss, treat all specials on the bomb as though they had rolled minimum values.

To affect that whole hex, +1 TN.

From there, the TN thus far doubles for each additional size you affect. So to go from 1 hex to 3 hexes (next size category), the TN goes to 8; from 3 to next size up (I forget how big), the TN is 16. And so forth.

In addition, each size category increase doubles the reagent cost of all specials on the bomb. And also increases the WT by 1 each time. Both of these ignore the first step of going from single target to initial hex.

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...begins beneath your feet...
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